Canadian Politician’s Hate-Filled Slip of the Tongue

Wow. I apologize on behalf of the Canadian government for this woman’s stupidity.

I mean, sure, we all have our thoughts about the war and everything, but one would think a politician would have more sense than to mutter something so controversial to a news reporter! Think what you want, but keep your comments away from the media hounds!

Thanks Carolyn. Now Canada’s going to be bombed before Iraq. Sheesh.

God, what a ninny. Liberal backbenchers don’t have the world’s greatest track record, do they?

I wonder how prevalent that feeling is across Cananda? That’s two politicians so far to my knowledge to voice such opinions. Are they in the majority?

No need for a collective apology. It isn’t all of Canada’s gaffe. I actually find off-the-cuff comments sort of refreshing. On the other hand, it’s kind of humorous that she said the comments were in a “private conversation” when she appears to have said them to the press.

For the record, my parents were married when I was conceived.

bastard: A child born out of wedlock

So if I was conceived before the wedding but was born seven months after the wedding, am I a bastard or not?

Well, she’s just a major league asshole.

I was conceived and born the same day. Apparently it doesn’t happen often.

On behalf of the American people, I would like to apologize for killing Kenny.

From the article: “My comments do not reflect my personal opinion of the American people and they certainly do not reflect the views of the government of Canada.”

Well then, whose fucking views do they represent?

Who’s the other one you’re thinking of, Trob? If it’s Françoise Ducros, I might mention that she said President Bush was an idiot, not all Americans; also, she’s not a politician.

Well, I think that the Gov’t in power in the USA right now is full of $#!+ (clever sybols!! :slight_smile: ), but I generally like the people from the States. I do not hold every individual responsible for the actions of their gov’t.

Americans = Good people.
American Gov’t = Complete fu*king idiots.

I wish we had someone like Dubya in power here…at the very least someone who has conviction about SOMETHING…ANYTHING…the Canadian liberal party has gotta go…

[Tom Servo]
Just where the hell does Canada get off sharing a border
With countries far superior to it?
Why, you lousy stinkin’, Francophonic, bacon-lovin’ bastards
Your country’s just a giant piece of sh—
[/Tom Servo]

[sub]Sorry… I have no sense of proportion![/sub]

No need to appologize. We Americans say worse about our own country every day.

Canada: Axis of Evil on Skates?

Hey, I don’t think the 82nd Airborne has moved yet, maybe they could do a quick preemptive sweep through Canada?

Didn’t we just have a long thread calling French people “Cheese-eating surrender monkeys?” We sure are a bunch of thin skinned hypocrites around here.

I’m getting strong flashbacks of Rick Mercer interviewing random Americans for the reasons they “support the President’s decision to begin bombing Saskatchewan”.

Diogenes the Whooshed

Nobody. Really. Cares. What. Was. Said.

You’d think she would be used to Scrums that she wouldn’t say anything that stupid. I wish ole Jean Cretin would show he’s not an idiot and send her ass out of the party.
You know he won’t.

***Damn as I write this I just heard one of the Sea Kings on the HMCS Iroquois just crashed on the Ships Deck. No word on casuilties or injuries yet.
Thanks for stalling on getting upgrades Liberals… how many of our troops will you put in unecessary danger before you do something!!!
(sorry for the Hijack)