Post CF and on-going Trump outrages

Now that the c-fuck is well and truly over, we still need a place to hurl invective at the loser former president, since, like a case of herpes, he is never going away. I propose this thread to take over where the the earlier clusterfuck threads left off.

Here’s a kickoff - the CPAC starts today.

Should this thread also be for on-going legal activity against Trump, like following his tax and fraud investigations, e.g.? Or should we have separate dedicated thread(s) for those things?

This thread should be for everything, really. No need for multiple Trump threads, but we all know he’ll keep saying and doing stupid shit.

The Trump Clusterfuck Omnibus

There’s already a thread on his tax mess, which can play out.

I’d be in favor of putting his other legal stuff and woes yet to come (may there be many) here. The less geography he occupies the better. But that’s just IMHO.

Ninja’d by @BlankSlate I agree that this should be the omnibus post-CF thread.

I think so too. And let’s hope that Trump and all discussion thereof, all these threads included, will gradually fade from the face of the earth by-and-by.

I like this, but did you have to use the name of ‘he who shall not be mentioned’ in the thread title? I would have preferred CFSG.

Can’t please everyone. :face_with_monocle:

But we know that confuses a lot of posters (used to come up in multiple threads getting derailed with people chiming in with questions).

I wonder if everyone’s going to know what a “Post CF” is… or maybe this thread is just for insiders who are used to posting in That Other Thread.
(I’m going through withdrawal, I used to refresh that twenty times a day.)

But hopefully he goes dormant and there are no more serious outbreaks from him, especially in 2024.

Just for the aid of future generations who may want a complete cataglogue of the ultimate Clusterfuck of the early 21st centruy of future generations, I think its worth while posting links to the earlier threads.

Clusterfuck Vol 1 and Clusterfuck Vol 2.

I’d be so happy if the asshole could stop inciting news coverage of any kind, if only for a few days now and then. Seems like every time I check CNN online, for example, there’s at least one story with his repellent mug prominently displayed. Yes, thanks to heaven, his Twitshit has ceased, and he’s out of the White House, but still his stench is pervasive.

Total of 54,929 posts and millions of views.

I think someone somewhere objected to the word “clusterfuck” in the topic name and that’s where “imbroglio” came from. And anyway, I don’t want to keep calling it that because that word referred to his (so-called) administration and that really IS over. But having the name that should not be named in the topic title will give newcomers an idea of what we’re up to.

Like I said, can’t please everyone.

That’s the America-hating fuckstick, right?

Thanks much for starting the thread. It feels right to have the Clusterfuck Thread over, but since “The Donald” will keep clustering, it’s good to stay outraged.

That was because it’s in Politics & Elections, and someone (actually several ones, IIRC) objected to having “Clusterfuck” in-your-face on the thread list page, outside the Pit.

Oh, okay. That makes sense. But, as I said, since the CF = his (so-called) administration, it’s just as well to refrain from recognizing its existence.

Clusterers gotta cluster and fuckers gotta… you get the idea.

CF is probably better than clstrf*ck in a title. Many of us navigate the board by Latest, New or Unread buttons rather than specific forum checks. So it is nice to keep even pit threads clean. (Not required by any means).

I’m all for having an omnibus thread. I was just reflecting that I miss the SD pre-Trump. It’s angrier and that asshole is really pervasive. He’s tainted these boards for me and it’s nowhere near as fun and free- wheeling as it used to be. Let’s get his stupid petty shit in one small place where it belongs.

When it’s all said and done, the country will have suffered eight and maybe even 12 years of Trump as a force in national politics. I’m nearly exhausted already and we’ve got to gear up for another major effort in just 45 months.

Think of dat awful man regaining the presidency in '24. The country really might not recover.