Cigar Humidor Help Needed

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I just purchased a small/mid-sized humidor. The model is the Capri if that matters. I’m trying to season it, but the humidity doesn’t rise above 62.

Pertinent facts:
-I’m in Charlotte, NC (pretty humid here)
-The humidor claims “SureSeal” technology or some such. To me, it’s a heavy lid (I was expecting a gasket of some sort, but this is my first humidor so what do I know?)
-I put a shot glass full of distilled water, plus the included humidifier (charged, according to instructions) inside.
-It’s been 2 days and the water has not evaporated completely. I’m currently at 61 on the hydrometer.
-It’s sitting in a dark-ish room, not near any vents.

Any ideas? Am I missing something? I’ve heard analog hydrometers are the sucks but I hate to buy a digital just for this. I’m (obviously) a casual cigar smoker.

ETA: The manufacturer says DO NOT wet the cedar down, it will ruin the wood. I’ve read plenty of advice that says I SHOULD wet it down initially and it won’t hurt the wood. What’s the Dope?

First off, get a digital hygrometer. Those clocky-looking things that usually come with humidors are very unreliable. So your 61% might really be higher (or lower).

I have seasoned humidors countless times, and it always involves wetting down the wooden surfaces–but do NOT puddle the water. Everything should be damp, but no “standing water,” not even a little. What does your instructions say seasoning is, BTW, if you’re not dampening the wooden surfaces? You’ll have to re-season your humidor, BTW. Every 6 to 12 months.

Try lifting the lid a few inches and letting it drop. If your hear a woosh that’s a good sign, the sign of a tight seal. An uninterrupted click as the lid drops–not so good. Maybe your humidor isn’t as “airtight” as it needs to be.

Thanks, Stratocaster. The included instructions for seasoning were just to put the shot glass full of distilled water in with the charged humidifier until the right humidity was reached. I’ll lightly wet down the wood and see if it helps.

I second the recommendation of getting a digital hygrometer. If you’re following the instructions and still not getting a good reading, there’s a good chance your hygrometer is the problem.

One way to check the calibration uses table salt, a see-through container such as a Ziplock baggie, and a small shallow open container, like a bottle cap.
Place a teaspoon or so of salt in the shallow container and add a few drops of water - just enough to get it wet. Remember, you don’t want a salt water solution, just damp salt. Place the shallow container in the baggie along with the hygrometer. (Make sure the salt does not get on the hygrometer, this may damage it).

Seal the baggie with some air trapped inside and let it sit for 6 to 8 hours. Check the hygrometer reading without opening up the baggie. It should read 75%. If not, remove the instrument from the baggie and adjust the reading to 75% with a small screwdriver.

To maintain accuracy of the instrument, it is advisable to recalibrate every six months.

I went ahead and ordered a digital hygrometer. I should have it in a few days.

Update for the guys that gave me advice. My digital hrygrometer has been in the humidor for 24 hours and is reading 71%. I adjusted the built in unit just to see if they stay in sync. Thanks!

I have the same problem. Mine says not to wipe down either. It’s only been 24 hours and my shot glass is still full. I have a digital hygrometer currently reading 74% 75 deg and the anolog one reading 69% both after calibration. Currently in the seasoning process. I think I’ll recharge the humidifier and keep the glass in for another 24 to see what happens.