Cigarette advertising on the web

Would it be legal for cigarette companies to advertise on the web since it’s world wide and US laws don’t apply?

US laws don’t apply? Tell that to the site that was shut down for threatening abortion providers. Whose laws was it shut down under?

AFAIK cigarette advertising is still legal in print in the US so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be on the web.
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I searched for the american tobacco companies on the web a couple of months ago and came up with nothing. However, the German brand West has a website, with a “are you 18 years or older?” sign out front

My guess is that the tobacco companies are keeping a very low profile on the net, to avoid debate and stirring up blood.

BTW, when I was checking this I foun out that Richemont, the group that owns the British American Tobacco companie, maker of Dunhill, also owns stock in Canal+ (Europe’s HBO), which also co-finances a lot of Hollowood productions. Look at the production credit of many movies, it’s not seldom it says: “A Bla-bla and Le Studio/Canal+ production of a John Doe film”


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