Need Help: Man Movie Marathon, recent rental recommendations

Okay Dopers, help me out:

My wife is taking the kids out to visit her family over the 4th of July weekend. I am going out, too, but for much less time due to work considerations. That leaves me with a weekend where I get to “batch it” (I assume this is a common phrase - i.e., be a bachelor).

One thing I love to do in this situation is rent movies - with two young kids, I don’t get out to see movies a lot. When I do, they must be movies that my wife and I both want to see. Hence, no Man Movies - mindless action thrillers filled with gratuitous sex and violence, often with credible or dubious comic-book origins. Alternately, there is the Man Movie Comedy, fill with gratuitous sex and bodily-function jokes. Both are eminently qualified to meet my needs.

So - I plan to head to the video store upon my return from the visit, get 5 - 6 DVD’s, hole up with appropriate supplies and get my Man Movie on.

So - what’s come out recently that I should be renting? I got to see X3 (not on DVD yet, but I have authorization to take my son to X movies), saw Napoleon Dynamite, Wedding Crashers and 40-Year-Old Virgin (I much preferred 40 to WC, fwiw).

Help an temporary bachelor out here!!

So you’re looking for bad movies?

Sin City – full of violence and sex, but all done in an extremely stylish way (and it was based on a comic book!)
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang – a terrific action/buddy/noir/comedy/mystery, and also a deconstruction of and homage to the various other movies in those genres. It just came out on DVD this week, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Serenity – a movie that follows up the Firefly TV show, a great series that only lasted one season. It’s a sci-fi Western of sorts, with snappy dialogue and lots of action and great characters. You can enjoy the movie without prior knowledge of the show, but it works even better if you’ve already seen Firefly.
Have you seen Kill Bill yet? If not, you simply have to rent Volumes 1 and 2!

You want The Outlaw Josey Wales. Can’t go wrong with that.

No - I am looking for good Man Movies. BBVLou - Serenity and KK,BB are excellent recommendations - both ones I heard about and want to see. I forgot to mention that I saw Sin City when I was holed up in a hotel room for a long business trip a few months ago, but that would definitely benefit from a second viewing.

Outlaw Josey Wales would qualify, except that it isn’t recent. As someone from the Monterey Peninsula, I am very well-versed in Clint movies!

Oh, and I did rent these during last year’s marathon and LOVED them.

How recent? I know you’re a wine guy… have you seen Sideways already? I realize it’s been out awhile.

I can think of tons of guy movies but, sadly, most are a tad older (*Jeremiah Johnson, The Limey, Vanishing Point, Reservoir Dogs, Predator, Bullitt, The Way of the Gun, *etc…)

Sideways - had full wifely approval for us to see that. Enjoyed it, but it is a Maudlin Man Movie ™, not suited to a Batching It Man Movie Marathon…

All of the others have been seen and enjoyed to varying degrees. For my purposes, Predator and Reservoir Dogs are spot on, The Limey and Vanishing Point are brilliant but not right in the sweet spot - a tad too pensive…

Now, if we are talking Out of the Box thinking on a great Man Movie - I would nominate Primer - I fuckin’ LOVE that movie. Last marathon I came across it in the New Release section and remembered hearing it was about time travel, so assumed it would a Mindless Man Movie action thriller. Au contraire, mon frere! One of the densest-yet-page-turning (if I can use that phrase for a movie) movies I have ever seen. Bought it that day and watched it 4 more times to sort through it.

If someone can offer up another Primer, that would be great. I never saw Pi by Aronofsky - whaddya think?

**Confessions of a Dangerous Mind ** has Man Movieish qualities to it. It has sex, violence, spy stuff, Drew Barrymore, and it’s bizarre.

Assuming that you’re fully capable of noticing a bikini-clad babe set against a background exlposion on a DVD cover, I’ll leave you to peruse the New Release wall at your leisure, and simply point out a few less eye-catching things that your wife and children would probably neither appreciate or condone.

ROBOT CHICKEN : Seth Green’s homage to comic book/sci-fi/pop culture geekdom. A whole series of ten-minute episodes, made almost entirely with off-the-shelf toys most of us remember from our Childhood. First season out on DVD now. Funny, but deeply weird.

JESUS IS MAGIC : Sarah Silverman’s stand-up move. The surprisingly hot Ms. Silverman takes politically incorrect to new levels, in a what-if-Jerry-Seinfeld-were-a-hot-chick-with-no-social-conscience kind of way.

THE ARISTOCRATS : Dozens of stand-up comedians and professional comedy writers put their own spin on one of the oldest dirty jokes around. Unbelievably funny, with stand-out moments by the aforementioned Miss Silverman, plus Bob Saget (yes, Bob Saget) and Gilbert Gottfied.

MASTERS OF HORROR : Leaving comedy aside for a second, this series of one-hour horror films (originally produced for cable TV) are now appearing on video shelves. Some innovative offerings from some big-name Horror directors. Usually an acceptable T&A quotient, too.

LOOKING FOR COMEDY IN THE MUSLIM WORLD : And back to comedy. Satirical master Albert Brooks is commissioned by the U.S. gov’t to discover what makes the Muslim world laugh. No one fails to tell a joke like Brooks, and he gets lots of opportunity here. A great movie, that none of your friends has ever heard of.

Well none of these fit the gratuitous sex and violence bill in your OP, they are all movies your wife won’t want to watch with you, and that I think you may really enjoy.


Equilibrium is another one I’ve recommended several times here. It’s an action movie set in a dystopian future, and it shamelessly rips off Brave New World, 1984, Fahrenheit 451… and The Matrix (but in a good way). Awesome fight scenes and cool visuals, and it stars Christian Bale (pre-Batman) and Taye Diggs.

Saving Private Ryan, Terminator 2, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers

Well, there are always the films of Trey Parker. Here I’m thinking of Cannibal: The Musical, Orgazmo, BASEketball (much funnier than most give it credit for), and Team America: World Police.

And let’s not forget the brilliant musical South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. But Orgazmo is just perfect for a weekend of man movies, and I think it’s the funniest one after Sout Park: BLU.

Additional guidance - No on these. SPR is a Morose Man Movie - not how I want to be feeling during the Marathon. NBK is a Murderous Man Movie - simply not my cuppa tea…

From the latest suggestions, The Aristocrats, Jesus is Magic and Equilibrium all sound spot on and are movies I have not seen…

Thanks and keep 'em coming!

Oops, missed this post - great ideas. I saw Team America the same night I saw Napoleon Dynamite and it definitely qualifies, so I will add the others to my list…

A Bronx Tale Relatively little violence, but a very good what I like to call penis movie, i.e., a movie largely untainted by a female presence and mentality (the tone, attitude, decisions, and mistakes are dictated by men, as is the moral of the story).

Memento, and a thumbs up for Pi, it’s good to think in between explosions. I wouldn’t call them morose man movies, but YMMV.

And a second vote for The Way of the Gun, lesser known work by the maker of The Usual Suspects.

eighteen posts…and no one’s mentioned porn?

Being a guy, I figured that that was the default. :smiley:

Some recommendations:

The Replacement Killers (Chow Yun Fat shoot 'em up)
The Fifth Element (Bruce Willis cult sci-fi classic)
Man on Fire (Denzel Washington as total bad-ass)
The Glimmer Man (Seagal and Wayans, (IMHO, the last decent Seagal flick)