Trump has COVID!

And I honestly can’t say I have an iota of sympathy.

He’s a super spreader and it was only a matter of time. Who is he going g to blame?

Dead Man Malingering!

Stay well Joe Biden! After all that spewing from potus Tuesday night who put everyone in danger, my thoughts and prayers are with Joe.

I don’t wish death on anyone, but I do hope he gets quite ill and that prompts him to take this more seriously, maybe even start pushing masks. He could save thousands of lives by telling his supporters and his lapdog governors to take this more seriously.

That assumes he can learn things, which is a pretty stupid assumption on my part.

I have prayers for Trump. They’re not nice prayers but prayers none the less.

Thoughts & Prayers muthafucker.

Melania has it too!

Well, he’s already blamed China for everything. But in terms of proximate cause, now that you mention it, I bet that privately he’s cursing Hope Hicks up and down and sideways for doing this to him. Because nothing is ever the fault of the orange ignoramus, it’s always the fault of whoever happens to be nearby.

I’m not taking Trump’s word for this. Where’s Dr. Fauci?

Small farm upstate where he can romp and play with other displaced doctors.

Well, that was quick:

Don’t be silly. Democrats, of course.

I just want to state for the record that despite my antipathy for Trump, I sincerely hope he doesn’t end up with a fatal case. If he’s miserably ill for three or four weeks, however, I guess I’m fine with that.


For the rest of his life would be better. Something that his money, celebrity and position can’t solve.

Oh, I so want him to get sick as a dog for a month or so. Maybe that will finally convince the miserable fuck to take this seriously.

Surprised no-one’s posted:

I just watched the video that Steve_MB posted. Excellent choice of a talking head at 0:24 to break the news. Y’know, optics.

Perhaps the bright orange full moon this morning was an omen.

How else was this campaign going to end? Herman Cain was just foreshadowing.