What is the most awesome stupid movie?

Screen Junkies says it’s this. But I think The Warriors. Maybe Point Break? Independence Day?

Bettin’ we could get quite a list together.

Based on some reviews, I would have to say Snowpiercer. Then again, it could just be the most stupid awesome movie. :wink:

Deadfall with Michael Bein and Nicholas Cage.

Pacific Rim probably gets my vote–I had more fun at it than I have any other stupid movie, except possibly Mars Attacks (and I was on a date for that one, so my judgment of it may be suspect). The only reason it wouldn’t get my vote is because I think it might not have been so stupid after all. I read a fascinating review of it that talked about its visual intelligence, including color motifs, characterization via choreography, and other things that I’d totally missed. And midway through the movie I decided to watch it as a cinematization of some eight-year-olds playing Robots and Monsters, and it worked so beautifully that I halfway suspect that was the underlying physics of the movieverse.

When I saw Broken Arrow, I was stressed and depressed. As soon as the previews ended, I turned to my buddy and whispered, “As long as shit blows up good, I’m gonna be happy.” The movie opened with a giant explosion against a black screen, no context at all, and I cackled in glee. So Broken Arrow might get my vote just for that.

The Day After Tomorrow. Stupid in every respect, but a lot of fun.

The Core. Buy the premise, buy the flick. A fun adventure overall, if completely preposterous scientifically.

Tommy. Ken Russell shows a utter lack of humor and an inability to do anything that isn’t 100% literal, but the movie is so bad it’s amazing.

From Dusk Til Dawn- Starts out as an interesting hostage situation via road trip and suddenly turns into a vampire battle royal out of nowhere. The movie goes completely stupid but it’s awesome to behold.

Snowpiercer was dumb, but totally awesome.


I love Van Helsing, which is also stupid beyond belief.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I can feel my IQ being dragged down every time I watch it, but I still laugh my ass off at those two morons. They must have been the inspiration for Beavis and Butt-Head, which I also find hilarious.

Scary Movie is probably a close second, but I don’t know if it fits this category.

I can second From Dusk till Dawn. I’d tack on “They Live.” Rowdy Roddy Piper of wrestling fame as the protagonist so it’s got stupid locked up. I still love the alley fight scene, with wonderful wrestling moves, where they actually act out getting tired and beat up as the fight progresses. It doesn’t hold up as well after the first time like some others do but that first times was awesome.

“I came here to chew bubblegum and kick some ass… and I’m all out of bubble gum!”

My vote is for Weekend At Bernie’s. I still wish they had made a third movie shortly after the second one.

Commando wins by a country mile.

The writer of the script used to post over at enworld, a Dungeons and Dragons messageboard. His description of the games he ran were some of the most fun things I’ve ever read. Never did end up seeing the movie, but I figured if they were anything like his games, who cares about plausibility?

Lots of good entries above, I’m going to nominate Big Trouble in Little China. A perennial favorite at my house when a dumb but awesome movie is wanted.

Raising Arizona

Iron Sky has to be on the list.
I mean, come on! Nazis from the moon?!

Seconded! It is an equal mix of awesomeness and stupidity. And, as you say, the fact that they recognize that beating the living shit out of another person is exhausting, something that well-respected films like the Bourne films or the Bond franchise ignore.

I’d have to go with Roadhouse. Straight-up ridiculous awesomeness from start to finish.

“Pain don’t hurt.”
“I used to fuck guys like you in prison!”

Plus, it has the added bonus of this hilarious bit of trivia involving Bill Murray and Kelly Lynch’s husband:

The OP already grabbed “ID4,” so I’ll toss out “Armageddon.”

The more I watch the The Matrix, the more I think it might belong in this category. We’ve got hackers, martial arts, Eastern mysticism and superheroes all mish-mashed together. A patented Wall O’ Guns. The trademark “martial arts come hither” hand motion that no real martial artist would use. Random slow-mo “bullet time.”

There’s a veneer of it all making sense, but the more you think about it, the less sense it makes. It’s like those “deep thoughts” inspired by marijuana or dreams that seem so significant until you’re awake/sober and you realize it’s gibberish. What we really have is two-plus hours of fan service awesomeness.