It's official: It's the end times, and humanity is doomed.

I give you, Little Man.

Honestly I thought although it looked weird, the idea was funny to me. Kind of like “Look Whose Talking” taken to the next level.

But then I found out that it is apparently the Looney Tunes cartoon where Bugs adopts an ugly baby who turns out to be a cigar chomping bank robber that looks like a baby. You replace bugs with a family and that’s it.

Where were you when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt gave birth to the Anti-Christ – this is just another bad movie from the Wayans clan.
“From the guys who brought you White Chicks” pretty much sums it up.

Oh my god.

Ok, the premise, acting, jokes, and casting is all terrible, but…

why does the “baby” look like a floating head? Surely we have advanced a little since 1980?

You “give me” Little Man in the same sense that you could “give me” herpes.

Genital herpes.

So how do you turn a 10-minute animated cartoon into a watchable feature film?

Answer: You don’t.

It wouldn’t be the first time (and it won’t be the last) that somebody made money by stretching one stolen joke into a whole movie. Click is the same way.

I think the biggest problem I have is that there is no way anyone could possibly think an adult little person (especially one who smokes and SHAVES, and has TATTOOS!) is a toddler.

I work in the concession stand at a movie theater, and in the lobby are two flat screen TVs that play ads and previews in an endless loop. I see the trailer for “Little Man” probably dozens each shift. It makes me want to stab myself in the head to escape.

Just how many Wayans’ are there, anyway? It seems like every few years another one comes along with weaker comedic skills than the previous.

Baby Faced Finster. Brilliant 10 minute cartoon. This movie… not so much, I think.

God, how pathetic do you have to be to pitch a 60 year old stolen idea, and how pathetic do you have to be to fund the project?

What, the 22nd Amendment has been repealed and Bush is going to run for a third term?


Can someone explain to me why this would be a positive selling point? Now if it was “From the guys who are related to some other guys who brought you I’m Gonna Get You Sucka” they might get my attention. :smiley:

How can they expect a movie with this stupid a premise to succeed with total unknowns for actors? I mean, at least Fun With Dick and Jane had Jim Carrey.

Next up: Zeppo Wayans!

The film’s credited writers are three Wayans, so that’s apparently how pathetic you have to be- a Wayans.

Perhaps the Wayans are lost for ideas and plan to rip off Chuck Jones’s entire filmography. I look forward to their version of One Froggy Evening, except the frog who everyone thinks is ordinary but isn’t is one of the Wayans who’s supposed to be a dead guy but comes to life sometimes and only one guy knows it.

Oh, lord. There are no words. Well, there are, but I’m (mostly) a lady, and I choose not to use them.

Didn’t Rainer Wolfcastle make a film called My Baby Is an Ugly Man, with Rob Schneider?

I’ll bet Verne Troyer is still screaming at his agent for missing out on this one (and he looks more like a baby than this guy).