Civ II question.

Of course I have this game, but will it work on a higher version of windows?

Oh I would of asked at a professional website but the mebers are slow to respond.(lets just say I would expect a reply in three days)

Umm, I think it would… I have games (Homeworld, in this case) that worked on Windows 95, 98, and XP. My copy of Civ II is only for Mac, so I can’t test it’s compatibility, I’m afraid.

I have civilisation II that works on 98 and 95, but will it work on 2000, or xp? I don’t want to buy a load of obsolete games.

Yes, yes it does.

Even though it says nothing about it on the box?

Yes! It says nothing because the box was made before 2000/XP.

If a particular OS has not been released at the time of the game being released, then they can’t put that OS on the side of the box can they? Quid pro quo. Tot homines quot sententiae.


You can run it in WinXP. It will be fine.

For me, Civ II will NOT work under Windows 2000. Not sure about any other versions of Windows, though.

It works fine for me. Thank god. I didn’t want to have to set up an additional computer soley for the purpose of informing my neighbors that “MY WORDS ARE BACKED WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS.”

Man, if I could half of the hours I have spent playing that goddamn game back, I would have two Ph.Ds by now, and be working on a third.

Yeah, but would you have conquered the world?!!!

Quid pro quo. Tot homines quot sententiae.
What does that mean?

I played on W2K pro last night. No problems at all (except the Germans kept nuking me).

Damn Germans.

I’ve got a game now where I chose all “militaristic” enemies in the setup screen. At some point, they must have decided I had gotten too far ahead technologically, so they all banded together and attacked me as one.

Modern Armor vs. Cavalry is pretty funny. :smiley:

At least they got rid of some of the more glaring erros in the original. Veteran Battleship defeated by Settlers…

Quid pro quo means “something for something”. In the film The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal Lecter used the term when he agreed to talk to Clarice Starling about himself. In exchange, he wanted personal information about her. Something for something. No uneven exchange.

Tot homines quot sententiae means “So many me, so many minds.” If I’m interpreting right, it’s a more elegant way of saying “Opinions are like a$$holes-- everyone’s got one.”

My words are backed by nuclear weapons. All your base are belong to us.

Were they veteran settlers?