Donald Trump Has Just Left The White House for Good


I’m my personal opinion, this is a Good thing.

My opinion may be skewed though, as I was banned from Twitter for telling @realDonaldTrump to “Go Fuck Yourself, Donald!”. To be fair, I can’t even remember which of his more than a thousand felonies it was related to. Twitter said it was “harassment” and against TOS… and even though I thought it was covered under free speech, they banned my account permanently. (Any chess game where you sacrifice a knight to checkmate a king is a win though, right?)

Anyway… he’s gone now.


Donald who?

Next stop, the Big House.

:notes: I see a prison door and want it painted white…:notes:

I think he got me convfefe once…

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Fuck that guy and the damage he did to the country, our reputation, the environment, our democracy, immigrants, and our people. I will praise him for the damage he’s done to the Republican Party, though.

With that, I hope to evict him from my brain as well. Looking forward to not knowing what the president is up to daily!

Congratulations. You did it.

May he take all the bad with him and leave it for good.

Did the door hit him in the ass on the way out?

Lots of people helped & it was a Whole Lotta Work. the work isn’t done either, as there is a Whole Lot of police corruption that needs to be combed out; everything from One Police Plaza moles to uniform supply shops that get the scum cop wanna-bees their ‘gear’.

That said, it’s Extra Special coming from you!

(So, what are you celebrating with? A highball…? Cheers…! )

What did the door do to deserve that?

The door is innocent. That’s why we don’t want it to hit him.

“Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.”


[To be clear, I reference that quote from the American citizens’ perspective, hoping that it will be antithetical to the near future of the Cheeto-Faced Shit-Gibbon (CFSG)]

“It’s morning again in America !”

[Also, probably not what Ronald Reagan was referring to, but I’m guessing he would have loathed CFSG, And Company]

Sure its covered under free speech. Did you get a government fine or penalty? Nope.
Free speech.

Twitter as a private publisher has no obligation to publish you ( yeah yeah, not technically a publisher but let’s not dupe our selves with DotCom sophistry)
Thankfully also no obligation to publish the fat Orange cretin either

We’ve gone from “mourning” to “morning”, and all we had to do was subtract “U”, Donnie.

I’m reminded of the 50 year old National Lampoon comedy album, “The Missing Whitehouse Tapes” and Billy Graham administering Richard Nixon’s swearing out ceremony (Which I can still recite from memory)

“God damn you, Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon, you son of a bitch. Get the hell out of here. You lied your ass off. Fuck off!”

How big was his crowd at the airport? He was inviting people 5 at a time.

Not sure; I heard most people passed.
( Rudy! Stop trying to blame it on the dog. )

So, wherever Duh Donald is going now, his plane’s call sign changes in about 20 minutes.
If there’s any justice, it’ll switch over to “Cheeto-One”.

I hope those 5 people brought friends…