The Poetry of Donald J. TRump -- July 28 2020 edition

I have a very good relationship with Dr. Fauci.
You know, it’s sort of interesting — we’ve listened to Dr. Fauci.
I haven’t always agreed with him,
and it’s, I think, pretty standard.

That’s okay.

He did not want us to ban our —
this —
this —
put up the ban to China,
when China was heavily infected —
very badly,

He didn’t want to do that,
and I did and other things.
And he told me I was right,
and he told me I saved tens of thousands of lives,
which was generous, but it’s —
you know, I think it’s fact that I banned —
I did the ban on Europe.
But I get along with him very well
and I agree with a lot of what he’s said.

So — you know, it’s interesting:
He’s got a very good approval rating, and I like that.
It’s good.
Because remember,
he’s working for this administration.

He’s working with us, John.
We could have gotten other people.
We could have gotten somebody else.
It didn’t have to be Dr. Fauci.
He’s working with our administration.
And, for the most part, we’ve done pretty much what he and others —
Dr. Birx and others,
who are terrific —

And he’s got this high approval rating,
so why don’t I have a high approval rating with respect —
and the administration,
with respect to the virus?

We should have a very high,
because what we’ve done in terms of —
we’re just reading off about the masks
and the gowns
and the ventilators
and numbers that nobody has seen,
and the testing at 55 million tests;
we tested more than anybody in the world.
I have a graph that I’d love to show you —
perhaps you’ve seen it —
where we’re up here
and the rest of the world is down at a level that’s just a tiny fraction of what we’ve done,
in terms of testing.

So it sort of is curious:
A man works for us —
with us,
very closely,
Dr. Fauci,
and Dr. Birx also highly thought of.
And yet,
they’re highly thought of,
but nobody likes me.

It can only be my personality.

That’s all.

From Twitter:
"Cruelty, dishonesty, hubris and evil are rarely respected, but sure-let’s call it his “personality.”

“Arrogance and stupidity all in one package. How efficient of you!”
-Londo Mollari

I swear to God, this is a quote from Gravity’s Rainbow.

You can really feel the tension that Trump is experiencing. On the one hand, Dr. Faucci is getting more positive press than he is, so his jealous instinct is to knock him down a few notches. On the other hand he wants to hit himself to Dr. Faucci’s wagon in hopes that some of Dr. Faucci’s success rubs off on him, and so he can take credit for his successes. As a result, what little brain he has is vacillating back and forth like the android in I Mudd until he can’t do anything but gibber.

August 6 update:

Joe Biden’s policies put China first and America last.
And that’s what he’ll continue to do if he ever got the shot.
And you will have a disruption in the markets,
the likes of which our country has never seen.
You will have a crash in the markets
Because he’s going to double and triple your taxes.

He’s going to do things that nobody ever would ever think even possible,
Because he’s following the radical left agenda–

Take away your guns,
Destroy your Second Amendment,
No religion,
No anything,
Hurt the Bible,
Hurt God.

He’s against God.
He’s against guns.
He’s against energy,
Our kind of energy.

I don’t think he’s going to do too well in Ohio.
If he did, we’d have a big story.
He’s not going to do well.

And I was in Texas the other day.
I said,
Wait a minute,
The other side is against guns.
They’re against oil and gas.
They’re against religion,

How’s he going to win Texas?
How is he going to win Texas?
So he’s not going to win Texas.
He’s not going to win Ohio.

Special Republican Convention Edition

We caught them doing some really bad things.
We have to be very careful
Because they’re trying it again with this whole 80 million mail-in ballots that they’re working on,
Sending them out to people that didn’t ask for them,
They didn’t ask,
They just get them
And it’s not fair
And it’s not right
And it’s not going to be possible to tabulate

In my opinion.
It’s just my opinion.

