Civ 5: Gods and Kings bug (just me?)

ACK! Screwed up the title. If a Mod is feeling generous please change it to “Civ 5” rather than “Cuv 5”. :smack:

I have been playing the new expansion for Civilization 5 (Gods & Kings) and am really liking the improvements so far (much better game IMHO) but running into what seems like a bug so asking here to see if anyone else experiences it or if there is something I am missing.

My advisors keep telling me my people are pissed off an unhappy. Thing is, aside from my advisor, my people seem pretty pleased. You can see it in this screenshot of one of my games. Damn advisor has been telling me this all game and I have never had unhappy people according to my smiley face icon near the upper left corner.

Problem is I am not sure who to believe. It seems my people are actually happy and productive but that damn advisor worries me that I am missing something.

I did a (brief) web search and so far can’t find anything about this which is why I wonder if I am missing something obvious or just suck at Google searches.

I think there may be some bug that delays notifications in general, and sometimes causes them to repeat. A couple days ago, I founded a new city on an island to get access to a couple oil resources that had just been revealed. For the next 20 turns or so, the game kept telling me I had discovered an ancient ruin which I had already explored as I was heading there.