Citizen Trump (et al.)

We are a week away from the end of Trump’s term in office and knowing that we’ll need a new place to catalog his (and his family’s/crony’s) missteps, vent fury at transgressions and cackle with glee at consequences and misfortunes, I made this thread. :smiley:

No offense to the OP, but I hope people lose interest in this thread sooner than later. I am so looking forward to four serene years of Sleepy Joe.

No offense taken, brother; amen to some silence.

It’s just that I’ve gotten so little of what I wanted these past years (from Trump et al.), and from experience we all know Trump isn’t usually quiet…

And hey! We might find that all the noise is stuff that’s bad for him and bad for his ilk; then we’ll at least have an awesome schadenfruede thread.

I smiled SO much when I saw the thread title. The concept of Trump as just another citizen… damn, it makes me giddy.

I’m also looking forward to the Sleepy Joe Clusterfuck thread making it to twenty posts by 2024…

I’m hoping for Detainee Trump, to be quickly followed by Defendant Trump and subsequently Inmate Trump.


Especially if he became a citizen of somewhere else, far, far away.

A new found island that no Dopers have to share with him. Food, water and occasional medical care airlifted in periodically. Cell phone jammers so he can receive communications but not broadcast them. It’s up to Melania and Barron if they want to visit but they have to do it at their private expense.

Dana White can help him out, maybe.

I read something about a “concern” that he would flee the country if charged with something. All I could think was “Yes, please, can we do that?”

Pretty sure most everywhere else has read Scotland’s playbook.

I was happy to vote for Sleepy Joe, and I accept that nickname because I can hopefully sleep a bit better with him in the White House.

I am looking forward to having him gone and I was like yeah I’m not going to read about him… but crosses fingers he’ll be facing so many criminal and civil suits. And just today a bunch of “old” stories are finally leaking (haha, like the Kusher’s toilet situation). There will be a flood of “now that he’s gone I can tell this” stuff. He’s not going to disappear like Bush or be just benevolent like Obama. He’s a trainwreck and it’s going to be quite a ride till the train stops.

What pecentage of his bags would you figure are currently packed? It would be a shame if he hasn’t started, and had to spend his last day packing all of his bags, and not being able to relax and enjoy the day.

Only if the medical care is with that replacement to Obama Care he (and the rest of the Republicans) cooked up.

Granted. With outrageous out-of-pockets and merciless deductibles. Minuscule provider networks and deeply constricted formularies.

A few getaway bags, maybe. I don’t think he really intends to leave and will have to be removed by force, but I hope not.

Oh boy, are they going to throw all of his shit out of the windows and onto the lawn? Donnie, Donnie, smarten up. This doesn’t have to look bad.

I’m a little concerned that he’s postponed his plans to leave on the 19th and is now planning to leave on the 20th. Maybe it’s taking longer than he thought to pack stuff, either his own or stuff stolen from the premises. Or maybe it’s something more insidious. It would be entertaining if he’s still there at noon and my fantasies of having him forcibly removed come true.

I would pay money to see him forcibly removed from the White House. Preferably in handcuffs.

Are you kidding? He’s probably already got five full suitcases with just the silverware and china alone. And four more with paintings.

I’m hoping the only thing I hear from him, once he’s out of the White House, is “Rosebud”.