Trump has COVID!

That was just Trump settling on The Tweeting Seat.

I just posted on this in the Clusterfuck thread:

In addition to not wishing harm on anybody, I really don’t wish harm on trump because I don’t him to become a martyr to his followers, or gain sympathy from people on the fence about him. As I said in my post I quoted above, the irony that he brought it on himself will be lost on a lot of people.

No, I want a healthy trump to be roundly voted out of office, his tactics and worldview thoroughly discredited, and live long enough to be punished for his crimes and see his empire of corruption crumble.

We believe Trump why exactly?

Right. Expect a tweet along the lines of, “This COVID isn’t that big of a deal, doctors and Dems are lying.” every 30 minutes until either he recovers or dies.

He cannot accept blame or facts.

I believe he has it (has anyone been as reckless as he and his followers concerning contagion protocols), but if Biden announced that he had tested positive, the Trumpers would have said he was lying to get out of the next debate.

Trump believes getting sick is displaying weakness. Being seen as weak is one of his biggest fears. I doubt he would allow himself to be seen as weak unless he’s actually sick. I wouldn’t doubt he fought the announcement tooth and nail.

Because he’s been doing his darndest to deny COVID is an issue and trying desperately to change the subject when it comes up. It does him no good to bring the disease up himself.

I have no doubt he’s truly gotten a positive test result. I also have no doubt that should he develop serious symptoms, we won’t hear about it until long, long after the fact, if at all.

Or in Bob Woodard’s next book Sickness


It’s naive to believe he will be punished or even that his empire of corruption will approach anything like crumbling.

And he can still do a lot of damage to our nation, peace in general, and the state of our Democracy in the few months he has left.

He’ll be a martyr to his horde anyway, voted out legitimately or not.

I have to keep telling people this, but if Trump wanted to make himself look like a superhuman incredible Hulk and make a boatload of money, he could pretend to be COVID-positive for a week or so and then come back fitter than ever, declaring that COVID is easily beatable if you buy Kushner-brand hydroxychloroquine. Or just buy the company’s shares, those are equally as effective as the taking the product.

I may be naive, but as O’Brien said to Winston Smith in 1984, the party learned early on not to let an enemy become a martyr. To whatever extent possible, I don’t want trump martyred, I want trump and trumpism to be completely and totally discredited and exposed for the colossal sickening sham that it is.

The deck is stacked against Trump, considering that he has three risk factors: age, obesity, and poverty.

But he doesn’t have to get “sick”. A few days, a few plugs for whatever miracle cure brings him the most money, and Boom!, he’s all better. Covid’s no big deal, he’s a super stud, the money rolls in, and his supporters go crazy for him.

Look, I’m not saying it’s not true. Im just saying I wouldn’t trust him if he told me the sun was going to rise in the East. Real symptoms come along or some corroboration, great. But trusting his word? No way.

It is already by resulting in the undeniable consequences of action that cannot be ignored, lied about, or churned over in the news cycle.

And his empire of corruption is already crumbling, at least business-wise, judging by reports that many of his properties are bleeding cash. The main thing he had of any value he traded on before he became president, the ‘trump’ name brand, should be mud now, regardless of what happens with the rest of his excuse for a presidency.

Herman Cain’s Twitter feed has been pretty quiet about this.

Well at least this should help boost the Covid Awareness fun runs.

Yeah. In hindsight, 2016 actually wasn’t a great time to hope Trump would be the candidate. But in 2020 I think we definitely need Trump to pull through and be the candidate. No last-minute Romney swaps.

Yeah this is definitely not a conspiracy theory.

  1. It would serve Trump’s needs to duck the debates, claim COVID is harmless, and funnel some of that sweet hydroxychloroquine money into his coffers. And naturally, put the spotlight on him, as God intended.
  2. The man has publicly told 5 figures worth of lies. The first assumption must always be that he’s lying.
  3. More importantly, this will be proven or disproven in a couple of weeks. Either he’ll turn up dead, or wheezing and exhausted, or unharmed.

I dunno, ‘hoisted by his own petard’ is poetic. Avoiding the direct consequences of his actions has been Trump’s MO for most of his life. Of the over 200,000 deaths so far in the US, how many are more responsible for this then he?