Would you vote for Donald Trump for POTUS?

It’s a little scary but today when I read Mr. Trump’s illegal immigration policy he addressed two of my concerns: forcing people who are here illegally to go back to their home countries and nullifying the right to be a citizen just because you are born here.

I think I’m a compassionate person but maybe not. I lived in Arizona and had a lot of contact with illegals (hiring them and observing where they live and doing taxes for them) and my ex-daughter in law came here on a visa, overstayed, married my son, and became a citizen (and I knew her family of course).

My son’s best friend was born here but his large family has spent the past many years getting his family, distant relatives, and friends into the U.S. and circumventing the rules.

I am from California and white people are now in the minority there. Illegals have brought back diseases we thought were gone to the state. Illegals have overburdened the welfare system and in my own personal experience, kept the children of citizens from getting a good education because teachers have to deal with so many non-English speaking students.

they come from a different culture where women are not respected, and where they resort to violence to solve problems. If their women cheat they kill them and any children they have.

In Arizona, the areas they lived in were trashed and the Walmart there was trashed. They don’t feel individually responsible for their surroundings. I saw this when I live in Lithuania. It comes from an oppressive government. The groups to support them encourage them to have lots of babies so they can take over in numbers.

I want all of them out. Along with their children. If any aliens want to come into our country they have to follow the rules. Canada does it. Why can’t we? They don’t tolerate even people we would let in legally if they can’t contribute. I can see Canada from my back deck so I’m familiar with their immigration policy. I don’t even qualify because I’m retired.

I don’t want to let the ones that are here stay here. They have to go back or the millions we have now will be quadrupled in only a few years and we will be Mexico. They have already infiltrated the upper echelons of our government and now dictate policy by calling us racists and accusing us of being inhumane. Guilting us into giving our country away.

The fact that I even feel guilty for saying this shows how successful they have been in pushing their agenda. Many, many years ago my ex-daughter in law came home from her job, a place where she taught English, and said that people came in and they had a big meeting outlining their agenda for taking over CA by numbers. I thought it was ridiculous. Now they have done it.

So, that is how I really feel and I’m glad someone is finally saying it and if Trump can really do this, I will vote for him.

Nope. Trump is not “presidential.” He comes from a tradition of “Do it my way, or else you’re fired.” He hasn’t gotten the memo: he can’t fire Congress, nor the Supreme Court.

He doesn’t have the necessary skills in dealing with the divided powers. He imagines he can just snap his fingers and make things happen.

He declared that he could have negotiated the treaty with Iran in one day. He clearly has zero comprehension of international diplomacy.

He’s a loud-mouth, but he doesn’t have any comprehension.

(“He is without intellect. He has no brain capacity. He is unable to think. He is entirely bereft of thought.” Oh, my God, it’s Groo the Wanderer!)

This thread should definitely be in the Pit. It’s a total, steaming load of horseshit and ridiculous fear mixed with falsehood. To answer the OP, however, no…I wouldn’t vote for Trump for anything. Even leaving aside how his position fuel obvious racism the man is a complete bozo with no redeeming qualities. Happily, there is just about zero chance this idiot will ever be elected president…I wouldn’t trust him to be in charge of a garbage truck picking up trash, let alone running the US. I simply wish that an alternative worlds sand box machine existed so we could show folks how bad it would be with someone like Trump at the helm…and how his tune would change if he ever did get elected.

As to the rest of the tripe in this OP, it’s not worth the time to refute line by line. All I can say is that I’m glad that folks such as the OP are fading into the background, and I’m glad I could do my part in corrupting white women and pushing Hispanics into being the top demographic in this country. We are slowly overtaking you, white boy, and when we do…MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! It will be novelas and mariachi music 24/7! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Oh…and if you ever did live in Arizona and California, which I doubt, here’s the thing…we were here first, gringo! So you kids get off our lawn and move back East where you belong!!)

Who’s all of ‘them’? Mexicans?

Anyway, no. Politics based on bigotry is not really my thing, and that’s pretty much all that Mr. Trump seems to bring to the table.

Yeah, of course. Us dirty illegals who have brought disease to the US, suck up all the good jobs, slurp up the welfare, marry white women or men, have babies and trash Walmarts. All of this is in the handbook we are all given when we come to this country btw. California would be such a great place if all those damned, dirty and disease ridden Hispanics would just leave and let the white folks make it into paradise. One wonders how, once Trump gets Mexico to pay for our Great Wall of Bigotry™, he will next tackle the black problem. Will had round them up and ship them to Liberia? Or does he have another brilliant plan in mind? He’s a cagey one…perhaps he will ship all the black people to Mars or something. Then he’ll need to deal with all of the various Asian types next, but that should be easy…ship them all home. Where it will be tough is when he needs to parse what ‘white’ is and who makes the grade and who doesn’t.

