Cinderella Man

I just saw a “Beyond the Script” segment on this movie today before with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. It was sort of a trailer plus a bit of background and explanation. So, this movie is about boxer Jim Braddock, during the Great Depression, with his family and his arthritis and having to go into the ring for economic reasons—if I have it all straight.
Russell Crowe plays Braddock and Renee Zellweger plays his wife.

Anyone interested in seeing the movie, which comes out next week? Anybody have more info on these people?

To me, it looks like Million Dollar Seabiscuit. If we can only get Renee Zellweger to kill someone, we can have Million Dollar Chicagobiscuit.

I’d never heard of Jim Braddock before this movie, and I’m certainly not going to look him up now lest I spoil the movie. (Though I have a sneaking suspicion that it all ends well; we’ve already seen a bad boxing movie where it doesn’t)

It’s a fine movie that hits all the notes. I saw it a couple of weeks ago at a press screening, and the audience really got into it.

Best boxing scenes than in any post-Rocky movie other than Raging Bull. In some shots Howard uses a technique where, when a particularly brutal punch is landed, the film flips to an X-Ray image showing the bone damage occurring as it’s happening. It’s suprisingly effective.

Why I want to see it: Russel Crowe and it’s a boxing movie.

What intrigues me, but I could go either way: Renee Zellweger

What I can’t stand: Ron Howard directing.

It’s gotten some good word of mouth so far, so it’s on my “maybe” list. I really can’t stand Ron Howard movies though. They’re so simplistic and his sensibilities and techniques are so mainstream. If he breaks his own mold on this one a little, I could enjoy it, but geez he bugs me like no other.

I’ve not seen the movie yet, but from everything I’ve heard and read, it is a departure from his other movies. Not overly optimistic, everything’s going to be alright simple movie.

[South Park]
Born in New Zealand in '64
A hot-headed actor named Russel Crowe
He loves making movies but he loves one thing more
Fighting 'Round the World!
[/South Park]

And he keeps proving them right.

It’s definitely on my list. Of course, I’m a big fan of Ron Howard and his simplistic, mainstream movies. I’m also slowly developing an appreciation for Russell Crowe.

“Aww, what’s wrong Tugger?”

Damn you, HPL.

They did something similar in Romeo Must Die. Except, more kung-fu.

I was an extra in the boxing scenes and spent a lot of time last summer on set and I’m curious to see how it all came together. For that reason I kinda want to see it but I also happen to love Ron Howard and Paul Giamatti.

A movie about a underdog who wins against a champion who in turn is finally beaten by an even greater champion.

Ugh. This looks like the worst sort of pandering Hollywood schlock. This has Oscar-bait written all over it. I like Rene Zellweger and Russell Crowe but Ron Howard’s middle-brow tendencies is a definite deal-breaker for me.

Can’t be, with a May release.

November/December, sure.

Yes, Oscar-corridor films tend to be released in the last four months of the year. Occasionally an earlier release might be remembered come Oscar time, but it’s unlikely.

I am planning to see this one.

What I meant was that this film (or at least the various clips and trailers I’ve seen) reeks of the formulaic historical bio-pic, the sort of heartwarming tale of triumph over adversity tripe that the Academy traditionally laps up.

The cinematography will, no doubt, be beautiful (lots of golden yellows and rich browns), the acting by the leads impeccable if uninspiring, the direction competent and the story arc carefully tooled to remove any of the quirks, complexity or edginess that give a movie a unique character of its own.

Basically, it looks like Rocky set in the Depression.

Nope, classic Oscar bait. Seabiscuit (similar-themed Best Picture nominee) was also a summer release. *Gladiator (Best Picture winner starring Crowe) was also a summer release.

This is clearly designed to get the awards buzz starting early, since there are very few other “contenders” to talk about until the Fall/Winter Rush.

Except without Sly…which improves things one million percent.

Anybody actually see it?

I think I’ll see it just because it has Paul Giamatti in it. He was great in the two movies I saw him in.