Cities trivia..

What is the largest city in the US with a one syllable name?

Queens, NY?

Dammit. I still f-up the preview feature. Anyway, if Queens isn’t it (being a part of NYC and all) I would guess Flint, MI.

Indianapolis… d’oh!

Flint it is!

Well done.

Any more cities trivia? I don’t know any…anyone else?

What North American city did the Cunard Line get it’s start in?

Well, I should know this one - let’s see if I do. I always assumed the company was founded in my home town of Liverpool (here’s a picture of the Cunard Building by the way) but I know Sam Cunard was from Halifax, Nova Scotia, so I’ll take a guess at that being the answer?

I can’t answer the question above…but I have more…

In what US city does all it’s professional sports team have the same colors?

What capital city in the world is at the highest elevation?

What was the first city in the southern hemisphere to host a summer olympics?

What is the largest city in Ca. without a name of Spanish origin?

La Paz, Bolivia

Melbourne, Australia 1956. Here’s a follow-up: Due to Australia’s then livestock quarantine regulations they couldn’t hold the equestrian events there - so where did they take place?

Long Beach edges out Oakland by a little bit, so that’s my stab at it.

Stockholm Sweden.

Your answers were corect!

My data may be out dated, it says Oakland.

2000 Census data has Oakland at 399,484 and Long Beach at 461,522.

Well…so much for that source…:slight_smile:

What American city is named after a relative of a member of the rock group Jethro Tull (the musician’s last name is part of the city name)?

What’s the only city in Europe to be named after a city in America?

Wilkes-Barre Pa…Martin Barre

What is the only state capital with only one syllable? Its pronounced with only one any way.

Pierre, SD (pronounced “peer”)

That’s it everton. Samuel Cunard started his highly successful career in Halifax:

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