I debated about where to put this post. I wanted to test it out and see how much hate I would get. So, yes, after your post I’m thinking it should have gone elsewhere.

I guess I should have taken the time to vet my opinions. I did say I had lived in Arizona and CA but I guess when English is your second language your comprehension is a little lacking. I was born and raised in CA. I lived in Arizona and hired illegals, did taxes for them, and observed the dumps they made of the homes and stores where they lived. My ex-daughter in law came to this country illegally and became a citizen through marriage. She later married an illegal and made him legal. My grandaughter was put back when my son moved because she was in a class in Calistoga, CA where there were so many non-English speaking students the teacher never had time for her. Her new school said it was a common problem. My son’s best friend was born here but his large family over many years has managed to circumnavigate the law to bring in many of their family and friends into this country illegally. I worked for IRS in the field in CA and say many illegals. I felt sorry for them and laughed as ridiculous when my son said his wife had been recruited to a group whose purpose was to raise the birth rate of illegals so they could take over CA. They have done it. Not so funny now.

I’m thinking maybe you have not lived where there they are overrun with illegals or you would read in the paper about the spousal abuse and murder that happens all the time.

I drove Rt. 40 to come back home after a trip to CA about 4 years ago. The poor towns along the border have nothing left. They are dumps and their economies are gone because they have become home to illegals who engage in crime and actually hate Americans. I stayed in one overnight and when I went out to eat I was followed by some young Mexicans for some reason. It scared me though. Obviously they were planning to attack me.

Another thing I failed to mention. Trump wants to stop the 30+ Billion being sent to Mexico by illegals every year. Stopping that and ending the birthright to citizenship should do it. Oh, and a great, big, high wall.

Maybe Mexicans were in Arizona and Texas first but they never did anything except maintain the low level of living they had always had. They never contributed anything to the states or to CA. After a hundred years they still lived in hovels when the gold miners came. Just like they do now.

I’m just relating what I have seen. No crime in that. Oh, and reaching way back in history to bring up the crimes of long-dead white men? Isn’t going to work anymore. I take no responsibility for any of that.

Since you have said that you are in my country illegally, here is your chance to tell your side of the story. Why are you here? Why do you stay? You aren’t wanted but I think some of the groups formed to keep you here have convinced you that you are somehow wanted. You are not. If you came here legally, then I would welcome you with open arms.

Off to The BBQ Pit.

The basic principles Trump has put forward with his immigration policy are things that most countries have taken for granted through history.

I don’t know if a wall is necessary, but the principles themselves seem so fundamental to any sovereign nation that it’s amazing they have to be articulated.

All the presidential candidates are pro-Israel and don’t have an issue with its approach to immigration, so it seems strange that Trump’s suggestions would provoke consternation.

If immigration were simply an unalloyed good, then I could see where the open borders groups are coming from, but that’s not the case. David Frum had a useful, if worrying, summary a few years ago:

He’s not even a politician. Does the US not have even basic career requirements for the position from which the person can destroy the entire planet?

Ahh! The Sarah Palin method of international knowledge.

You seriously missed the point.

XT’s family was “here” when it was still Mexico. He did not “come here”; the U.S. invaded there. Your slurs against the Mexican culture are not merely false, but insulting to those U.S. citizens who share that culture.

Doesn’t Mexico adopt pretty tight border control on those coming from the South? What is your view on Israel? Should it relax its borders? No country can really be a sovereign nation if it can’t control its own borders. That’s obvious?

American Exceptionalism. Don’t you watch Fox News? They talk about it all the time. America is special, so things that work in other countries, like universal health care, would never work here. Why do you want to make America another Canadian hellhole?

Yet you want to kidnap American citizens and deport them to a country they have never lived in?

On what basis? You come across as a racist asshole to this white dude.

The problem is relating what you’ve seen and extrapolating it to every circumstance without any critical thought. Maybe you just attract crummy people? Maybe you see the world through an incredibly hostile lens. Maybe you don’t know the particulars of all those lives and decide it’s the illegal alien part that the problem.

Your experience doesn’t make it everyone’s experience.

You might try reading the 14 Amendment.

Jus soli is pretty much the norm in the western hemisphere.

Hey you forgot to mention that great, big, high wall is to be paid for by Mexico. If you buy Trump’s nonsense, I’m sure you swallowed that one, too.

Your command of the English language seems pretty good to me. My sister’s boyfriend & a niece’s husband are Mexican; both legal (one from a rich family) but, still. Mariachi music is lovely but I like Banda, too…

His pandering to the racist, xenophobic old coots is only one of the reasons I’ll never vote for Fuckface von Clownstick.