Civ4: Colonization - Glee game blog 3 (1599 or bust)

Welcome to my third game blog (the others are here and here)

In this one, CapnPitt and WormTheRed (hi guys :slight_smile: ) have challenged me to achieve Independence before 1600.

I have some ideas - mainly on **things not to do **because they take up too much time.

Since repeated typing (or cut + pasting) is boring for me, I will use some abbreviations:

NV = Native Village
TT = treasure train
ES = Elder Statesman
RS = Rebel Sentiment

I am going to do one thing I would never normally do - I will restart :eek: until I have a Seasoned Scout on the Docks.
I apologise for the ethical breech :frowning: , but I think the Scout is vital early on and seriously affects my chances of achieving the artificial (but fun!) goal.
In other blogs, it’s just as interesting/useful to fail, since it’s a learning experience.
Here I simply want to know if the aim can be achieved, even with the best possible start.

I will choose Simon Bolivar (on Pilgrim). I don’t intend to use the Spanish bonus of Native attack, but Bolivar’s combat bonus seems vital to me in the War - as I don’t expect to have many combat units by then! :eek:

Custom game, playing Simon Bolivar (England) on Pilgrim.
I chose Spain / Bolivar purely because he gets the combat % bonus v King of (RS - 50) *2.

Settings (same as usual)

Map: A New World
Size: Huge
Climate: Temperate
Sea level: Low
Era: Discovery
Speed: Normal (presumably this would be easier on Quick - but that wasn’t the challenge)

None checked

All checked

1492 (turn 1/ introduction)

1 Soldier and 1 Pioneer in boat (plus Seasoned Scout on Docks - had to restart twice to get this).
N.B. King has 8 Soldiers, 4 Dragoons, 4 Artillery and 4 Warships. I will use the annotation 8/4/4/4 in future (these shortcuts do help me focus on the game, not the typing!)

Arrive at Coast with Crab and coastal river (also gives a production bonus)
Disembark deliberately adjacent to NV. My Cultural expansion will remove it later, without causing conflict.

1493 - 1502


Founded Isabella.
Soldier starts in Town Hall for Liberty Bells. (Extreme, but key to my strategy.)
Ship immediately returns for Scout.


Meet English (Washington).
Exchange Maps, agree Open Borders.




Buy Scout and (Hardy) Pioneer.




Scout and Pioneer disembark.


Enter NV. (Teach) Farmer / (give) 942 TT / (want) Guns.
188gp off (Ancient) Ruin.
Sent TT home via King (after-tax profit of 471gp).
English found Settlement up the coast.
Accept Pedro (-50% European travel time).
103gp from Burial (Ground).




Enter NV. Farmer / 1368 TT / Horses.


Buy Guns for trading.

1503 - 1512


Ore Miner on Docks.


Refuse to pay King 130gp. (Not a lot, but every gp counts this time.)
Meet Arawak.
Smoothly select suitably supplied second settlement site. :wink:


Trade guns for 150% profit. :cool: Buy Cotton at standard price (but it gives me Trade Points!)
Founded Santo Domingo (very close to Isabella - saves travel time and easier to defend).


Buy second Caravel and second Scout (must collect TT’s from NVs quickly). Also bribe Jesuit Missionary to enlist now.




Enter NV. Farmer / 174gp / Cigars.


Dock built in Isabella; start on Printing Press.
Decline Juan (better treasure).
Bribe Preacher to join. (I don’t intend to use him, but am hoping an ES will aapear next!)


Accept Peter (-25% cost of European units :D).
Treasure from Ruin.


Enter NV. Cotton Planter / 380gp / Guns.




Send TT home. Establish Mission in Farming NV.
316gp from Burial.
Another TT sent home (King’s Galleons a nice little earner for him - actually I don’t think it affects his behaviour at all)

1513 - 1522


Scout gets experience points (XP) from Ancient. Will promote to Explorer 1 + 2 for speed of movement.
Enter NV. Fur Trader / 264gp / Horses.


Enter NV. Tobacco Planter / 264gp (again!) / Tools.
Buy Fisherman, then ES! :cool:




Scout gets XP from Ruin.
Fisherman and ES join Isabella. Now we’re cooking with gas!
Select third (and final, because there’s so little time) Settlement Site.


Accept Bartolome (more Native Conversions).
Original NV yields up peacefully to my Culture - was built on Corn Resource, so this becomes my third Settlement Site instead. (Settler “Make your blooming mind up, Simon!”)


Buy Guns + Horses.
Enter NV. Farmer / 296gp / Guns.
Hurry Printing Press. Costs a lot (412gp to save 11 turns), but this is my core Strategy. Liberty Bells rule, OK!


