No Civ4 thread?

Ah, that’s not how it is in New Yawk. EB at Union Square was pre-orders only. So I went across the road to Virgin, thinking just maybe they’d have it because that isn’t the first place most people think of to buy games. No luck there, either… the guy at the counter in the games section had never even heard of it. :eek:

So, just a hint, Peter… is the EB you went to within, I dunno, a ten hour walk of New York? :smiley:

I preordered it a month ago from EB games. They said that in-store pickup was only allowed after 48 hours of the release, so I’ll be calling them tomorrow, since I doubt they will call me first, especially after reading this thread :wink:

Early reviews are saying it’s the best Civ yet. I’m gonna have to hold off until Christmas to get it… I’ve already squandered so much time to Civ 3 this semester that I had to give it up cold turkey.

Now on Amazon’s Civ4 Collector’s Edition page:

Hey, how about fulfilling the existing orders first, huh? HUH?

I checked two stores over lunch and I did not find it. I thought that the release had been pushed back into November anyway.

Wow! Congratulations man! That’s awesome! You’re gonna have so much fun! There’s so much learning and every moment is a wonderous event.

Nice work on the baby too.

I can finish a Civ3 game in 5 hours, two if I turn on Domination. Perphas you need a faster computer?

My machine isn’t powerful enough to play the game. Plus it doesn’t work on Windows 98. :frowning:

Hey, but at least now he can play Civ4 between the calls of an unhappy baby.

I might get it eventually. Civ3 needed a lot of time and patching to be good, so though I played a bit of a friend’s copy I didn’t buy mine until they had the full-blown game+expansions compiliation available. Plus, I’m wary of anything coming out of Atari. Civ3 wasn’t that great, RCT2 sucked, MOO3 sucked…

glares at Lute Skywatcher

…S. Harrison Doyle, Paul Newman, Mary McGrory, Lute Skywatcher.

Checking in … Guess what … Me neither! This thing really needs some firepower (especially in your graphics card) if you want to run it. You need to make sure that you have Transform & Lighting capability on your graphics cards. Otherwise, as many people have found out, the graphics are seriously impaired (to the point of unplayability).

Before buying, I recommend going here, and making sure that your computer can handle Civ IV.

(in case you were wondering fellow Dopers, my girlfriend’s computer has passed the test - so I’m installing there - fingers crossed)

Unfortunately, if you have a newer ATI card, the game does not work.

Probably 75% of all customers with ATI cards report the game is totally non-functional.

So unless you have a GeForce card, don’t rush.

The scuttlebutt in the Civilization Fanatics Forums is that some ATI problems can be fixed by installing Omega Drivers.

I don’t have any way to test this however. Good luck to anybody with these cards. Hell, good luck to everybody.

I read the whole thing.

I am now fully erect.

I guess I need a new computer…

Woohoo, found a store that’s got some left.

Time to get a crate of Dr Pepper, a ton or so of cheetos, and do this up old school.

Ok, screw this hippie crap, I’m finding a local copy tonight.

My husband picked up his pre-ordered copy from Gamestop today. He is sitting not three feet from me playing the game right now.

Cervaise, I read your reply aloud to my husband who laughed and said you’re welcome to head on down south anytime to see the game. He still remembers you from Swampfest.


Shit, I didn’t know it was out already! I thought it was coming out around Christmas! Well, I think I can say goodbye to the rest of the evenings this year, and probably at least half of next year too.

Hey, is that Leonard Nimoy doing the narration?

<checks manual>

It is! Shiny!