The Poetry of Donald J. Trump -- NPR Interview Edition

We’ve been deprived of examples of Mr. Trump’s free verse because they no longer issues transcripts of his statements, and he’s been banned from Social media. You really can’t count the written communiques – they don’t embody his spontaneity and his soul. You really need the words that fall from his lips.

Well, first of all,
the mandate is really hurting our country. *
Now that’s advice to an administration more so than to the Americans. *
A lot of Americans aren’t standing for it, *
and it’s hurting our country. *
It’s hurting our economy very badly. *
And being very *
– the proud person that did so well *
with therapeutics and, *
and vaccines *
and everything else *
and getting them done in record times, *
you know, *
I – *
I have a lot to say on the subject.
And one of the things I say *
*is they have to start promoting *
*and making the therapeutics more available, *
*because we have great therapeutics, too, *
in addition to the vaccines.
But the therapeutics –
*The vaccines, *
*I recommend taking them, *
*but I think that has to be an individual choice. *
*I mean, *
*it’s got to be individual, *
*but I recommend taking them. *
*Many people recommend them. *
*And if some people don’t want, *
*they shouldn’t have to take them. *
*They can’t be mandated, *
*as the expression goes. *
*And I think that’s very important. *
*Personally, *
*I feel very comfortable having taken them. *
I’ve had absolutely no reverberation.

[Will the pandemic continue?]

*I think it’s going to phase out. *
*You know, *
*there are many people that have had it, *
*if you look at the numbers. *
*I don’t know why they would be getting the vaccine *
*for the most part, *
*unless they were at a certain age group *
*and they had certain problems, *
whether it’s the high blood pressure –
*the diabetes *
*and, *
*you know, *
*various things in particular. *
*But, *
*you know, *
*we — *
*the administration *
*has to start giving credit *
*to people that had the China plague *
*— or call it whatever you want. *
*But it came out of China, *
*and it’s a disaster for the world, *
to –

[Do you think it’s a disadvantage to keep talking about the 2020 election?]

*No, *
*I think it’s an advantage, *
*because otherwise they’re going to do it again in '22 and '24. *
*And Rounds is wrong on that, *
*totally wrong. *
*If you look at the numbers, *
*if you look at the findings in Arizona, *
*if you look at what’s going on in *
*Georgia, *
*Pennsylvania and *
*Wisconsin, *
*by the way *
*— and take a look at Wisconsin *
*— they’re finding things that nobody thought possible. *

This was a corrupt election.

*The ballots may correspond, *
*but look at the ballots themselves. *
*The number of ballots doesn’t mean anything. *
*It’s who signed the ballots, *
*where did the ballots come from. *
*What you really have to do in that report *
*is look at the findings. *
*And the findings are devastating for Arizona. *
They’re devastating like nobody’s seen before –
– And other states are just as bad.

[Why did Republican officials in Arizona accept the results, then?]

Because they’re RINOs,

  • and frankly, *
    *a lot of people are questioning that. *
    *Why would they? *
    *They fought very hard, *
    *the Maricopa County people. *
    *And people don’t understand it, *
    because all you have to do is look at the findings.

*And, *
*just so you know, *
*some of those people went before Congress a short while ago, *
*and they were grilled by Congressman Biggs. *
*You ought to take a look at their testimony. *
*They weren’t able to answer anything. *
*He made them look like fools. *
*They couldn’t answer a thing. *
*They got up and gave a beautiful statement. *
*And then when it came time to ask, *
*why this? *
*Why that? *
*What about these votes? *
*What about those votes? *

They look like total fools.

[But your own lawyers found no evidence of fraud]

*It was too early *
*to ask for fraud *
*and to talk about fraud. *
*Rudy said that, *
*because of the fact it was very early *
*with the — *
*because that was obviously at a very, very *
*— that was a long time ago. *

*The things that have found out *
*have more than bore out *
*what people thought *
*and what people felt *
and what people found.

*When you look at Langhofer, *
*I disagree with him as an attorney. *
*I did not think he was a good attorney to hire. *
*I don’t know what his game is, *
*but I will just say this: *
*You look at the findings. *
*You look at the number of votes. *
*Go into Detroit *
*and just ask yourself, *
*is it true that there are more votes *
*than there are voters? *

*Look at Pennsylvania. *
*Look at Philadelphia. *
*Is it true that there were far more votes *
than there were voters?

