Circuit City Rewards Points

I have about $510 in Circuit Rewards Points from my CC Visa built up. When They announced the store closings last week I immediatly went ahead and asked for the vouchers. Now the news reports are saying that the credit card isn’t affected by this bankrupcy. But will the stores still be required to honor the rewards point programs vouchers? I would think that they would be as good as cash from the credit card arm of the business but don’t know.

I’m checking the mail everyday now for the certificates and going to shop as soon as possible.

BTW, I’ve also noticed that Dyson hasn’t been filling up CC’s shelves too quickly over the last several months. Hard to find the more popular models on line at CC.

I don’t know what deal CC is working out with bankruptcy, but with airlines, frequent flier points are considred unsecured debts – and put back at the very end of the line when the bills are paid.

Yup. People ran into a similar problem when Sharper Image went under.

Were I you, I’d cash those puppies in ASAP.

Just did, they acceptted the rewards points certificate as if it was a gift card. :cool:

I am now the proud owner of a Dyson Aboslute Animal.:smiley: