Citizen Trump (et al.)

:smiley: This was brought to my attention today :smiley: :

AP just posted a story too:

This brings a smile to my face. Now we can maybe get the actual law involved rather than just politics.

Of course the RW rabble will call this a witch hunt but to hell with them.

Don’t forget to put in a RICO claim. Treble damages are sweet!

He’s got a gig; mark your calendars!

I’m late to the party with the tax story, it seems! :smile_cat:

He’s back on the air and spewing the same old lies:

I liked this bit (bolding mine):

He will be the most rational, coherent person there.

How tight do you think Donald’s sphincter is right now?

I’m just glad his Twitter-assisted other sphincter is closed right now. :smile:

In the darkness of evil that is Mar-a-Loco, all sphincters are brown.

Which reminded me of a punchline in the punchline thread.