Founded San Salvador. Sadly have to anger Natives to save 667gp. :frowning:
Enter NV. Scout / 336 TT / Cigars.
Treasure from Burial.
Meet Tupi - agree Defensive Pact.
500% profit from Horse trade. :eek::cool::smiley: Buy Furs cheaply too.


Wagon Train ready (built in Santo Domingo).
Defensive Pact with Cherokee.
TT from Burial.


Enter NV. Farmer / 246gp / Rum.
Refuse Gonzalo (reveals Sites).



This will be a cool one! I hope you’ll make it.

1523 - 1532


Decline John (extra Tobacco).
Buy Guns + Horses. (Technically this is a key part of my Strategy too!)
Pay 50gp tax. I don’t usually do this, but it keeps the King happy, which may save me having to fight more of his units later…
152gp from Burial.


Accept Vasco (+25% defence).
Enter NV. Fishermen / XP / Cigars.
360 TT Burial.


Another TT from Burial.
Promote Scout to Surgeon 1.
Both Inland Settlements now have 100 Guns and 100 Horses stored, ready for Independence. (The extra 2 servants per Settlement then will free up 2 Colonists to become Dragoons.)
Buy Cannon (for Defence).


Meet Apache. No Defensive Pact.


Enter NV. Ore Miner / XP / Rum.


Promote Scout to Surgeon 2. (I think this is vital.)


Accept Giovanni (extra Caravel).
King raises tax to 3%. Accept.


Buy Servant (for Mission).
TT to Europe.
Enter NV. Farmer / 1240 TT / Guns.
Buy Guns for trading.


Enter NV. Tobacco Planter / 344 TT / Cigars.
Arawaks donate 61 Furs (my Spanish Civilisation likes the natives!)


Exchange World map with Washington.
At last NV (Farmer) converts. (I think my nicking their land may have caused the delay.)
Servant becomes Missionary and sets off to convert Cotton Planters; first Student enters School to graduate as ES.
Trade Guns profitably, then buy Furs and Tobacco.

This game is like running down a hillside, chasing a cheese! :confused::eek::smiley:

That sounds like something I’d really enjoy :smiley:

1533 - 1542


RS 15%. King 9/4/5/4.
338 TT from Burial.


Buy ES (critical for Strategy) and Cannon.
Enter NV. Farmer / 1500 TT / Guns.


Decline Lord (few more Crosses). Not quick enough to help.
TT from Ancient.
Establish Mission in Cotton Planter NV.
TT to Europe.


Accept Juan (with 2 Natives).
Buy Carpenter (and Tools for trading).
Send Natives for training (Farmer + Tobacco Planter).


Enter NV. Cotton Planter / 1366 TT / Guns.
Enter NV. Farmer / 2472 :eek: TT / Guns.
Ship TT to Europe. (Well not me - the King’s Galleon actually!)
Iroquois give 16 Tobacco.
Meet Dutch. Agree Open Borders, exchange World Maps, +40gp for friend. Dank u wel!


Sell Tools for small profit; buy Furs and Tobacco.
Agree Defensive Pact.


Decline Jan (less Tools needed); Accept John (many more Crosses).
Buy 2 more Cannons.
Farmer reaches San Salvador.


King raises tax to 5%. Accept
Native trained as Farmer.
Send Missionary to another Farming NV.


3 Tobacco from Arawaks.
RS 18%. King 10/4/5/4.


ES graduates School.
Enter NV. Farmer / 216gp / Guns.

Doesn’t look too good, so far. Carrying a mental bet that you can pull it off, though :slight_smile:

My experience is that I need at least as many Dragoons as 1/3 of the King’s (Soldiers + Dragoons + Artillery).
Obviously my Cannons help somewhat.

I have a few ‘boosts’ once I declare Independence:

  • choosing ‘All men are free’ nets me 2 Indentured Servants per Settlement, freeing up 2 Colonists to become Dragoons (this is why I put 100 guns+horses in each Inland Settlement)
  • the King usually attacks in waves, giving me time to heal up (which is why my Scout with Surgeon skills is so useful)
  • their troops have to land, so I always attack first
  • once I kill a few troops (Dragoons are tough, but Soldiers are easier and Artillery are weak when attacked by Dragoons), I get XP for promotions and also a Great General (always used to promote my Scout with Surgeon skills)

1543 - 1552


Meet Inca. Meet French: agree Open Borders / exchange World Map / +30gp for friendship. Merci beaucoup!
Accept Juan (+1 Caravel move; this could make all the difference when resupplying during the War)


Hurry Newspaper (costs 323gp, but I must have Liberty Bells!)


Mission in second Farming NV. Tobacco Planter trained.


Decline William (cheaper land). Only War assistance or Liberty Bells, thank you.
Buy 100 guns+horses.
Enter NV. Cotton Planter / 1366 TT / Guns.


Accept Hernan (Free Stockades) and switch Inland Settlements to Trade Points, hoping for Alexander (increased production).


