Circassian jackets

I’m assuming that the cylindrical things lined up on the breasts of Circassian jackets are traditionally for carrying bullets. Am I correct?

I found this photo:

They look more like cigars than rounds. (I can’t tell what they are.)

Is that the link you intended? The only picture I see there is the cover of a book or magazine, showing what might be the wall of a city or fort, and a gate into it. No people or clothing.

It comes up as an old photograph of a Circassian officer for me. Maybe copy and paste the link?

That link is weird – it changed on me. Try this one.

I can’t see putting ammo into whatever those are. Way impractical. And they look too big in diameter and MUCH too long for that purpose.

They are ornamental cartridge loops, holding capped wood sticks called gaziri.

Yes, they were originally to hold single charge tubes for old muzzle loading muskets. Think small tubes with a cork in the neck that held enough powder for one charge. They would grab a tube out of the loop, open it and pour it down the muzzle followed by pulling a patch and ball out of a small pouch at their side, and ram it in. Made reloading faster. After they had developed regular ammo the loops became decorative.

I actually like the old szur coat.

I got very lucky and scored an almost intact copy of Max Tilke. You should see it in person, puts the scan to shame.

From yoyodyne’s link:

Awesome. Thanks.