Civ V (Again). Unhappiness

What is the maximum level of unhappiness you have achieved? Tonight I had 65 unhappy faces after conquering a few cities. It really impacts the game.

It’d be cool if in some future iteration of Civilization, sufficient unhappy faces would result in regime change and you being thrown out of the game.

You do get roving bands of enemy fighting in your country if you get too unhappy.

I think my highest was -10. How’d you let it get so bad? You must have annexed a bunch. Did you at least raze them?

My civ experience stops at 2, so I dont know much about this, but why such a heavy penalty for conquering your enemies? Seems like a damper on one of my favorite parts of the game.

Razing cities takes time. My first game as India, I spaced my cities so far apart that Rome started founding towns in the gaps between my cities (and breaking my trade routes), even though my radii would eventually all grow together. I eventually went to war with them, and they promptly capitulated (got all cities except their capital in the deal). I decided to raze them all, and took a massive happiness hit in the process.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Civ should take a page from the Total War series. In Empire, disorder in a non-capital province spawns rebels; if they capture the province, it goes under the control of the appropriate faction. This can be whomever you recently captured the province from (e.g. Austrian rebels around Vienna), or a brand new faction (e.g. Quebec rebels in Lower Canada). If rebels spawn in your capital province, it’s a revolution: you choose whether to side with the government or with the rebels. If you successfully capture your capital as rebels, a new government (of a different type) is established; if you lose as either side, game over. That’s the only way to adopt a new type of government, and it’s awesome.

The happiness mechanic especially relating to war is the worst part of the game. I conquered the capital of my enemy who had been at war with my civ for ages… and my people are unhappy!? Yeah, I remember how depressed everyone was on VJ day, leading to a decade of solemn contemplation and stagnation.

They definitely need to rework the happiness mechanic in regards to war - it actually comes to the point where you can’t wage a campaign because of it, very frustrating.

Anyway, it’s safe to let your happiness dip into the -1 to -9 range sometimes, but never let it fall to -10. Your military units suffer a big penalty as does your production, it’s not worth it.

I seem to often run in the under 10 happiness range. This time the Ottomans and Julius Ceaser were continually attacking me. I had thumped the Ottomans and got a few cities which I made puppets (one I annexed to build a court house) and then the Romans attacked. I didn’t even conquer one of their cities when he offered a heap of cities and cash to end the war. I took the cities as I wanted to work on building up happiness - I had taken units out of non threatened cities (I had the civic where a garrison increases happiness) and needed to end the war and return the units to home base. I expected a “manageable” increase in unhappiness- but - 65?

I have managed to reduce it to the mid 20’s but there are rebels appearing everywhere. It is now a challenge to me to get it right :slight_smile:

I’ve had it well below -50, probably in the -65 range. I was pressing for the last capital needed for a military victory, so I wasn’t too worried about my morale.

That would be great. I’ve been saying for some time that Civ needs some way of handling wars of secession, like the American Revolution or Civil War. It seems like too big a part of history to just ignore.

See, this is the sort of thing I don’t like; it’s too meta-gamey. Winning because you control most of the world as an unstable, utterly unsustainable empire that by all rights should collapse in a matter of years is hardly building a civilization to stand the test of time. It’s like the Colonization remake where the “best” strategy was to have at most four towns and win by using your whole populace as cannon fodder in the War of Independence; you win, but the prize is a pile of ashes.

Maybe if there was a mechanism whereby if you get over 30 unhappy faces you are forced to sue for peace and end the war. The rebels aren’t a great deterrant as your military is normally pretty strong if you are in the middle of a war. Or maybe (as Chronos hinted)- allow rebels to grab a slice of your land and cities.

I haven’t played Civ5 yet, but once in Civ4 I was in a protracted war and had so many unhappy faces that I had negative cash flow even when research and culture were zero. Much to my surprise, my stack of doom started losing units as they were forced to be “disbanded” due to lack of funds, and my juggernaut ground to an ugly halt. So there’s that.