No Civ4 thread?

Ok, I know it’s only a day old, but c’mon.

Unless the game is so good, you can avoid the Dope for it, you’ve got to let the rest of us know what you think, etc. etc.

I’ve got to justify getting a new video card to the wife, so this is important!

Shower me with your golden wisdom.


I’m just cranky that Amazon hasn’t yet shipped the pre-sell edition I ordered a while ago.

It’s out? Is it? I went to CompUSA yesterday evening hoping it was out, and it wasn’t there.

Woe. Misery and woe.

I thought it came out on Oct 29. At least, that’s what Amazon told me when I pre-ordered by copy.

It’ll be another week before it’s released in Europe.

Apart from that, I’m a bit wary. I liked Civ3, but with each expansion pack I got a feeling saying “Why didn’t they do this from the start?” Maybe I’ll wait a while to hear some feedback.

I hope Civ4 doesn’t have anywhere near the amount of bugs as Age of Empires III had in its initial release. The first patch was released a day after the game was. Still, there are so many more issues to be dealt with. The game itself is hardly an improvement on AgeII…what a let-down.

Dare I ask. Is it available for the Mac, or only the Lesser Machines?

I just checked my Amazon order and their delivery estimate is Nov 9?! Sonova… :mad:

I need to see how this new “Turbo mode” or whatever they called the shortened gameplay style works out before I pick it up. In Civ3, I’d always lose interest before the game would finish, usually once the computer players started using 5 - 10 minutes for their turns.

Supposedly, it’s designed with multiplayer in mind, which is nice since that’s usually where the best gameplay lies, but I fear that it is a little too slow for me. If not though, it’d certainly be great to have a deep strategy game to try.

Paul in Saudi: Mac users are left out for now.

trust me, anybody who is already playing Civ4 is going to disappear off the face of the earth for the next couple of weeks, so don’t expect to hear from any dopers regarding this game.

I am too scared to get it, knowing my history with that series…

Not yet available for the Mac. Usually some company comes along (MacSoft?) and works a deal with Firaxis to port it to Mac after the initial release. So far noone has announced they are porting it yet.

In the meantime, I will be enjoying playing Civ IV on my lesser and overly bloated Windows XP machine.

I dinna know it was oot, captin!
I’m gonna go try to buy it today.

The store just called me. It’s in. I’m on my way! My review later.

A new baby and a new Civ within nine days. Life is good.

Well, something might have crept in late, but the game itself was pretty much bug-free by late Spring.

A number of the gameplay changes and balance changes suffered from the inevitable unintended consequences, and some of these sorts of issues might arise upon release, but the game itself has been solid for a long time.

There will, of course, also be the inevitable hardware issues with combinations not seen in the testing phases.

Here is a walkthrough from one of the game testers (not me).

Amazon also claims delivery by Nov 9 for me too, Terminus Est.

I called the local EBgames to see if they had any Civ4 Special Editions in stock. They do, but only for those who pre-ordered, and not for all of them; they were shorted about four or five on their order. I asked if any other local EBgames would have any in stock for non-preorders, and he doubted it as he had gotten a few calls from other managers who were also shorted on their delivery.

My suspicion is that Amazon also got shorted on their supply and don’t have enough to fulfill all of their existing orders.

I specifically don’t have it yet because I have several exams and papers this week, and as soon as I pick it up… well there’s a lost week or so. Looking forward to seeing some great reviews as you guys get it in :slight_smile:

So, no sleep for you, huh?

Lucky bastard!

CompUSA and BestBuy are still listing it as “Coming Soon!” with no in-store inventory.



Well, I got backordered by Amazon, just like most people… So I went to my local EB Games, stepped up and had the following exchange:

Me: “You guys by any chance have Civilization IV?”

Them: “You want the Collector’s Edition or the Regular? They’re the Same Price.”

Me: “Ummm… Collector’s. Thanks.”



Now: Install!

TTFN Dopers - See you in a week or so when I come up for air.

  • Peter Wiggen

I probably won’t get mine until Christmas. I just moved into this house that’s been neglected for three years, and cannot in good conscious get wrapped up in Civ 4.

I am so envious of you guys that do have the time for it.