Cindy Sheehan visits the Great White North

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Um, no thanks Cindy.

And while we’re at it, I’m so glad you shared this gem with us

I see, you’d cripple your son so he wouldn’t have to go and fight “Bush’s war”. You know, that sounds an awful lot like, “we had to destroy the village in order to save it”. And you know who said that!

You are one weird lady.

Good lord, this woman is a crack pot. And I’m speaking as someone who thinks thought war in Iraq is a Really Bad Idea. (Obviously, the US can’t leave now - a rather large mess has been created.)

However, if you sign up for the military, reap all of the benefits (ie training, school, etc) and then desert when things get tough, Canada doesn’t want you either.

Was Sheehan always crazy? Or is it the media spotlight and the loss of her son that has driven her Over The Edge?

At the beginning, when she was waiting outside the Bush ranch, I felt sorry for her. Now, I just wish she’d go home, mourn, and stay away from cameras.

Canada doesn’t need to provide a refuge for American soldiers because, get this, all of them are volunteers.

If we had a draft, Canada would refuse to extradite draft evaders. However, we have a volunteer military. Desertion is a crime in Canada, just as it is in the US.

And if a currently serving soldier decides they don’t want to go to Iraq, they don’t have to go. Just tell your commanding officer that you’re now a conscientious objector, and you want out of the army as soon as possible, and you’re not gonna follow any orders to kill anyone anymore. Or if you don’t mind lying, just tell him you’re gay. They’ll kick you out eventually. Now, they might be a bit rude to you, and maybe make some financial trouble for you, and maybe at most give you a little time in the stockade. But you’ll be out, and you won’t have to go to Canada and fight Chimpy McHitlerburton’s war.

There’s no need to desert if you don’t believe in the war. Just refuse to follow orders anymore. Take your lumps, and you’ll eventually be let go.

I think it speaks well of “the left” that “they” have largely dropped her as a spokesperson. Now, if we can only get “the right” to dump Ann Coulter, we’ll have made progress towards reasoned discussion of political issues.

The Peace Movement didn’t choose Sheehan, remember that people, the media did. She’s just a woman with an “unimpeachable” background that came up with a publicity stunt at the same time that the public dissatisfaction of the war was growing. The media tagged her to symbolize the nation’s turn against the war, and we’ve been stuck with her ever since.

Frankly, I’ve never liked her. I’m strongly opposed to this war, but I even thought the original campout was a cheap stunt.

But we US folks can still come up as tourists, can’t we? Please? Pretty please? :smiley:

Did she already come here or is she on her way? Because there was this weird prevailing odor recently…

She’s a nutcase. She could run for parliament. But if I saw her walking down Yonge, I’d still punch her in the balls.

I wish somebody would tell me when there’s a meeting where these things get decided.

When did “the left” *adopt * her as a spokesperson? :rolleyes: Or was that identification made only by RW yammerers such as yourself, looking for ways to trivialize or demonize views not held by yourselves?

When did “the right” drop Ann Coulter as a spokesperson, and does that “speak well” for you? Shee-it, man, you never used to be this comical. What happened?

I took John Mace’s comment to be that there are screwballs on both sides of the fence, and that both Sheehan and Coulter get way more press than they should. A valid, intelligent post; one that was an attempt to disparage the extremes in both parties and return to intelligent discussion of the issues.

Good thing you shat on it, with your usual aplomb. You continue to do a great disservice to those who agree with you and aren’t complete assholes.

Your frustration over your inability to support your own previous slanders on this board, and your own inability to acknowledge having done so, is obviously still present. It’s high time you got over yourself, m’kay?

Second, if you’ll actually read what he said, the persons he is backhandedly complimenting are “the left”, not Sheehan. He is not discussing what she said, but is raising some foolish partisan strawman. This has indeed become his new style, and I’m hardly the first to comment upon it.

You would both do well to read before replying.

You can rewrite history all you want, you can portray yourself however you want, because I’ve learned that I cannot fight your delusions for you.

People can read his post and decide for themselves what they think he meant, or he can come back and further define his point for you. Luckily, not everyone has the stupid-color glasses that taint everything you see.

The second statement I quoted was from Elvis and not John Mace. Sorry for the accidental misattribution.

Said just like someone who knows he’s full of shit and knows he’s been called on it, but still can’t make himself admit it. :rolleyes:

Oh, well, I suppose that counts as a retraction nevertheless.

Here, let me requote myself, this time in bold: I cannot fight your delusions for you. I’m sure that counts as a retraction in your little world, where you are never wrong, always intelligent and well-spoken, and polite. Here, in reality, you’re a braindead jerk who makes it so much easier for the right to make all “liberals” seem like nutjobs.

Is anyone else visualizing a political version of “Trading Spaces”?

If you choose to continue to be an irresponsible slanderer, that’s your choice. But do not be under any delusion that it will have any beneficial effect.

Credibility is earned. Some day you might come to understand that. But first you need to understand what you’re commenting upon:

Now, do you have any actual contribution to the substance of this discussion, or would you rather continue to be a lower-vocabulary-level Shodan?

Yes. Does that make me a bad person? :eek:

I think she’s talking about those who volunteered to protect the country, not realizing that they’d be sent to invade and occupy a harmless foreign country for political power.

Well said. Don’t see why Sheehan would think Canadians, who for the most part are against the war IMO, would want a bunch of scammers who get going when it gets tough.

What do I have to do to make this happen? Who do I donate to? Even as a Canadian who has limited exposure to this crackpot I am more then willing to do my part to better the political scene down south.