Bad movies that you actually think are great

The title pretty much summarizes the whole point of this thread, but I’ll give a bit more detail anyway, since I rather enjoy babbling.

There are tons of movies that are flat out panned by critics and are total box office bombs. Yet, every once in a while - against better judgment- we watch one of those movies and end up absolutely loving it.

For me, that movie wold be the 50 Cent movie Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Hey, don’t judge me! We’re friends here :p!

Seriously though, I had no intention of ever watching any 50 cent movie- while I like his music, I just couldn’t care less about his acting endeavors.

A few weeks ago, a generally intelligent, good taste having friend told me that Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is her favorite movie, which lead directly to her getting a look from me that was not unlike this: :dubious:. She forced me to sit there and watch the movie and you know what? It wasn’t bad.

Hell, I went and bought myself a copy yesterday. Sure, it’s not Schindler’s List or anything, but over all the movie isn’t bad. The acting is pretty good (Terrance Howard is in the cast, for example), the story is interesting, and you know- they actually made me sympathetic for a crack dealing, murderous gangsta rapper.

So what is your Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ? You know, the movie that is universally accepted as horrible, but that you love. Why do you love it?

The Door in the Floor. It’s a terrible fucking movie, but it’s actually so bad that it flips around into the genius side of things - it becomes a weird, unintentional meta-comedy of Bunuelian proportions. Honestly, if they had intentionally made it the movie that it is, it would be subversive genius on a Bunuel or Godard level. I mean, you have scenes like a naked Jeff Bridges running from his dagger-wielding mistress, bursting through dunes onto the beach while triumphant, syrupy music swells that are played completely straight as though it’s a Serious Moment in a Serious Adult Drama, without a hint of self-awareness of irony. You have several masturbation scenes straight out of an eighties teen comedy that are played in an equally straight, Serious Movie manner. There’s a line of dialogue where a pompous, serious Jeff Bridges refers to a certain sexual position as “doing it doggishly.” There’s a SERIOUS scene where Jeff Bridges cranks up Khia’s “My Neck, My Back,” and sings along while ANGRILY proclaiming, “I LOVE THIS FUCKING SONG” through near-tears. I’m not making any of this up.

I actually thoroughly enjoy * Hudson Hawk *

::: hangs head in shame :::

I’ll go hide, now. Soooo many people keep saying it’s just a piece o’ crap film (ok, it is!) and so on. Yeah, so? :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, and lno and i both have a really soft spot for really bad Italian Schlock zombie movies, but that doesn’t count here. It’s not “like” in the same spirit, as far as the OP’s poll is concerned.

Hudson Hawk, my secret shame…

Big Trouble In Little China and Beetlejuice.

Since when is Beetlejuice a bad movie?

I dunno, but someone could construe it as crappy. I certainly don’t. I love me that movie.

D.C. Cab was pretty universally panned, but I love it anyway. It is the Citizen Kane of Mr. T vehicles.

And I think I’m one of the few who love Mars Attacks!

Eyes Wide Shut

Elenfair, my husband and I both love Hudson Hawk. It’s a terrific movie!

I just watched Snakes On A Plane last night and loved it. Now I’m regretting not having seen it on the big screen.

Movies panned by critics and that didn’t do well in the box office that I like quite a lot:

The Rocketeer
Joe Vs the Volcano

Or Big Trouble in Little China, for that matter.

Mine is Last Action Hero. It’s a pretty good spoof of '80s action movies.

Another fan of Hudson Hawk, Big Trouble in Little China, and Beetlejuice here.

And I liked Sahara, too. I’m a big Clive Cussler fan. (But that’s another thread, isn’t it?)

I thought “Freddy Got Fingered” was funny, but only because Rip Torn redeemd whatever was redeemable in it.

I honestly like “Robot Monster.” You just have to look past the guy in the gorilla suit and bronze diving helmet to the underlying ideas.

Batman and Robin

Big Trouble in Little China scores 83% on Rotten Tomatos. Beetlejuice has a 79% rating on Rottem Tomatoes, and was commercially succesful enough to spawn a Saturday morning cartoon that ran for three seasons. Neither of these are “bad movies you thought were great.” They’re both “Good movies you thought were great.” Or, arguably, “Great movies you thought were great.” Which isn’t all that surprising a distinction, when you get right down to it.

Was Sahara panned? I think it got a good review in the Atlanta paper.

And I liked it, too.

I came in here to mention that movie. It’s the only one in the series that got the mood and look of the TV show exactly right! :smiley:

Or am I the only one here who truly loves campy movies?

Lot of people hated Death to Smoochy, including Roger Ebert. I thought it was brilliant with great jokes. Dark comedy at its best.

I also liked Death to Smoochy, Joe Vs. The Volcano, and Mars Attacks!

I’ve heard lots of people say they thought Soldier was a bad movie. But I pop it in every now and again. If for nothing else than the scene where Connie Nielsen hugs Kurt Russell and he trembles. Also Kurt teaching the little boy to kill snakes.