Farmer joins San Domingo.


Decline Adam (Factories); Accept Pocohontas (Native Relations) - I don’t want any extra opponents during the War…
King raises tax to 10%. :stuck_out_tongue: Accept.
Native converts in Farmer NV and begins training there.




RS 26%. King 10/4/5/5.


Another ES graduates School. :slight_smile:
Iroquois donate 62 Tobacco. :smiley:
Native trained as Farmer - another starts learning Cotton Planting.
Ship TT home.

1553 - 1562


Install ES in both Inland Settlements.
Order Seasoned Scout (with Surgeon 2) to return - I have to declare Independence around 1575 to allow the King time to ship all his troops over…so that I can massacre them!


Decline John (cheaper land), but accept Alexander (increased production). (I love it when a plan comes together!)
Speed Lumber Mill (costs 677gp, but there’s no time to lose)




Decline Thomas (Missionaries). No time to use them…
Switch to Political Points (for FF with Liberty Bells bonuses)


Welcome Ben (Liberty Bells) - I love it when a plan comes together!
RS 34%. King 10/5/5/5.
Come on, Rebels!


322gp from Ruin.


Pickup Gunsmith and buy Veteran Soldier; Equip first two Dragoons (more will follow :slight_smile: )


Final ES graduates from School (3 ES are for Isabella as it has the largest population; 1 for each other Settlement)
Accept Jacques (+1 move for Scouts) as one is coming back and the other can sneak in a little more exploring…
King demands 490gp - decide I will pay so he doesn’t get too annoyed.
Washington generously donates 390gp (so I almost covered my expenses :wink: )
159gp from Burial. Soldier and Gunsmith arrive.
RS 36%. King 10/5/5/6.


Having just three Settlements and close together is working well (e.g. only one Wagon Train needed).
3 Caravels now bringing in horses+guns continually :cool:


NV gives second Scout XP - decide to bring him in too (Veteran unit more vital for War than mapping or even income; anyway TT wouldn’t make it back to Port in time)

1563 - 1576


Reject Alexander (College build bonus) and John (+50% Furs).
My slogan is ‘Liberty Bells, Liberty Bells - give me Liberty Bells or give me a finish after 1600’. :eek: (yes, it does need work :o )
Samuel promptly turns up offering ‘you-know-what’. Accepted.


RS 45%. :smiley: King 11/5/5/6. :frowning:
Population can’t keep up with massive supplies of guns+horses. Resolve to hire anyone from Dock and stick them on horseback with a gun!
NV provides Convert - train as Farmer.


Quiet :confused:


Patrick offers Liberty Bells - almost snatch his hand off accepting!
King raises taxes to 15%.
RS 46%. King 13/5/5/6. (I think he thinks I’m up to something…)


Move Farmers to Town Hall (Liberty Bells)
Senior Scout returns. Excitement in the air.
RS 50%. King 13/5/5/6.
I’m not sure I’m ready, but the time limit is inexorable so…



  • All men are free
  • Monarchy
  • Native Rights
  • Separate Church and State
  • Controlled Arms.


Usual short delay before King’s Armada arrives (quiet before the storm).
Bonus Servants (All men are free!) have replaced Colonists, who in turn have formed up as Dragoons and are massing in Isabella.
I have 13 Dragoons and 5 Cannon.


King’s Armada arrives - as does Juan (more Bells!)
RS 60% (so +20% combat bonus from Bolivar).
I launch all-out attack

OK, now I have a Great General :slight_smile: , and the King is down to 8/1/3/6. :cool:


Reject Francisco H (Offers a Promotion, but I don’t like this particular one).
Reject Diego (Offers 3 Servants - normally great, but here extra population would lower my RS :eek: ).
Accept Francisco P (Dragoons get an extra move).
Promote Scout to Surgeon 3 and Veteran 2.
Caravel runs blockade, delivering horses+guns.
RS 69%. King 3/1/2/6.


Accept Chief (just for points score, coz I’m WINNING!)
Promote several units to Veteran.
RS 71%. :wink:


Accept Roger (points!)
Buy Fortress.


RS 76%.
Second Scout arrives back - just in time for celebrations. :wink:


Accept Thomas (production).
Scan horizon, desperately hoping that English return (for their thrashing!) before 1599…


English return!
RS 79%.


Score 3219

I enjoyed that! :smiley:

I suggest:

  • you don’t need a Fortress if you successfully eliminate all Royal troops as they land
  • for a really quick victory, there’s no time for Factories
  • early Liberty Bells are controversial, but they give you Founding Fathers, bonus production and a boost to Rebel Sentiment which you can’t make up later
  • Settlements close together are not the problem they would be in Civ4

Damn! That was well done!


Agreed. Very well done!!! Congratulations.