The Poetry of Donald J. Trump -- NPR Interview Edition

Somebody’s gotta create a meme:

Hillary Clinton, under oath, stood up to Congressional Republicans with subpoena power for eleven hours.

Donald Trump, speaking off the cuff, couldn’t handle Steve Inskeep’s interview questions for ten minutes.

Or Walter Cronkite!

Seth Myers comments on the Trump NPR interview

I echo that sentiment.

My guess is that Trump had no idea what NPR was prior to calling in.

NPR is, among other things, the acronym for the National Psychosis Registry. The Orange Peril might have thought they were closing in on him, and here was his chance to prove that he was a totally non-psychotic Stable Genius™. Too bad he ended up sounding like a deranged imbecile and then hanging up on the interviewer.

In addition to our own @CalMeacham’s excellent virtual poetry recital, CNN’s Chris Cillizza has a nice summary of the highlights:

From the interview:

5. "Personally, I feel very comfortable having taken them. I’ve had absolutely no reverberation."

Vaccines! Now with less reverberation!

I strongly disagree! When Trump got shot got his shot, I definitely felt a reverberation in The Force. A picture frame fell off a shelf and one of my cats threw up at that very moment! How does science explain that??

Your cats are very sensible?

He would just hang up on them too.

… and in the background I could almost hear Melania singing through a distant locked door:

♫ Ich habe und Friend in me… Ich habe und Friend in me…! ♫
< Oh, Woody…! Oh, Buzz…!>

OTOH, it should be interesting to see what names he calls Inskeep next time he feels like mentioning him…

Steve “so called” Inskeep.

Steve Shouldkeephismouthshut.

He thought it was National 'Publican Radio and never expected to be called on anything. Which would be a reasonable expectation, if there were such a station.

His blather always comes across soooo much worse in writing. Its a good thing for him his supporters can’t or won’t read.