The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making Part Deux (Part 1)

Well, since the new board has a limit of 10,000 posts, and the old Clusterfuck thread was WAAAAY more than that…

Here is a new thread to discuss all of the newest clustefucks.

Perhaps we can start with the Tulsa Oklahoma rally of Saturday, which was (IMO) an EPIC clusterfuck on the part of the Trump campaign.

By all means:

So… The screw-ups continue for Trump:

There have been so many reasons to feel embarrassed about Donald Trump.

There was the time he paid off a porn star. There was the time he lied about the size of his inauguration crowd. The time he talked about the big water around Puerto Rico. The time he thought you could kill the coronavirus by injecting yourself with bleach.

But nothing truly comes close to the embarrassment of his so-called comeback rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday.

It was so toe-curlingly cringeworthy, such a crushing humiliation. There are 80s pop bands who have enjoyed greater comebacks than Donald Trump.

To understand how much of his insides will always melt at the thought of that Tulsa rally, it’s worth quoting Trump’s fine words just before he boarded Marine One at the White House.

“The event in Oklahoma is unbelievable,” he boasted. “The crowds are unbelievable. They haven’t seen anything like it. And we will go there now. We’ll give a, hopefully, good speech. We’re going to see a lot of great people, a lot of great friends. And pretty much, that’s it. OK?”

Trump got punked by several hundred thousand TikTok users, organized by a grandmother in Fort Dodge, Iowa

We really haven’t seen anything like that. For a man who loves peddling superlatives, this was the worst measure of his oh-so-sad popularity. The lowest point in electoral incompetence. The saddest campaign fiasco.

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The campaign is now sadly trying to blame “violent protesters” for the epic failure to attract even 7,000 people to the 19,000 seat arena.

And this is another failure. There were a handful of protesters. The rest of Tulsa was involved in a dance party and celebration.

The excuses that are being trotted out now are even sadder than the initial failure.

Trump was willing to pay people to attend. $250.00 a head.

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I did read somewhere that this was in fact, a hoax. Will look for a link.

Link - it is not true

Keep in mind that anyone can make a craigslist ad. I would assume that this was created by prankster unless there’s some verification that a real company was hiring people to fill the stands. I seem to recall that these kinds of prank ads show up for all kinds of political events, protests, etc.

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Yeah, I know. But it still feels good.

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We did have a good conversation going, back in the old place, about the Tulsa thang. Could we perhaps get that thread imported to our new digs (as a thread of its own, not part of this thread). It’s a big enough topic to be worthy of its own thread.

Also, the thread about Gaetz and his boy.

Maybe a few others too?


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I wouldn’t hold your breath — TubaDiva did warn us that those threads would disappear forever.

OK, need to get this new thread kicked off, so how about the picture/tape of Trump exiting the Helicopter late Saturday night? I can’t find it right now, but he looked disheveled, tie hanging loose, with just a defeated air about him. I expect those shots to figure prominently in ads, especially those “Lincoln Project” ads.

Now to be fair, he’s a old man, and 6 hours flying/getting to from airports, 2 hours of speechifying, and whatever else he got rushed to/from, is going to tire one out…but it really, really is a bad look for him.

Which makes me perversely happy…

Press on.

ETA: Here’s the clip I mentioned:

You beat me to it, but here is the photo, just so I can test the new link function.

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I suspect that when you’re the president, flying isn’t quite the same tiring ordeal it is for us peons. Someone else makes all the arrangements, a helicopter picks you up right outside your door, and the plane never leaves without you.

I notice that Trump saluted when he got off the helicopter; with his tie undone and carrying a cap in his other hand. Where does that rank on the disrespecting-the-troops faux pas scale?

I’m just really testing out the new board now that I got back in.

But, I will do a Simpson’s Nelson laugh at Trump and his million-man rally. What a maroon!


Exactly! :rofl:

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Trying a Nelson Muntz GIF:


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Isn’t that tie that he has flailing randomly around his neck the same tie super expensive silk tie that he had to carefully avoid getting water on necessitating his use of both hands when drinking?

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I watched a few minutes of the rally live, on Fox (of course). It was perhaps during the highlight of the performance - where he demonstrated that he really could drink a glass of water with one hand.

You’d never know it wasn’t a sellout – every crowd shot showed a packed (small) section. And, by some odd coincidence, every crowd shot included an African-American.