*Well, *
*you take a look at it. *
*You take a look at Detroit. *
*In fact, *
*they even had a hard time getting people to sign off on it *
*because it was so out of balance. *
*They called it out of balance. *
*So you take a look at it. *
*You know the real truth, Steve, *
and this election was a rigged election.

[Why aren’t most of the Republicans in Congress standing behind you?]

*Because Mitch McConnell is a loser. *
*And frankly, Mitch McConnell, *
*if he were on the other side *
*and if Schumer were put in his position, *
*he would have been fighting this *
*like you’ve never seen before. *
*He would have been fighting this, *
*because when you look at it, *
*and this is long *
*— is a long way from over. *
*You take a look *
*at what’s going on now in Pennsylvania. *
*Take a look at what’s going on in Wisconsin. *
You just take a look.

*Now, *
*we had a lot of cases where the judges wouldn’t hear him. *
*We had a case in Nevada that was so good. *
*You read the papers. *
*It’s impossible. *
*The judge refused to even listen to it. *
*We had many cases. *
*In fact, *
*they say, *
*and I can’t testify because it’s been through a lot of systems, *
*a lot of different systems. *
*But they say, *
*and they say very strongly, *
*the judges just *
*— nobody’s really gotten a chance to look. *
*Look at the United States Supreme Court. *
*They refused to hear the case. *
*And you had, *
*I guess, *
19 states suing –

[They said there was no standing for the case]

*Well, *
*yeah, *
*no standing, *
*I know, *
*no standing. *
*And the president of the United States *
*supposedly didn’t have standing, either. *
*So I wanted to file it myself. *
*They said, *
*“Sir, you don’t have standing.” *
*I said, *
*“Wait a minute. *
*I’m the president of the United States. *
*They just rigged an election.” *
*Hundreds of thousands of votes in different states. *
*They just rigged an election. *
*We got — *
*we got a number of votes that, *
*I think you’ll agree — *
*no sitting president has ever gotten *
*the number of votes that I got. *
No sitting president has ever gotten –
*No sitting president. *
*Do you — *
*I — *
*nobody believes. *
*You think Biden got 80 million votes? *
Because I don’t believe it.
*You mean he got them sitting in his basement. *
*He got 80 — *
*how come he couldn’t — *
then how come Biden –
*Let me ask you this question. *
*How come Biden couldn’t attract 20 people for a crowd? *
*How come when he went to speak in different locations, *
*nobody came to watch, *
*but all of a sudden he got 80 million votes? *
*Nobody believes that, Steve. *
Nobody believes that.

Greatest line in that whole interview, when he was griping about how Biden could get 80 million votes.
Inskeep: “If you’ll forgive me, maybe because the election was about you.”

You betcha, Donnie. Let’s wait until 2120 before starting to look.

What expression? “You can lead a horse to water, but he can’t be mandated to drink”?

Very artistic, but his trochaic pentameter needs some shoring up.

This stanza jumped out at me:

(ETA: Did they say “Sir, you don’t have standing” with tears in their eyes?)

And to invoke the name of Andy Fucking Biggs. trump’s No. One toady and boot licker.

Hey Andy Pander, remember - he’ll turn on you some day, too.

Perhaps this masterpiece could get a sequel with those poems?

I think it’s from Billy Joel –

“She can’t be mandated
She has her degree…”

This is definitely the best line.

Wait one minute, here. It’s been through a lot of different systems? Why has no one brought this up before?! That seals it. The election was stolen.

Can someone please get that guy an Adderall or two? Word salad non-sequitur diarrhea. People actually voted for that imbecile!

Well, that’s the way they talk, too.

He hung up on Steve Inskeep. He couldn’t handle an interview with Steve Inskeep. Trump is a weak, weak, flabby little child of a man. Naturally, he’s a Republican hero.

One fantasizes about Eric Sevareid or Edward R. Murrow interviewing him…

Jordan Klepper.

Isaac Chotiner.

Kermit The Frog.

Tomás de Torquemada

There’s lots of reverberation in an empty room