Circumcised First Names

I knew that Topher Grace was born Christopher Grace and circumcised his name for show biz.

I just found out that Ving Rhames was born Irving. Good choice, Ving.

So who else lopped off the front part of their first names?

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Liam Neeson, born (Wil)liam. Liam Gallagher also comes to mind.

Taye Diggs is really Scott Diggs, he took his stage name from the exaggerated pronunciation of his youthful nickname: Scot-taye.

I must not be thinking clearly tonight, but I can’t figure out what title you wanted.

It is an attention grabber.

Xander Berkeley was (Ale)xander Berkeley.

Telly Savalas was originally Aristoteles Savalas - the “Telly” coming from the AristoTELEs"

I know some people use “Drew” as a shortening of “Andrew”, but I’m not sure if it’s true of celebrity Drews like Drew Carey.

Gene is usually short for Eugene (e.g., Gene Kelly).

Bert is often short for Herbert, Robert, or Albert. Bert McCracken is a Robert.

I can’t think of any celebrity example, but Ric is sometimes short for Eric.

Gina, Geena, and Ginny are often short for Virginia. (e.g., Geena Davis).

Trisha, Tricia, and Trish are often short for Patricia (e.g., Tricia Nixon Cox).

Becca is short for Rebecca, but I can’t think of any celebrity examples.

Tina is sometimes short for Christina. Tina Yothers is a Kristina. Tina Fey’s real middle name is “Stamatina.”

Trina is sometimes short for Katrina or similar but I can’t think of any celebrity examples.

Tori Spelling is a Victoria.

Linda is sometimes short for Belinda or Melinda, but I can’t think of celebrity examples.

Van Morrison, born George Ivan Morrison.

Similarly with John Cassavetes’s and Gena Rowlands’s actress/director daughter Xan (Alexandra) Cassavetes.

Most of these shortenings I’d never realized were such. My given first name is Gregory. By their logic I could shorten my first name to “Gory”. Cool.

Bram Stoker = Abraham

Both Demi Moore and youngster Demi Lovato have the same first name- Demetria.

One of my best friends had his name changed to Jay when he was 10. He was named Junius till then even though no one ever called him that.

Probably “circumscribed first names”, right?

One of my friends calls me Bert. I hate her.

Topher Grace went with the non-Chris shortening.

I seem to recall that in those days, some kids called “pizza” za with the same desire to be different.

Matt is short for Matthew, as in Matt Damon, I assume, and Jo or Joe is often short for Joseph (or Josephine) but I’m blanking on any celebs it might apply to… ah, UK dj Jo Whiley is really Johanne.