Anyone playing the new Civilization?

I tried to search, and came up empty. A new Civilization installment came out a few months ago. Unlike the previous ones, which I played until my eyes hurt, I have’t bought this one yet. The reviews are all over the map. The official reviews from gaming site experts give it glowing reviews, but the Amazon reviews from people are lukewarm, to abysmal.

Anyone here playing it? Is it worth picking up?

It is very different in that there are no stacks of doom, you get one unit per tile. It is very different for that reason. Much harder to keep the citizens happy.

I like it quite a bit, but it certainly has a different type of feel. I think the developers went with a game-board mentality vs. sandbox with it. The open feel is, for me anyway, not the same as it was in IV or the previous ones. It almost feels too restrictive.

I know that a lot of the balancing and bug issues are getting taken care of in the first few patches, but I’d play the demo before I bought it to just get a feel for gameplay.

The Social Policy Tree is a good improvement and there are totally new military strategies and so forth, so it’s almost like learning a new game.

I got it the week it came out. I like the game, but I will warn you, that it is not like any previous civ game.

Instead imagine it as an all new game by a completely different company that shares the same name.

Many of the micro-management aspects which would eat up an entire day of playing is gone, and the game has a much cleaner interface.

War is completely different as well (no more stacks of units), and it requires more work & planning to fight battles because you can’t just throw 10 catapults in a stack against one city.

Even city building is different - you have to specialize your cities far more & it is more unlikely that you will have a city that has built everything.

War seems more likely in this game too - I have yet to play a game where I have avoided war.

In my opinion, it is still an addictive game, I definitely don’t want to stop playing it though once I start.

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