Why Is Trump Accussed Of Being Racist?

I’m not a Trump supported and have voted straight Dem my entire life. What I’m not clear on is why are so many people claiming that Trump is racist. He has taken a stand on ending illegal immigration. How is that racist? And he talks about wanting to ban Muslims from coming to the U.S. As questionable as that is, there’s nothing to indicate that it’s motivated by racism. I believe Trump’s goal would be to reduce the risk of terrorism.

So what has Trump said on the campaign trail that makes him a racist?

Just a taste.

In general, they’re not quite as bad as the media has made out at times, but they’re pretty bad.

Dont forget he’s from New York city, a city of 6 million people from all over the world who learn to work together. Many of them in Trump related industries. Granted their are ethnic neighborhoods who often go after each other but really they tend to compliment each other and makeup a great city. I find it hard to believe he’s too much of a racist coming from NYC.

After saying that has anyone find a cite of where persons are discriminated at Trump industries? Do you think he’s been a racist to the different people on his tv shows?

… I can’t even.

I know, Huffington Post. But since you asked…

Nine Examples Of Donald Trump Being Racist

OK, so he panders to racists, does not seem to mind at all if racists claim he shares their views, and is entirely unapologetic when called on it. He enables and empowers racists. But he’s not one himself? Small consolation.

He’s racist-adjacent.

Has he decided whether the KKK is bad yet?

Openly attacked Mexicans, Muslims and women but had to, “Do some research!”, before disavowing an endorsement from Duke? Because he claimed to not know who they were or what they are about!

Yeah. Right.

Why Is Trump Accussed Of Being Racist? Why are snakes considered slithery? It’s their nature. Mexicans are rapists, Muslims are terrorists, women ask tough questions because they’re menstruating. If you’re a menstruating Mexican Muslim, he’d probably like to see you shot on sight.

It’s fair game to try and get him from the second HuffPost link on his views on blacks, but Mexicans and Muslims aren’t races.

BTW, that NYC post must have been a joke.

I think the term racist has been expanded informally to include bigotry based on appearances whether or not they technically constitute a race. Mexicans=brown people= job takers, welfare recipients, rapists, and drug dealers. Muslims = middle eastern appearance, they dress different, they worship different, = they want to blow up our cities.

Yes, isn’t this it? Whether he is racist or not is NOT the point: he is pandering to racists. Actively winking to them, while maintaining some wiggle room.

I don’t care if he is a racist*. I care that he is courting them.
*He’ll step on ANY group he wants to, regardless of ethnicity, gender, politics, etc. He is an equal-opportunity bully and ass.

As I have said in another thread, a bigger fear is: Which Dick Cheney type - i.e., experienced bureaucrat and power player - will Trump tap as VP or Chief of Staff, and who will likely consolidate significant real power? Who knows how Trump’s statements will be implemented…

There’s nothing wrong with being opposed to criminals and terrorists. But treating all Mexicans as criminals is racist. And treating as Muslims are terrorists is racist.

Look. I’m not white. I can tell you from my perspective he comes off as hella racist. He associates with racists, panders to racists, accepts endorsements from white supremacists, keeps talking about illegal immigration all the time when to be honest, it’s not that high on my priority list of problems. There are, what, 11 million illegal immigrants here? That is a drop in the bucket compared to the Wall Street fatcats who have robbed us of nearly everything…but instead we are freaking out over some poor Mexican farmer who is just trying to feed his family.

Whether you like it or not, a lot of non-whites perceive him and his followers as racist. I wouldn’t say I live in terror or anything but the anti-Muslim rhetoric does make me concerned someone might just mistake me for Muslim. It has happened. I have a funny sounding name, I listen to foreign music, wear foreign clothes, etc. The only thing that might save me is I don’t wear a headscarf. But I hear all the time: “Immigrants need to assimilate” and what I hear is “Need to be just like us”.

Plus people act like they own this country when their ancestors flat out stole it from the Native Americans. Native Americans might have a thing or two to say about illegal immigrants.

No group “technically constitutes a race.” Technically, there is one extant human race.

“Mexicans” and “Muslims,” as ethnocultural groupings that many people believe they can identify by sight, are races in the same functional sense, for racists, as anything else.

And not only pandering, Trump actively seeks support from powerful people that are racist profilers that also investigate the relatives of the judges on their case to intimidate them.

So we should see at any moment Trump repudiating Sheriff Joe Arpaio…

…Any moment now…
Nah, not holding my breath.

That link seems like a pretty good indicator that Trump is not a racist. Because if that’s the best they could come up with …

A lot of the other accusations that Trump is a racist are just dishonest distortions of his words (e.g. “Mexicans are rapists”).

As mentioned before, the choice is that he is either a racist, or he is really an incompetent tone deaf person when dealing with racists that support him. Not one that I would like to see selecting people like Arpaio into positions of power.

So, any news on Trump condemning Arpaio?

I’m not completely sure what your point is. But I’m not interested in discussing whether “he is really an incompetent tone deaf person when dealing with racists that support him”. Fact is that a lot of people are accusing him of being a racist and, based on the title and OP of this thread, that’s up for discussion here.