Bad movies that you genuinely enjoy

I’m going to define both “bad” and “genuinely enjoy”.

The best definition of “bad” I can come up with is below 50% on Rotten Tomatoes. So, pretty bad, but leaves open some wiggle room for not truly terrible movies.

“Genuinely enjoy” means not that you enjoy it ironically, or it’s so bad that it’s good. It means that you think that it’s a decent movie and you enjoy watching it.

I’ll list:

Waterworld (43%) - Look, I get that it wasn’t great. But, it was fun and I like it.

Alien 3 (42%) - The weakest of the series (not counting the “vs. Predator” movies, which don’t count) for sure. But, I’ve watched it several times because I’ve enjoyed it. Though, it did sort of shit all over Alien 2 by unceremoniously killing off a character before the opening credits.

Rocky 4 (44%) - Dated? Yes. Quotable as hell, and I will cry like a baby when Apollo Creed dies.

Vanilla Sky (40%) - I was actually surprised to find out that this was not a well liked movie.

Children of the Corn (39%) - OK. Haven’t seen it in a long time, and it might not have aged well. But, I watched the hell out of this movie as a kid.

Hudson Hawk
Shock Treatment
Brainsmasher: A Love Story

Blue Streak (36%)

I thought We’re the Millers was exactly what it set out to be, and exactly what I expected it to be, and it was what I was in the mood for. Dumb fun.

Same with Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.

I was sure a couple of other dumb comedies I liked would fit this, but Blades of Glory, Step Brothers, Get Smart and ***Dodgeball ***all make it over the 50% bar. I’m too lazy to think of more. Actually, I should have known ***Dodgeball ***got pretty good reviews.

Deep Impact (47%)

It certainly does suck, but whenever it’s on TV, I find myself watching far too much of it, again and again.

There are some story lines that are entirely believable… how the impending danger is kept secret from us common folks, for over a year, until they at least have some solution. And Morgan Freeman is certainly an inspired choice, 10 years before Obama became POTUS.

Duval is a hoot, as he picks up a paycheck for recycling bits and pieces of previous roles. Leelee is adorable, Tea Leoni is my favorite bad actress of all time, and the scene where she and her dad (M. Schell!) get drenched on the beach makes me laugh every time. And I would never begrudge the majestic Vanessa Redgrave stealing a few bucks from Hollywood.

I thought I’d add Highlander to my list, but it is at 67%, so it’s not really a “bad” movie.

Great pick, as are many of Bruce Willis’ films, (outside of Pulp Fiction and the Die Hard dreck). Bonfire of the Vanities (16%), Last Man Standing(37%)The Last Boyscout(44%)

Willis is my favorite bad-movie actor. He seems to be at home in a bad movie, and shifts into his smirk-mode, as if he’s letting the viewer in on the joke.

Star Crash (or Starcrash, take your pick). (Have it in Blu-Ray.)
The Giant Claw.
The Ice Pirates. (One of the very few early movies in which Ron Perlman wore his own face… and he’s little and skinny, too.)
Highlander 2. (Virginia Madsen at her prime, and Sean Connery mugging his way through what he clearly knows is pure shit.)

How could I have forgotten this one?? Adding it to my list.

Me too. I had totally forgotten about Ice Pirates, which I watched 100 times as a kid. But, I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again, because I fear it’s actually terrible and I was a stupid kid!

I, too, enjoyed Hudson Hawk. And at 31% I should be ashamed that I laughed so hard at Good Burger when my then 11 year old children made me see it, but no. “Moo! You’re a chicken. Moo!” is still freakin hilarious. Whatever happened to Kel Mitchell? I thought he was loads funnier than Kenan.

I was very surprised at the number of people who hated “We’re the Millers”. I didn’t have any preconceptions about it and I thought it was really funny. I liked it quite a lot.

I thought it was much better than many other highly rated movies.

Just consider that it had Ed Helm, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudekis and Emma Roberts (who is new but really good).

Also consider that most of the people involved in making this movie were hitting on all their cylinders (which means they were doing a great job) and this was a much better movie than most people would expect.

Please take my recco and see this one.

P.S. Ed Helm can be really good or he can be not so good. He was really good in this one. But, IMO, Jennifer Aniston was the star of this film.

I have to disagree about Dodgeball. I thought it was trash. Not worth watching. But Get Smart was worth watching just to see Anne Hathaway. She was gorgeous in her dancing scene and others. What a knockout!

P.S. Re Get Smart …

On second thought, I would just extract the scenes with Anne Hathaway and discard the rest. Steve Carrel was very disappointing in this film. But it wasn’t really his fault. His character was just poorly written. Someone thought that everyone used to watch the old TV show Get Smart and would think his stuff was really funny. But everyone did **not **used to watch the old TV show and his stuff was not at all funny. It was mostly just stupid.

Poor Steve is such a good actor. He deserved to get better advice than whoever recommended to him that he make this film. IMO, he obviously never watched the TV show and did not know just how badly this movie was written. What a shame!

Hit & Run, which was essentially an action comedy about fast cars. It’s the kind of movie Burt Reynolds made back in the seventies. It was rated 49% with the critics and 50% with the audiences but I enjoyed it. The movie was entertaining and did what it set out to do.

Armageddon (40%). What’s not to like? Personable cast, ultimate stakes. Action packed.

Who gives a F**k if the science is wonky. If I want science, I’ll watch Nova.

edit: The flip of this (well…not an exact flip) would be the best movie that a LOT of people mock and pretend that it’s a genuinely horrible film. Face/Off (91%).

I LOVE Face/Off…but I’ve seen tons of people that hate it and try and use it as an excuse to show how terrible Cage and Travolta are.


This is a great idea for a thread and I just want to say thanks for creating this thread.

I got some good leads on some movies and I was able to recommend some others. (I’ve never seen Hudson Hawk and I’m now looking forward to it).

That’s precisely why I like to read these threads and contribute to them.

It’s a great opportunity to share some of my favorite films with other people who I hope will try them out and will enjoy them as much as I do.

Xanadu (39%). Olivia is hot, and I like the music. So what if it’s a dippy movie?

The Three Musketeers (1993 Disney live-action version, 31%). Not great literature, but silly fun.

King Arthur (2004, Clive Owen and Keira Knightley, 31%). Sorry, I just plain liked it.

Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone. It’s esentially assembled out of bits of other movies, with Peter Strauss channelling Indiana Jones in space, a pudgy Molly Ringwald in her first movie, and gimmicky 3D, but the art direction was surprisingly good and it’s hard not to like a movie in which Michael Ironside plays a cyborg villain called Overdog

Freddy Got Fingered - best movie I’ve ever seen involving jerking off an elephant.

The Core - there’s virtually nothing about this movie that’s not completely ludicrous, but I think that’s what I like about it.

Land of the Lost - paint-by-numbers Will Ferrell dreck, but it has a certain moronic charm.

Joe Dirt - I can’t explain why I love this movie. But I do.

Highlander is a GREAT movie!