What was the worst movie you ever really enjoyed?

Pretty much as per the OP. What was the worst movie you genuinely enjoyed watching? Not as in “har har I liked making fun of Battlefield Earth” but a movie you know was shit, but you liked it anyway?

I posted this just because I remembered “Last Man Standing,” a movie with Bruce Willis in it. The movie is set in the Prohibition era and it’s about Bruce Willis shooting a bunch of people. The movie was objectively stupid and gross, but I liked it anyway because Brice Willis shot a lot of people, Christopher Walken was very Christopher Walken, and Bruce Dern has a badass speech. Hell, I’d watch it again.

You probably like it subliminally because *Yojimbo *is such a great movie it resonates even in remakes.

For me, it’s the last Twilight movie. Not sure why, but I watch it whenever it’s on.

Howard the Duck.

I liked Last Man Standing also, but I’ve only seen it once. Sometimes a bad-to-mediocre movie will hit you just right. I saw Stealing Home back when it came out and thought it was great - and it is a great *idea *for a movie. It had Mark Harmon, Jodie Foster, and a great plot hook. I saw it again a few years ago, and it really isn’t very good.

On the other hand, I’ve seen Condorman several times. Most people don’t seem to like it. I think it’s a great piece of entertainment. Not Bergman or anything, but fine Saturday afternoon with the kids fare.

ETA: Rick, I re-watched *Howard *a year ago. I had fond memories of it, too. It has it’s moments (“Release the small waterfowl!”) but it loses momentum and falls flat in the last third or so.

Plan 9 from outer space as a comedy

“I’m the monster’s mother.”

Alien:Resurrection is not the worst Alien movie made. That honor goes to Covenant. I even kinda like the Predator movie with Sanaa Lathan.


Madhouse is every bit as bad as they claim, but somehow also hilarious.

I know that The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension is a low budget collection of fan wank…but I love it anyway, from the initial testing of the Oscillation Overthruster to the Buckaroo Strut during the end credits.

I didn’t exactly like Last Mas Standing, but I did like the look of it and the music. And Bruce Willis was pretty cool in it. Yeah, if it were on TV one night, I’d watch it again.

It’s a tough question. If it’s a horrible movie and you enjoy it, is it still a horrible movie? After all, it was entertaining, even if it wasn’t in the way the director intended.

I laughed my ass off at Mom and Dad Save the World. Not a great movie, typical of its time, but it resonated with me.

Even without Rifftrax commentary, Plan 9 from Outer Space is a fun watch.

More than I can count. I would have trouble ranking them.

Last Man Standing was begotten from the Japanese Samurai Movie Yojimbo (as Mr. Dibble noted), with A Fistful of Dollars acting as midwife. And all of them are worth watching, IMHO.

As for the OP, another Bruce Willis film that the critics (and filmgoers) hated on, Hudson Hawk. If you take it as a comedy instead of an all-action film, it’s quite watchable (YMMV).

many people disliked Cloud Atlas but I liked it

Little Nicky. A not-well-regarded Adam Sandler movie, but I thought it had a lot of very clever touches. They don’t make it a great movie, but they raise it to a good level of watchability.

In that category, mine is The Killer Shrews. Quite funny. And the “shrews” are just dogs in latex “shrew” suits who obviously just want to lick the cast to death.

I actually saw it before it was MST3K.

Are there people that don’t love Buckaroo Banzai? America truly is the land of the philistines. The freaking cast is awesome, probably eight well-known, well-regarded actors.


I love this movie. I’m so sad the sequel hinted at during the Buckaroo Strut (love that) in the credits never happened.

We quote Emilio Lizard ALL the time. “Laugh while you can, monkey boy.”

And who was the monkey boy???

I think it’s the watermelon scene that pulls the whole movie together.

Michael J Fox, Helen Slater and Margaret Whitton in Secret to My Success.

A very silly 80’s comedy. I saw it a dozen times on cable tv. Love the sound track and silliness. There’s a hilarious parody of The Graduate scene between older woman Margaret Whitton and Fox.

Mannequin with Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrell is another silly 80’s comedy that I like.
A stock boy and a mannequin that comes to life at night? What’s not to like? :wink: