"Little Man," The New Worst Movie of All Time

Last night we saw trailer on TV for a new movie called “Little Man.”

Move over, Battlefield Earth. Take a seat, Manos. Step aside, Highlander II. We have a new all-time champion for the Worst Movie Ever Made. I challenge anyone with an IQ over 60 to watch that trailer and NOT immediately pray for an asteroid to strike the Earth.

I can’t wait to see this. It’s going to be sooooo bad!

I too saw this trailer. Worst worst ever ever…in oh so many ways. However it looked interesting/funny to my (normally fine) 14-year old daughter (who, I must admit also liked white chicks). I’m afraid this will find an audience.

I just don’t think a comedy can qualify for worst ever. A truly worst ever movie must have some pretention of greatness or even goodness.

I was really sad to see that Kerry Washington is part of this mess.

Didn’t the Family Wayans at one point show some kind of talent? Some kind of promise?

What, O WHAT happened to it all?

Every time that commerical comes on, all I can think is “Finster! Ohhhh, Finster-baby!”

As bad as it looks, it still plays like Ibsen compared to the absolutely horrible trailers for White Chicks. A step up for the Wayans clan (as if any other direction was possible).

I think I agree. If I can judge from the trailer, this thing isn’t even pretending that it won’t suck. It doesn’t have that “effort gone wrong” quality, it just seems like a

well he’s back already covered my first thought: what makes this worse than White Chicks? This might compete with Baby Geniuses 2 in the execrable comedy field, but let’s not go throwing out the Manoses and Monster a-Go-Gos of the world just yet. It’s not like Coleman Francis is directing this one.

:smack: the rest of that sentence should be “piece of intentionally-lowbrow crap that will be what it is trying to be.” I mean, the Wayanses also gave us the Scary Movie franchise, so can this movie really shock people with its badness anyhow?

In Living Color siphoned it all out (thankfully).

This all reminds me of how, 15+ years ago, when In Living Color started and it was all the rage. When I finally got around to seeing an episode it was, um, terrible. Maybe one sketch out of ten was actually funny. The rest were incredibly lame, one-joke, laugh-track laiden, filler material.

Even the first two Scary Movies were pretty uneven, though overall they were funny. And it was very obvious how 3 was just a pale imitation (4 looks that way too).

I think their best film was Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, their parody of all the oh-so serious black ghetto movies of the 90s.

I’ve never actually seen Don’t Be a Menace, but I’m Gonna Get You, Sucka!, their parody of '70s blaxploitation movies, was pretty funny too. Then again, Keenan and Damon Wayans were MUCH funnier than the less-talented younger brothers Marlon and Shaun, who are the ones that keep getting shoved on the moviegoing public.

Apparently they chucked it for stratospheric box office success:

Not to mention, that their films are extrermely cheep to produce. They make huge profits.

I’m still waiting to see if Warner Bros. sues them for stealing the basic plot of the old Looney Tune Baby Buggy Bunny (midget criminal disguises himself as baby, gets adopted).

One of the Wayanses did quite a good job, actually, in Requiem for a Dream, in a very serious dramatic role.
Too bad they’ve gone back to crap “comedies.”

Yeah, that was Marlon, the “baby” in the flick in question.

He did an excellent job in Requiem, which makes White Chicks and Little Man all the more egregious.

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It does look truly, truly hideous :X

How much did he make for Requiem? I’d venture that it was a lot less (and took a lot more effort) than **White Chicks **or Little Man. I’ll insult these movies right along with you, but I can understand the desire to make money instead of great films. If they call me for their next movie, I’ll pretend to be a stereotypical black guy and make racist, sexist jokes. I’m not too proud to make a bunch of money, and I can’t blame others for wanting to get rich.