We have to be very, very careful,
And you have to watch.
Every one of you,
You have to watch.
Because bad things happened last time
With the spying on our campaign
And that goes to Biden
And that goes to Obama
And we have to be very, very careful.
Have to be very, very careful,
and this time they’re trying to do it with the whole Post Office scam.
They’ll blame it on the Post Office.
You can see them setting it up.
Be very careful and watch it very carefully.
Because we have to win.
This is the most important election in the history of our country.
This is the most –
For a long period of time,
I would say,
"Well 2016, how special was that evening?
Was that one of the great… "
That was one of the great evenings
But we have to be very, very careful
And we have to win.
Our country is counting on it.
This is the biggest,
This is it.
Our country can go in a horrible, horrible direction
Or in an even greater direction

And before the plague came in from China,
That’s where we were going.
We were going in a direction like we had never seen.
The most successful economy in the history of our country,
The best unemployment numbers in history for African-American,
College students,
Bad students,
Good students,
If you had a diploma,
If you didn’t have a diploma,
Didn’t matter,
You were doing well.
Everybody was doing well
And we were actually coming together.
You know success brings people together,
Maybe better than anything else.
Success brings people,
So many times they say we’re divided.
Well we were very divided under President Obama,
Very divided.
People have no idea how divided.
They didn’t talk about it as much,
They didn’t say it as much,
But we were really coming together
And I was speaking with Democrats
All of a sudden because the success,
The markets were at an all-time high
And by the way,
Take a look at what’s happening with the markets.
Take a look at your 401(k)s
Which you probably do every hour.
Take a look at your stocks.
We’re very close to breaking the record
And NASDAQ has already done it.
You know NASDAQ has broken the record I think 16 times already during a pandemic.
Hopefully we’ll call it the final phase of the pandemic.
Biden the other day said no he’d shut it down.
He’d listen to some guy say and he’d shut it down.
We just broke a record on jobs,
An all-time record.
There’s never been three months where we’ve put more people to work,
Over nine million people,
And again,
We’re just about ready to break the all-time stock market record.
I mean you look at it,
We’re just about ready to do it again
And what that means is everything else is going to follow.

Success brings unity
And we were there,
And then we got hit with the plague
But we won’t forget that.
I just want to thank the people of North Carolina
Because to be honest with you,
I felt an obligation to be here.
You have a governor is in a total shutdown mood.
I guarantee you on November 4 it will all open up,
It will be fine like most Southern states.
On November 4, you know these Democrat governors,
They love shutdown
Until after the election’s over
Because they want to make our numbers look as bad as possible for the economy
But our numbers are looking so good
And frankly
I used to say a V
And people would say,
“Well maybe not. I don’t think so.”
Some would say no way.
We have a super V,
You’re right.
It’s now looking like it’s a super V.
Our automobile numbers are incredible,
Both used cars and brand new cars,
Our manufacturing number is incredible.
We’re putting a lot of manufacturing jobs to work
That the previous administration said you’d need a magic wand.
You’d need a magic wand for manufacturing jobs,
I don’t think so.
I guess we had the magic wand,
That’s all,
But again,
We’re putting them back,
We’re bringing them back.
But think of your life just prior to the plague coming in.
It was the best it’s ever been.
Your state had the best numbers they’ve ever had,
Ever had,
By far,
And we had the best employment numbers also.
We were up to 160 million jobs.
We were never anywhere near that,
And then we had to shut it down.
We saved millions and millions of lives.
We learned the enemy,
We learned all about the invisible enemy,
How it affects really people that are older,
Especially older people,
The elderly,
But older people with problems
With heart and diabetes,
With other problems,
And we learned
And most of the country is right now doing very, very well.

I really enjoy these. They remind me of Sarah Cooper’s videos.

I did have to take a break on the speech though. I just can’t handle too much Trump at a time.

I couldn’t watch him speak. I lasted 2 whole minutes.

I was able to read it above.
Is this man certifiably insane?

But so I think
I think it would be
I think it would be very, very
I think we’d have a very, very solid
We would continue what we’re doing
We’d solidify what we’ve done
And we have other things on our plate
That we want to get done.


You’ve captured the perfect sense of Trump’s awful improvisation, cast into blank verse form.

This stuff literally writes itself. Or Trump writes it.

