Iran has released reporter Jason Rezaian in prisoner swap.

I can’t find much online yet, but this is great news. Twitter has a few mentions.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^search

John Kerry deserves a lot of praise.

Wonderful news! Rezaian struck me as a particularly honest and decent journalist.

Are these the hostages people were so upset weren’t part of the Iran nuclear deal?

If so, it would appear that once again Obama’s slow, careful diplomacy pays off.

The Americans have, in turned, released some of their Iranian hostages / prisoners. Great news all around.

It is a ghood reminder of the criminal regime in Iran. i wonder how many who hated the Shah now wish they had him back.

Very few, I’d wager. The Iranians have not forgotten about SAVAK.

I happened to watch Anthony Bourdain in Iran last night and this guy was shown. The show was a year or two old.
After seeing the people of Iran on this show and how they reacted to Bourdain and his film crew, I wonder how a film crew from Iran traveling around the US would be welcomed. Maybe with a bit of paranoia?

What Steken said. You can find some Iranian royalists floating around, but they are mostly the same folks that supported the Shah before he went down ( they overwhelmingly tend to come from the old upper-class ). But those folks aside, even the Iranians I have met that think the mullahs are actually worse overall wouldn’t swap back. Trading one shitty regime for another is never that appealing.

Exactly right.

Scratch the surface a bit and you’ll find a great deal of nostalgia for Mosaddegh. For the Shah, though, not so much. Except, as you say, among the remnants of the old elite.

What I love is watching Obama’s opposition’s blustering and whining that this happened through diplomacy and careful negotiations, and not through a real-life Michael Bay movie. And, of course, The Donald insisting that he had something to do with it.

If John Kerry doesn’t get a Nobel out of this, there is no justice in this world.

… And Mr. Zarif, surely, plus the rest of the P5+1.