So Civ 3 Play the World has buggy multiplayer, who cares?

RickJay tried to get a tournament going until he found out how buggy the multiplayer side is. Then he says not to buy the expansion. Don’t listen to him! Okay, listen to him about the multiplayer but it’s great in single player. Warriors finally upgrade to something! More on-screen commands makes it much easier to keep tabs on what your units and cities are doing. There’s also a single button to tell an entire unit stack to move as one! This can also be done for any units in the stack that are of the same type. I was up until around midnight (and the mid-15th Century AD) having my Scandinavians wage war with the annoying Rooskies with the help of our French & English allies. I only went to bed after we had taken the last Russian city.

I don’t know about the rest of your post, but warriors already upgrade to swordsman. Do you mean they can upgrade farther?

Forgot about that, shows you how long I’ve gone without playing. There are two new units, Medieval Infantry and Guerilla, both in the Warrior line. Details here under the Common Units heading.

Swordsmen are 3-2-1, Medieval Infantry is 4-2-1, and Guerillas are 6-6-1. Guerillas are actually pretty useful, since they don’t require any resources to produce, so isolated cities with no harbors can build defenders better than Spearmen.

Look, the expansion set is really just a major patch and upgrade to the game. Who is really going to play multiplayer anyway? I paid for the expansion set because I play Civ3 enough that it’s easily worth it. If you only play Civ3 every other month, then it’s not worth it.

My sentiments exactly, Lemur. My invasion of Russia was comprised mainly of a couple dozen Medieval Infantry with support from a handful of Knights and Berzerkers.