@Mods -- PLEASE do not BAN Jim Peebles.

Like many, I lament the lack of Trump defenders on this Board. Perhaps I am to blame, calling Mr. Ditka a “sea lion” (whatever that means) till he went away. We do have octopus and Shodan, but they hardly help: These days the former just posts vapid one-liners, and the latter posts truisms interspersed with nastiness.

The anti-right, anti-Trump atmosphere here is stifling and I think Republican Dopers should be applauded for posting here at all. Given that the Congressional party is almost unanimous in endorsing all Trump’s malfeasance, I’m applying the pejorative (“Republican”) to all who identify themselves with the term as well as those who voted Trump or Johnson in 2016 or who might consider voting Trump in 2020.

Bricker is gone, the Board’s smartest right-winger. I’ll guess he became aware of how utterly indefensible the Republicans have become, and thus could no longer post.

So let’s keep somebody around! In a closed thread we find:

Others can post as they please — this is the Pit — But I personally applaud Jim Peebles for his bravery and cleverness. The above excerpt may not be fully sincere or earnest, but possibly other Peebles’ postings were.

Your pathetic wannabe Stephen Colbert schtick is getting boring. Unlike Colbert, you’re really bad at it.

Every hero needs a villain, and I think he thinks of himself as a hero who needs these villains to fight. There are plenty of places to do that if gets bored here.

Thing is, TPTB on the SDMB make no distinction between sincerity and trolling. One who is sincere while intentionally being a shit-stirrer is still a troll.

I consider you the SDMB fringe… but I can’t figure out which fringe.

Since you posted this here, I assume you are not serious. I have to concur, you are really bad at this.

Sincerity and credulity are not mutually exclusive properties. So, if I’m forced to estimate, Jim Peebles’ motives mix is: 20/30/50% proportion. The last being gas-lighting. Fucker lies and trolls through his teeth as often as he is sincerely fucking stupid.

@septimus, not sure what you’re playing at with this devil’s advocacy bit. If this is even half serious, there are better, smarter, more sincere and deserving conservatives on this board on whom your pro bono time is far better spent.

My Og, septimus, did you (or anyone sincerely defending Mr. Peebles) actually read that thread? It was unbelievable that multiple posters had to keep pointing out he had the dates wrong. He’d hung a complete argument on one date, all in service of the illogical leap of ‘This one thing is wrong, so Trump is totally exonerated!’

And no matter how many times it was calmly pointed out (I lost count at 8 or 9), he kept repeating his discredited premise and yelling “Exonerated!”

I agree that we need smart Conservatives here. And right here we see the reason; because in their absence, we have shameless partisans who will say anything, clutch at any straw, and make, well, ignorant arguments.

I often wonder why they keep trying to pull that on a site with our tagline…

I can assure you septimus is not sincere. See here:

That was the previous attempt. The following thread is a sincere one from septimus:


Septimus is definitely the idiot fringe.

Once again, have you noticed what doesn’t work, during these times? Writing the opposite of what you think because… satire!
“We need Putin [wink, wink], because Hillary [nudge, nudge]…”

Look, YOU know you’re the next Li’l Stevie Colber’, but we can’t see your winks or feel your nudges (if we could, that’d be a Class Action Restraining Order).

There’ve been a lot of misunderstandings and even animosity during these Trumpy Times, because posters are taking what other posters say at face value. The problem with “I’ll say something so over the top, they’ll know I can’t be serious!” is that our President and his followers have been saying stuff like that with no sense of humor or shame.

or is that his audience?

Does he have one? I mean ‘a group of people who look for his posts because they enjoy them’ type of audience.

You think people would actually search this troll out? Nobody’s that desperate for entertainment.

Probably not, but that’s my best explanation for his motives.

I would take up the mantle of SDMB’s official Trump defender but I’m too busy having consensual sex with your women. I guess the soy smile and virtue signaling is a bit of a turn off. :cool::p:D

Help, I Can’t Stop Hooking Up With Trump Supporters

Glamour, eh? I had you figured as a Redbook guy. Maybe Cosmo.

This doesn’t read like your satire, which was always obvious if you read the entire post. The only sign this could be satire is that you’ve been satirical lately, and you posted in the Pit rather than ATMB where you’re supposed to post actual requests to mods.

I thought your satirical character was a fellow Republican, but this character is clearly just a liberal poster who is finding (misguided, IMHO) reasons to sympathize with bad-acting conservatives. Your satirical character would be praising Shodan and such. It would accuse the libs of forcing Bricker out, rather than saying he got tired of defending the Republicans when they’re shit.

I actually kinda like your satirical conservative character–as long as you don’t overuse him. But this guy seems sincere.

I hope he’s not the real you, as the argument, to put it nicely, leaves a lot to be desired.

I made the mistake of thinking this was posted on ATMB and not the pit.

No, every hero needs a theme song.