TRump on America News Network, August 26

The reason I do that is because it is fake news.
I get so many –
There’s so much corrupt –
It’s really worse than fake.
It’s corrupt.
Sometimes you’ll see the evening news
And they’ll start off with the exact –
There was a line they used a while ago called manufactured.
Something was manufactured.
All three newscasts said it was a manufactured statement
Or something.

I said,
“Who uses that word?”
I’ve never heard that word used in politics.
All of a sudden they’re using the word manufactured,
All three of them.

They’re like a pipeline from the DNC.
If you look at –
NBC is horrible.
NBC is horrible.
Concast –
It’s supposed to be com.
I call it con,
Because it’s a con.
Concast is horrible.
ABC is horrible.
Of course, CNN is just –
It’s just dishonest stuff.
You look at it and it’s –
Then of course,
We call it MSDNC –
is just atrocious,
Between them and CNN.

You get all of this bad –
I really have no choice.
If I don’t answer questions,
If I don’t go out there –
Not that I want to do it,
But if I don’t go out there and give an answer –
Oftentimes it’s live television,
Which frankly,
I like a lot better,
Because they don’t chop it up into 15 different pieces where it doesn’t make sense.

Special “Vote Early, Vote Often” edition

From an interview with Jon Evans of WECT of Wilmington, N.C.

Evans: 600,000 people could vote by absentee in this state. Are you confident in that system?

They will vote
And then they are going to have to check their vote
By going to the poll
And voting that way

If it tabulates
Then they won’t be able to do that.

So let them send it in,
And let them go vote.
And if the system is as good as they say it is,
Then they obviously won’t be able to vote
(At the poll).
If it isn’t tabulated,
They will be able to vote.

So that’s the way it is,
And that’s what they should do.

I don’t like the idea of these unsolicited votes.
I never did.
It leads to a lot of problems.
They’ve got 11 problems already on very small contests.
I’m not happy about it.
At the same time,
We’re in court with a lot of it.
We’re going to see if it can be stopped.

But send your ballots,
Send them in strong,
Whether it’s solicited
Or unsolicited.
The absentees are fine.
But go to vote
And if they haven’t counted it,
You can vote.
That’s the way I view it.”

Follow-up – “Vote Early, Vote Often”, Latrobe PA edition

Sign your mail-in ballot,
You sign it
And send it in
And then you have to follow it.
And if on Election Day
Or early voting,
That is not tabulated and counted,
You go vote.

And if for some reason after that —
It shouldn’t take that long —
They’re not going to be able to tabulate it
Because you would have voted.

But you have to make sure your vote counts,
Because the only way they are going to be able to beat us
Is by doing that kind of stuff.

Labor Day edition

Biden doesn’t have a clue.
You know he doesn’t have a clue.
Everybody knows he doesn’t have a clue.

In primetime he wasn’t good
And now it’s not primetime.
He’s spent 47 years sending American jobs to China,
To Mexico
And to other countries
While collecting millions of dollars in campaign and super PAC contributions
From global corporations that got rich by making American workers poor.

His son Where’s Hunter,
Where’s Hunter?
I call him Where’s Hunter
Walked away with one and a half billion dollars to manage
Even though he never did that before.
He walked away with a fortune from Ukraine,
From China
And from other countries.
Between his son and his brother,
You ought to read the statements
And the press doesn’t pick that up.

If I ever did that, it would be –
And so the press doesn’t pick that up.
If I ever did that,
It would be hell
Even worse than it’s been,
Even worse than it’s been.

What he’s done is so incredible.
“I won’t give them the billion dollars,”
He says.
“I won’t give them unless they get rid of that prosecutor.”

Then woola,

They got rid of the prosecutor
And the press doesn’t even want to talk about it.
You talk about quid pro quo.
With me, there was none.
With him, he’s right on tape
And you don’t want to cover it.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
The press should be ashamed of themselves.
With Biden,
Shipped away our jobs,
Threw open our borders
And sent our youth to fight in these crazy, endless wars.

