Cigars when a new baby is born-origins?

Where and when did the custom of passing out cigars when a new baby is born originate?

It’s a mystery.

Some sources vaguely attempt to connect it with the American Indian custom of the “potlatch” and the use of tobacco in American Indian cultures, but that gets a :dubious: from me.

A phallus?

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Our guesses are a lot better. :slight_smile:

Better than whose? :dubious:
Around here I’ve noticed that the custom seems to falling from favor. Not a bad thing, imo.

Using an admittedly US-biased Historic Newspaper Database, the idea of passing out cigars, as well as sundry other items, only seems to appear in the late 1890’s-very early 1900’s. The earliest story I could find in connection with the birth of a child is 1920.

Than the one Kimstu quoted.

I would presume that the decline in numbers of people who smoke have something to do with this. I can count on one hand the number of friends who smoke.

I agree with that. Even among cigarette smokers, a cigar’s aggressive taste and aroma is a shock. :eek: Also, many workplaces don’t allow smoking, so gents can’t share the celebration with the new papa.