Post CF and on-going Trump outrages

The CPAC this weekend is descending into full-blown trump worship, complete with a giant golden idol of trump (watch the video toward the bottom, the golden trump statue is nuts):

The statue will become like that one of St. Peter in the basilica bearing his name in Rome, whose foot has been worn down by centuries of people touching it and kissing it. What part of the trump statue will be worn smooth, I wonder?

This ancient statue of St. Peter, portrayed as he gives a blessing and preaches, while holding the keys to the kingdom of heaven is famous throughout the world. Some scholars have attributed it to Arnolfo di Cambio (1245-1302), but others believe that it is a V century casting.

Pilgrims who come to the Basilica traditionally touch and kiss its foot, so that it is literally worn thin. In the Middle Ages pilgrims who reached Rome, touched and kissed the foot of the statue and prayed to St. Peter asking that he be merciful and open the gates of heaven for them if they died during the pilgrimage.


My bold.

Yeah, I can see trump supporters beseeching the CFSG to open the gates of heaven for them…

Yikes. Compare that pic of St. Pete, just above, with this pic of Trump from the NSRIOTD thread:

In that picture it looks like some of the gold melted and very messily dripped onto his head.

You would think he wouldn’t be wearing obvious lifts in a posed photo like this.

A turd in a gilded cage.

That pic is unbelievable, even after everything I know about the orange shit-gibbon and his pathological narcissism. It’s totally a self-parody.

I’ve said before that he doesn’t have the intelligence of a turnip, but I was accused of insulting turnips. Which is probably fair.

The golden statue on wheels with feet on chinese looking sandals. The picture of turd in front of gold. Fake gold, of course. I couldn’t make this up if I smoked banana peels. It is so hard to laugh while throwing up. So, yeah, thank you all. Keep it up!

The description of the statue from its creator, California sculptor Tommy Zegan, is pretty hilarious too:

Zegan seems to have been trying to raffle off this fiberglass copy and/or the original stainless steel statue, which he claims is worth $150 million, since completing it in 2019.

And that “Republican red tie” motif is still so weird to me: I remember clearly when a plain red tie still symbolized being a socialist or a communist. Hell, it was just the other day (okay, about five years ago) that a famous red-tie-wearing communist passed away:

Republicans seem to be currently celebrating the mentally ill. I mean, they are not even subtle about it; The mentally ill are their bread and butter voters at this point.

The clusterfuck has relocated.

I would certainly agree with that last statement. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: And add, “I hope there never is again.”

Now it’s government with so many parts removed that it has become nonfunctional, lower taxes for rich people, and absolutely NO personal responsibility for anything.

The Mooch speaks!

Donald Trump’s extremely short-term communications director and former friend Anthony Scaramucci speculated Saturday that Trump will run for president again in part to fleece the “rubes.”

“I think he’s going to run in 2024 because this is the most money that he’s ever made,” Scaramucci told Alex Witt on MSNBC.

“Just imagine making $300 million off of these rubes that he’s conning after the election with his big lie” that the vote was rigged, Scaramucci added. “So he’ll run again in 2024.”

Trump pulled in at least $255 million in political donations ostensibly to battle the results of the presidential vote in the eight weeks following the 2020 election, according to the latest federal filings.

Moving ahead, here is the Republican Platform;

  1. Worship the Idol of Donald Trump. Golden statues may be used in place of The Donald

  2. Troll the Libs. Say outrageous shit that you don’t even believe. Make others angry.

  3. Destroy the government. Put partisans and/or idiots in charge of government agencies

  4. Fleece the Rubes. Take every opportunity to get money from your supporters.

All the other stuff, like being racists, screwing the poors, ignoring public health, ripping kids away from families, enriching the wealthy, ripping up international agreements? This just flows naturally from the 4 main policy planks above.

I back this tidy summation.

Far more comprehensive than their 2020 platform which only included #1.

In his rapturously received 88-minute address to the 2021 CPAC conference on Sunday, former president Donald Trump didn’t give his listeners what so many of them wanted: a pledge to run for president again in 2024 (though he teased the crowd with his obvious availability). But he vented his outsized spleen fully, and left no doubt that the future of Trumpism will be its past, revived and vindicated.

Much of the speech was rehashed from the brag sessions of the 2020 campaign, treating his administration as one long parade of unprecedented triumphs on every single front. Accordingly, Joe Biden’s extremely brief presidency was condemned as the worst in history already thanks to the 46th president’s reversal of the policies of the 45th (especially on immigration policy), which were one long parade of unprecedented triumphs on every single front. Viewers were left with the distinct impression that a near-utopian future for the country would be as simple as the replacement of Biden with — well, if not Trump — then someone with exactly the same policies and sterling leadership qualities.

IOW blahblahblahblah…

88 minutes of Drumpf blabbing? That sounds like torture.

I wonder if he babbled randomly for 85 minutes, got the high sign from someone with a stopwatch, and then did a three-minute wrap-up so he could land on the magic 88.

A friend (?) of the in-laws hosted a watch party for the thing. Ironically. If it was me I would have turned it into a drinking game: take a shot anytime he said Fake News or Witchhunt. Or maybe just start drinking before it even started.

The best drinking game for that event is to avoid the event and go drinking instead.