Cities known by their initials

It’s probably a safe assumption that almost everyone in the English speaking world also knows the city of Los Angeles as “LA”.

Yet, I was thinking the other day, people don’t generally refer to “SD” when they’re talking about San Diego, or “LV” when they’re talking about Las Vegas, for example.

But the city of Kuala Lumpur (in Malaysia) is referred to as “KL” by both the locals and anyone who’s been there more than once.

Which got me wondering - besides Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur, which cities are widely referred to in spoken conversation by their initials? There’s got to be a few, surely…

Do airports calls count? Because then I can give you BIO (Bilbao), MAD (Madrid) and BCN (Barcelona; the most common of the three, perhaps because if you read the letters in Catalan they sound a lot like the full name does in Catalan).

The tiny town where my brother went to college is known by its initials, but as a rip on the bigger LA. Elea or eleadedegé is La Almunia (de Doña Godina), Eléi is the one in California.

No; I know they’re reasonably well known amongst the travelling populace but not really what I was getting at in the OP.

No, I meant towns which are called by their calls by the native populace. Besaena is such a common nick for Barcelona that I’ve seen people get surprised to hear it was the airport’s call.

I would say most people say D.C. or District. I’ve also heard people call Kansas City K.C. Other then that I don’t know of any off the top of my head.

That’s different then; sure, it’d count, but I suspect there’d be very few examples of it; especially since a lot of airport codes have nothing to do with the city’s name.

Flying from GT to NYC…

The locals here would know the GT is George Town, Cayman Islands though it may not well know to outsiders. I would guess most everyone would understand NYC.

SF and NYC would be obvious examples.

It’s not a large city, but San Luis Obispo CA is referred to as SLO.

SLC for Salt Lake City. Not sure if natives use the term, but I do hear it from others.

Port Elizabethin South Africa is usually just “PE”

I think a distinction can be drawn between cities where initials are often written versus spoken, as per the OP. Does anyone say “SF” rather than San Francisco (or 'Frisco. Or San Fran :P), or “NYC” rather than NooYawk? Because people do say LA and DC and KL and PE.

People do say NYC. Not sure about SF.

How about KC?

Do they also refer to it as “LA” in the Spanish-speaking world?

Lewiston-Auburn Maine is known as LA by most locals and many of us from away.

Provincetown, MA is universally called P-Town.

I’ve heard the Twin Cities called MSP (Minneapolis-Saint Paul).

Kaiserslautern is referred to by a lot of Americans (US Army typically) as K-Town.

How about DFW for Dallas-Fort Worth?

In a similar vein Kuala Belait is similarly known as KB.

“Day effay” (D.F.) for Mexico City. Just like “D.C.” for “Washington, D.C.”, in this case referring to the “Distrito Federal”.

So common that people from there are sometimes called de-efeños.

Toronto is often called “T.O.” (Toronto, Ontario.)

A lot of people say A-squared for Ann Arbor. A few but not many say EL for East Lansing.

Not anyone who lives there. In New York, it’s just “The City.”