Best of the Guy Movies

There are certain movies out there that guys just seem to appreciate much more than women do (in general – obviously, there are exceptions). The inverse of chick flicks, if you will. They’re lowbrow, the kind of thing that goes much better with beer and cheetos than wine and brie.

So, Dopers, what do you think are the ultimate guy movies? Nominations from the fairer sex are welcome, of course.

Me? I see Blues Brothers as being the quintessential guy movie. Great music. Silly comedy. Absolutely massive car chase. And, of course, Illinois Nazis. Does it get any better than that?

I like Tango & Cash. I doubt any gurl would go within ten miles of it.

Some that ought to be considered, due to the absence or near-absence of female parts (except as diversionary toys):

The Wild Bunch
The Great Escape
Stalag 17
Lawrence of Arabia

They Live

Despite its lack of car chases, gunplay, and explosions, *Swingers * (1996) is, I think, a guy movie.

Prior to seeing it a couple of years ago, I was not expecting Summer of '42 (1971) to be a guy movie, but it really is. It, too, lacks car chases, gunplay and explosions, but it does have a young Jennifer O’Neill. Yow.


i second “bloodsport” and “predator”
i think those might be numbers one and two in the guy movie category…although tango and cash is pretty sweet…

…anyone wanna put in an honorable mention for “big trouble in little china”?

The Magnificent Seven

I’ll second "Big Trouble In Little China

I think “John Carpenter’s Vampires” was a pretty good guy movie and not just because it had Sheryl Lee tied naked to a bed … although there’s nothing wrong with that.


I ordinarily never see any movies in this vein, but I rented Die Hard recently and enjoyed the hell out of it.

A Clockwork Orange is one of my all-time favorite movies. Every woman I know loathes it.

I think Steven Segal’s first seven movies qualify, with Hard to Kill being a borderline case.

Might as well add Lionheart, which is basically the same story moved to LA.

My Guy movie collection:

Blues Brothers
Blazing Saddles
Slap Shot
Starship Troopers
Super Troopers
Lethal Weapon
Ruch Hour 1 & 2
Fifth Element
Animal House
Longest Yard (original)
Smokey & the Bandit
They Live

…and probably a couple more I can’t remember here at work.


add The Thing (John Carpenter’s)

I wouldn’t call that so much of a guy movie. The woman who works across the aisle from me says it’s her favorite film. The other day she said “Big bada-boom” after dropping a box, and asked me if I knew where that was from.

Wow. I didn’t think that was possible with WebSense…

Oh, most definitely. When I was in college, I lived in a house with three other guys. Silverado was the movie of the month on both our movie channels at the same time, and it was on very heavy rotation. For weeks, every time one of us came in the door and the TV was on, you’d hear the complaint “Silverado again?” – but then we’d sit down and watch it clear through to the end.

Lots of other classics listed in the thread so far, too. Big Trouble in Little China is definitely one of my faves.

Dumb & Dumber

My best friend and I can’t make it through the whole thing without rewinding and watching the snowball scene and the crapper scene over and over again, and laughing harder each time. Every girl I’ve ever seen it with has hated it.

*13th Warrior * is my pick for ultimate guy movie, but *Big Trouble in Little China * and Silverado definitely are in my collection.

Are you kidding me. There is so much unstated sexual tension between Omar Sharif and what’s-his-face that this is a great movie for those of us chicks who like slash.
Have I ruined your enjoyment of it completely? :wink:

Not one bit! I was joking with that particular entry in the list. How could a “guy movie” have gotten Best Picture? The gals would have to have appreciated it, too.

You will admit, I hope, that there’s not a great deal of hetero sex going on in that “guy movie” and it’s old enough that Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal would have to have seen it in reruns. Please note that I didn’t have Brokeback Mountain on the list for just this reason.