Would you vote for Donald Trump for POTUS?

Even if it is true, so what?

It might be a good soundbite–and Trump obviously thinks it is–to cry “No more birthright citizenship” but that’s never going to happen. It will take an amendment to the constitution. Trump and his fellow [del]bigots[/del] rabble rousers just don’t have the pull to make that happen.

Next is the issue of illegal immigrants (aka undocumented aliens). Again, Trump and his base don’t have the pull to make that happen. The workers aren’t coming across the border because there’s a lack of jobs for them. The businesses that rely on undocumented aliens will certainly not be supporting Trump and his ilk.

I’ve been to several WalMarts. Trashed? They ain’t Saks to begin with.:dubious:

So, you’re saying you personally broke the law in regards to hiring aliens? Seems to me that you’re one of the people that Trump should be going after instead of the poor sods coming here out of desperation.

How are they circumventing the rules? If they’re availing themselves of the various legal methods of immigrating, then they’re actually following the rules.

I’ve spent many years in California (hint: my username is a short form of a wonderful town there), I’m white, and that doesn’t bother me in the least.

Got any proof of this? I seem to recall that some “homegrown” stupidity, aka anti-vaxers, have been doing a fair job of that.




Are any of your brushes narrow?

Good Lord, that’s a load. And it’s not a nice one.

You are a liar.

All true. Therefore I wouldn’t vote for Trump if he were running unopposed, since he has no clue about how to bring the above to pass, nor any chance to do it.


The OP probably masturbates while reading Executive Order 9066.

Borders do not imply a wall. The Canadian border lacks a wall, is it not a border? Across the EU there pretty much is free movement, are they not nations?

As a practical manner, no nation can enforce every single law. There may be a law against spitting on the sidewalk, but enforcing it would be ridiculous. Because of logistics and/or humanitarian concerns, we cannot enforce every law to the letter.

A nation cannot pretend it exists in a vacuum. The welfare of all humanity needs to be considered.

Too bad Trump is wrong on all three points.

The only time I would cast a vote for Trump is if there was an referendum to cast people into the sun.

And it can be considered by a rational and properly enforced immigration policy that serves the needs of the people of both countries.

Which is one country more than what Trump supporters consider serving.

That’s the $9.99 (price rollback) question…

This is simply incorrect. Trump and his supporters all favor legal immigration (as far as I can tell, as I’ve heard none of his supporters say otherwise). Trump has spoken freely of having a large door in his wall for the express purpose of allowing immigrants to enter lawfully.

I have reasonable confidence that Americans on the whole are not stupid enough to elect a dilettante blowhard.

Stupid is as stupid does. I’ll thank you not to cast aspersions on our stupidity from your frosty Canadian ivory tower.

Part of the US citizenship test is basic constitutional law. If you’d had to take it, you would know that the president - whoever he may be - cannot overturn a constitutional amendment by fiat. He can’t even propose an amendment directly. So since Trump can’t do it, who will you be voting for?

Good God, I thought I’d stumbled into Stormfront this morning.

Your country? XT isn’t wanted here? By who? You? Well, Mr. / Ms. Racist, you don’t speak for me, nor probably most folks on this board. Why did you post this here? Was your favorite sub-reddit down for maintainance? No /r/brownpeoplesuckandruinmylife for you today?

I can’t think of anything that could induce me to vote for Big Don. And, personally, I expect him to drop out of this race long before the election, or even the convention. He’s an attention whore and when he gets bored, he’ll leave till the next time he decided to open his pie hole.

Unless his large family are global explorers in the spirit of Magellan, perhaps what they managed to do is circumvent the law. But perhaps English is your second language.

Actually hate speech is a crime in many jurisdictions.

Whaddaya mean “so what”? Didn’t you read the OP by the distinguished supporter of Herr Trump? Because the inferior races bring disease and they trash everything. They’re no better than Jews. Das Herrenvolk must not be outnumbered! We must prevail über alles in der Welt! Sieg heil!

Definitely not enough of one if Trump is elected to anything. But in that event I’m sure there must be a way for Canadians to build a giant wall, but get The Donald to pay for it.


Trump Jong-Il and Donald Kim, I get the two confused all the time. Which one has the funny hair?

You total Jackass … did you pay them $1 an hour … did you force the eight-year-olds to [pick your crappy crops as well] … how the hell did you afford the goddamned cardboard for their housing … did you beat them as well … when the work was done, did you call la megra … TAXES, you moron, illegals don’t pay taxes, you fucking pocketed the money didn’t you. You belong in prison …

You poor bastard, so close yet you’ve not the balls to cross. Too much of a coward to give up your welfare checks? When you die and go to hell, please tell George III all about these problems, I’m sure he could use a good laugh about now. God I hope Hillary will go menstrual all over people like you.

If you’re not a black homosexual working-class single mother … you’re a pig, a chauvinistic PIG !!! (I learned that in California BTW).