I’m not saying the military is in love with me,
The soldiers are.
The top people in the Pentagon probably aren’t
Because they want to do nothing but fight wars
So that all of those wonderful companies
That make the bombs
And make the planes
And make everything else,
Stay happy.

But we’re getting out of the endless wars,
You know how we’re doing.
We defeated 100% of the ISIS caliphate,
When I came in,
It was a mess.
They have it in a certain color,
A year later, I said,
“Where is it?”
“It’s all gone, sir.
Because of you,
it’s all gone,”
Because of my philosophy,
But all gone.

I said,
“That’s good.
Let’s bring our soldiers back home.”
Some people don’t like to come home.
Some people like to continue to spend money.

I don’t understand it at all
Because I’ve always been on the opposite side of John McCain.
John McCain liked wars.
I will be a better warrior than anybody,
But will we fight a war we’re going to win them?
Frankly, I was never a fan of John McCain.
You know that.
It’s been very obvious,
But I had to approve his entire,
His funeral I wanted him to get.
He deserved a first class …
You know that all was approved by me.
We sent Air Force One to pick up the casket,
A lot of things.

But no,
I was not a fan of John McCain
Because he wanted the endless wars
And I didn’t.
I thought that the way the vets were taking care of,
Our great vets,
Was not good,
Not appropriate.
Of course he took the fake dirty dust
And gave and gave it over to the FBI.

So if this is not somebody,
Am I supposed to say,
“What a wonderful guy?”
So, you know what?
I lived with him.
He lived with me,
But we had different philosophies.
I think my philosophy is right.
I think it’s turned out to be right,
But I wasn’t a fan,
But I respect people.
I respect a lot of people,
That doesn’t mean I necessarily have to agree with them
And I didn’t agree with him on a lot of things.
The story is a hoax
Written by a guy
Who’s got a tremendously bad history.
The magazine itself,
Which I don’t read,
But I hear it just totally anti-Trump.
He’s a big Obama person.
He’s a big Clinton person
And he made up the story.
It’s a totally made up story.
In fact,
I was very happy to see Zach Fuentes came out and said,
“Now, I think that’s number 15,”
and these are the people who were there.
That’s the 15th person,
General Kellogg,
Everybody that was there knew what happened,
So I was happy to see that Zach came out
And said it’s not true.

From his town hall the other night:

Now, I’m not going to make people feel like I want to –
look, we’re a leader of a great country.
We want to keep it that way.
I don’t want to scare people.
I don’t want to make people panic.
And you’re not going to go out and say, oh, this is going to be – this is death, death, death.

You have to run a country, we’re in a country.
We got hit by something very unfairly.

But I notice where yesterday Dr. Fauci said that we were – we’ve done a really good job, and we didn’t mislead anybody.
He came out with that statement, which I appreciate.

But whether it’s Dr. Fauci or anybody else, a lot of people got it wrong.
They talked about don’t wear masks, and now they say wear masks.
Although some people say don’t wear masks.

I mean you have a lot of different ideas.
Some people say just leave it the way it is and don’t do any shutdowns, and other people say do shutdowns. And I have my own views on that…

Very good, but I’d change the first “stanza”:

Now, I’m not going to make people feel like I want to –
We’re a leader of a great country.
We want to keep it that way.
I don’t want to scare people.
I don’t want to make people panic.
And you’re not going to go out and say,
Oh, this is going to be –
This is Death,

What’s this fake dirty dust all about?

More town hall Trump verse:

I’ll tell you who those people are –

They come over and they serve you,
and they have a mask.
And I saw it the other day where they were serving me,
and they’re playing with the mask.

I’m not blaming them
I’m just saying what happens.
They’re playing with the mask,
so the mask is over,
and they’re touching it,
and then they’re touching the plate.

That can’t be good.

There are a lot of people.
If you look at Dr. Fauci’s original statement
you look at a lot of people, CDC,
you look at a lot of people’s original statement,
they said very strongly,
George, don’t wear masks.

Then all of a sudden they went to wear masks.

The concept of a mask is good, but it also does…
you’re constantly touching it,
you’re touching your face,
you’re touching plates.

There are people that don’t think masks are good.