Cincinnati Quickie

I’m flying uo to Dayton tomorrow to spend a couple of days at the Air Force Museum. In looking at a map of Ohio it appears Cincinnati is only about 60 miles away.

My flight gets in at 4:41 and I think I could probably check-in the my hotel and be somewhere in Cincinnati by ~7:00 PM if any Dopers want to meet for dinner or some such. I know, it is a school night, so probably a mild affair compared to some DopeFests.

Anyway, I’ll be gone (and 'netless) by 9:00 AM tomorrow, so if it can’t gel by then it probably won’t.

Check your email.

Hey Beetle,

I went to the Air Force Museum this last Saturday. They’d added a few more aircraft that I hadn’t seen before. And moved a few exhibits around to get it all to fit in. The Valkryie still looks as impressive as ever.

I was disappointed to see however that they had removed the hamster wheel from inside the nose of the laser guided penetration bomb. That cracked me up the first time I saw it.