Citizen Trump (et al.)

The saddest thing about this, (and I’ve read numerous first hand accounts) os that the young men are told God has rejected them, that they’ve been judged and found not worthy of his love and the love of their family, and they believe them. They believe that Warren Jeffs has a direct line to God and that he is infallible.

Even among people that leave the cult voluntarily, this belief persists to an amazing degree. Indoctrination from birth is much more powerful than most people realize.

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I’m sure we’re all just going crazy with anticipation:

I’ll let the talking heads on TV tell me what’s in it. No way am I going to contribute one cent to his wealth. Wonder if he’ll explain why he didn’t create lasting peace in the Middle East or totally reinvent government as he was charged to do.

I was wondering what editor will accept a manuscript written in crayon. (reads story) Broadside Books, a conservative imprint of HarperCollins Publishers…
That explains it.

For books such as this, I find buying a used copy on Amazon, reading the high(low?)lights, then throwing it in the garbage amongst the coffee grounds and spoiled leftovers to be strangely satisfying. And for just a buck or two there’s one less copy is in circulation.

That’s a win for me, a win for society, and a big fat zero for the author and his scurvy publisher.

Arrrrr! I hate people who publish scurvy!

It’s a great feeling. I used to have a wood-burning stove, and reading the last page of book like that and then tossing it in was immensely satisfying.

I wonder how Trump if feeling knowing that his man-crush has dumped him in favor of another Beau.

That’s quite interesting, @Buck_Godot.

I also heard in news last night (I never watch Fox, but this was reported by Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC) that Trump was interviewed by (who else?) Hannity.

Hannity repeatedly asked questions leading with the words, “If you were still president…” and Trump didn’t object to that characterization a single time. I guess Trump also said he wished Biden success in his dealings abroad.

O’Donnell said it was the closest we’ll get to a concession speech from Trump. I think that’s probably true.

When you’ve lost Putin…

Okay… there’s a lot to unpack in this story:



Especially the one who stole the election from him. I mean, first Putin doesn’t deliver a second time in November and now he’s all chummy with Biden? That’s got to hurt.

I’d bet if Donny has to flee the country* Putin won’t take him in, either. It’s like Putin used him then tossed him aside like a used tissue when his usefulness was done.

*Is Trump One fixed yet?

It is sad there are that many dumbshits in this country. Conspiracy theories are taking over. And in case you haven’t seen this coverage of the rally:

In the interview with Hannity, Individual 1 was ranting about how windmills are killing all the birds

Glad he is still playing the old hits for his fans.

The ex President’s penchant for hyperbole aside; it is a problem…

It is unfortunate then that wind energy has its own dark side: thousands of birds and bats are killed annually by wind turbines. Causes of death include collision and barotrauma—internal injuries caused by exposure to rapid pressure changes near the trailing edges of moving blades

However it’s a matter of degrees…

If we’re looking at the bigger picture, wind power’s impact on bird populations is relatively small when compared with other human-related sources of avian mortality. Numerous studies demonstrate that far more bird deaths are caused by collisions with buildings (676 million), vehicles (214 million), and power lines (32 million) in the United States. (It should be taken into consideration, though, that birds killed by wind turbines have historically been of higher conservation value than the robins and sparrows killed by non-wind-related sources.)

Cats actually top the list when it comes to annual bird deaths in the United States.

And, still, the wind industry is taking it very seriously

I just watched an old episode of a show about eagles that had a segment about how some windmill farms have equipment designed to detect eagles and shut down individual windmills if they get too close.

Mike Pence got heckled:

I love the Faith and Freedom Coalition sign behind him. While I find the application of Pence’s faith distasteful I have no doubts as to its sincerity. Donny Two-scoops’ faith, OTOH is – like everything else in his life – totally an act.

Perhaps the members of the F&FC should reflect on the 1st Commandment, to say nothing of holding their idol accountable for the 2nd, 3rd*, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th.

*All that golf.

Let them heckle Pence. Let them tear the GOP apart from the inside out. Leave sane people out of it though.

The Seven Deadly Sins - mission accomplished; onto finishing up breaking all the commandments.