Circuit City Closing 155 Stores - Beginning of the end?

UPDATED: Breaking: Circuit City Closing 155 Stores
Sad to see it go if it does tank. I’ve probably spend well over 150K there over the last 10 years.

Sorry for the employees, but I haven’t shopped at Circuit City in ages.
Maybe it is just here in this region, but their prices have not been competitive in a long time and you could find better deals almost everywhere.
In addition, the last few times I went there, customer service was not all that great and their staff was not particularly knowledgeable.

For instance, here on the West Coast, there is a chain of stores called Fry’s Electronics. They have their act together and the store is almost always jammed packed. In other words, it is not like people have stopped buying electronics! They just stopped going to Circuit City.

Again, I feel sorry for the CC employees but am not particularly surprised at the news.

My boycott is working! They pissed me off year ago and when I complained their customer support group called to tell me that they weren’t ignoring me, but they weren’t going to help me.

Since then I have spent more than 10 grand on stuff from their competitors - as I explained to them I would.

Personally I say good ridance.

I have been boycotting them for the last 10 years, and encouraging everybody I know to do the same because of their attempt to strongarm the public into the DIVX bullshit.

Sounds like it’s finally working :wink:

No loss around here. The local Circuit City smells bad. I wish I was making that up, but I’m not - as soon as you go into the entrance it smells like body odor.

I’ve been to Circuit City on 2 occasions and both times I purchased absolutely nothing.

It’s about time. Maybe they will be replaced with new Walmarts :smiley:

Circuit City isn’t that big of a deal. They don’t really have anything that I can’t get elsewhere, and when I go to a big-box electronics store, I’m usually looking for something specific, so I don’t care about service that much.


Around here, it feels like Best Buy just muscled in and overwhelmed them. If I am looking for something like a computer or something unique, I can get it online at a better price. If the item is a must have, I have the option of four best buys before I get to the Circuit City.

I just checked the link for stores closest to me and the two stores that I might go to on the Maryland side have both closed.

So are they liquidating merchandise at a frantic pace for pennies on the dollar or not so much? If they were then I could go to Best Buy and get them to price match. :smiley:

Circuit City is a classic example of a business that was actually pretty strong being ruined by poor management decisions.

For example, Circuit City fired all of their experienced staff who made pretty decent money (for retail), and offered them their jobs back at minimum wage. Not surprisingly the minimum wage slaves Circuit City replaced their old people with weren’t very good salesmen, weren’t very knowledgeable about the products, and had poor customer service. It’s not just anecdotal evidence that the customer service at Circuit City got worse, they moved in a lower quality of employee and service predictably went down.

I’m curious what you have spent over $150,000 on there.

Damn. The Best Buy in my town sucks big-time (especially for camera stuff), so I always use Circuit City. I hope they’re not closing this one.

Me too - that’s an average of $15,000 a year!

Since the rumor mill has their vendors refusing to ship to them because they’ve stopped paying bills, my guess is that even if they stay open, Best Buy will quickly have a much better camera selection.

The beginning of the end for Circuit was over a decade ago. They’ve been hanging on with turnaround investor after turnaround investor. There was no way they were going to survive another credit crunch unless they could find another sucker who thought a turnaround was possible. The well on that one has finally run dry.

And don’t feel too sorry for their employees - one turn around strategy had them laying off all their retail employees and rehiring them back at minimum wage while the CEO pulled in millions in compensation for “turning the company around.”

If you are lucky, there are still independent camera retailers out there - specialty retailers who will do a much better job than any big box retailer can on selling you equipment.

The DH and I went in a couple of Saturdays ago just to look at some HD TVs. The salesman really downplayed the whole stores closing things, saying it was just a rumor. His was NOT one of the stores on the list. He was quite eager to make some kind of a deal.

Extended warranty bonanza!

It sucks for the job market, but personally I’ve been going either to Fry’s or buying online for years now–CC and BB just aren’t competitively priced and I HATE their stupid warranty upselling nonsense. The dumb-as-posts sales people don’t help either.

You’ve got to make a concerted effort to do worse than Best Buy. Just plain stupid management doesn’t work, you actually have to try.

I really like the fact that the store locator web page stopped returning the closing stores before anyone else heard about it. Nice touch.

Something called “Circuit City” will hang around for a few more years in the more out-of-the-way markets. It’s not dead yet, just turning into a zombie.

That’s what they get for trying to make you pay for viewing your movie every time to watch it. Damn Divix.

I think the frightening thing is how many stores are at the brink of bankruptcy! Linen’s and Things is gonzo (final sales), and I fully expect to see major chains like MACY’s closing stores pretty soon. Of course, with Macy’s, they bought out lots of competing chains, and made those stores into Macy stores-which is why they have 3X the number of stores they need.
Same with car dealers-GM and FORD are saddled with hundreds of non-performing dealers-and every one of these will be closing. A FORD dealer in my town closed two years ago (after 55 years in business)-and the building is still empty.:eek: