Civ4: Colonization - a game blog

Following this Colonization thread, there is some interest in a game blog.
So here it is…

I shall post regularly, summarising about 10 game-turns at a time.
I don’t think the result matters - if I play well it will help :cool: , and if I mess up you can all avoid that mistake. :eek:

You are welcome to post questions and comments here.
I’ve asked permission to post saved games to accompany each post, but if it turns out that would clog up the bandwidth, you are welcome to e-mail me and I’ll attach the saves to my reply.
N.B. I’ve found jolly useful and recommend it to you.

So far I’ve completed 9 games (9 wins :wink: ) and have tried all four countries.

Which is your favorite country? I’m partial to the Netherlands myself for their Merchant ship at the beginning…although I have yet to win a single game.

What difficulty level will you be playing on? I’m really looking forward to following this.:slight_smile:

Custom game, playing **Samuel de Champlain **(France) on Pilgrim level (easiest)

I chose France because a) Native relations are good (which allows me to concentrate on beating Le Roi!) and b) Natives teach skills quicker (I plan to send Servants and Natives to learn these skills, while Criminals will become Missionaries or Soldiers).
I chose Samuel because he doubles the rate of Native recruitment from Missions.

N.B. All countries are good, but they each tend to suggest a Strategy…


Map: A New World (I chose this because it is supposed to be a single landmass, which allows easier access. N.B. As in Civ4, you sometimes get 2-3 large islands instead :rolleyes: )

Size: Huge (Actually not that big - but does mean the Indians are more spread out and there’s more land to explore)

Climate: Temperate (haven’t tried anything else yet)

Sea level: Low (more land)

Era: Discovery (haven’t tried anything else yet)

Speed: Normal (haven’t tried anything else yet)


None checked (haven’t tried anything else yet)


All checked (haven’t tried anything else yet; doubt that ‘Europe’ means anything)

1492 (turn 1/ introduction)

1 Soldier and 1 **Hardy Pioneer **in boat (good: roads / mines / farms + lodges will be done twice as quickly).

Checking European Docks, where having a **Seasoned Scout **makes a huge difference. (The Scout can earn money from Native Villages, Burial Grounds and Ancient Ruins.)
Yes! We have a Seasoned Scout, a Criminal and a Servant. So that’s early exploration (I’ll buy the Scout asap), and 1 (or even 2) Missionaries.

No real favourite:

French are excellent with Natives;
Dutch have Merchantman (we’re going to need a bigger boat :wink: ) and stable market prices;
English have better recruitment;
Spanish can eliminate annoying natives.

Simon Bolivar (Spain) has the best leader ability - he gets a big bonus on combat with the King.

I quite like John Adams (England), because he helps get rebel sentiment up; and Peter Stuyvesant with his extra production.



Good news: sighted land with 3 Fish resources, only 3 moves from Ocean. (Although Caravel ran out of moves, I unloaded Soldier ready to build that vital first settlement.)

Bad news: Island, 1 square :eek: , surrounded by 6 (!) Fish resources.
Ah well, load Soldier back on board and keep searching.


How big is this Ocean?! :confused:
Finally found land, with Aztecs (not best tribe - tend to be surly and refuse Defensive Pact. N.B. Cherokee always co-operative.)
Yup, no Defensive Pact. (Doesn’t mean they’ll attack me, just that they won’t attack the French King.)


Still haven’t found decent landing site - terrain mainly Tundra.


Have suspicion I am sailing round smallish island which is largely Tundra.
Refuse to restart blog. :stuck_out_tongue:

Founded Quebec on Hills/Grassland (not ideal Terrain; only 2 food and 3 iron), but am next to 3 Crab and 1 Tobacco.
Start building Dock (since I am committed to sea Resources) and put Soldier in Town Hall (for Liberty Bells to get Founding Fathers) and Pioneer on Fishing (for food).
Sail Caravel to collect Scout.


Whilst sailing back on interminable journey to Europe, Caravel discovers ‘Mainland’.
Have probably built in wrong place. :smack:

Have a think.
If I am on a small island with a stroppy native tribe, then I may have to go over to the ‘Spanish solution’, i.e. wipe them out and take the little land there is available.

This was not meant to happen! :o

Cool start! It’ll be fun to see how this works out.

Keep in mind: those Indians had it coming. They should have thought about that before they took your land!



Caravel has still not reached Europe. :frowning:
On Docks, Servant enlists. Will buy Scout when I finally arrive.
(Note that price of Dock Units drops as Crosses increase.)


Liberty bells lead to offer of Pedro (Founding Father), who cuts the (off screen) sailing time to Europe . Would prefer to wait for Peter Minuit (gives cheaper European units), but desperately need quicker journey. Accept.


Finally arrive in Europe. Buy Scout + pickup Servant.


Return from Europe. Because my island is so distant, it will take 5 more days :smack: for boat to reach port of Quebec.


On way to Quebec, unload Scout into Teotihuacan.


Meet Chief in Teotihuacan. He can train Fur Trappers and gives treasure train worth 1200gp. (Without a Galleon, I must pay King to ship it for 600gp profit.)


Continue mapping. N.B. I sometimes use treasure train to map, if Scout is busy visiting villages.
Island is about 35 squares. :rolleyes:
This is going to be painful.

1512 - 1522


Enter Tenochitlan, hoping for Expert Fisherman training to be available. (They give 3 extra fish, plus another 2 fish if a Resource is present.)
So the total food when I get one will be 11:

1 from Coast
3 from Resource (Crab)
2 from Docks
3 from Expert
2 from Expert using Resource

I have 3 such Resources, so this would turn the game around…

Caravel finally arrives in Quebec and loads 42 Ore.


No luck - village offers Expert Tobacco Palnting. (At least there is a Tobacco Resource on the Island.)
Village gives 296gp in cash (i.e. no treasure train).
Island is precisely 32 squares in all. :mad: Pathetic.
This is becoming a ‘two city’ game. :rolleyes:


Offered Juan (more treasure from ruins). Hold out for Peter.


Buy second Caravel for 1000gp in Europe. I don’t want to spend such a large chunk of my capital, but the travel delay is killing me.
I must get my Scout on the mainland to start earning money from villages, ruins etc.
Then I can raise enough money for a couple of Cannons and take out the Aztecs.
Pickup Criminal from Docks.


Decline Gonzalo (reveals Burial Grounds etc).


Arrive in Europe.
Consider moving to France permanently. :smack:
Buy a Cannon instead.


Progress interminably slow. If this wasn’t a blog game, I’d restart.
I can’t build the Docks, because I don’t have spare population (currently committed to food + Liberty Bells).
Without Docks, I can’t use the Fish Resources.
Without extra food from Fish, I can’t grow.
Truly a vicous circle!


Decline Vasco (+25% defence). He’s useful, but I am determined to get Minuit.
Send Servantb to learn Tobacco Planting in village.
(I like improving Criminals / Servants + Natives. Feels like I’m being efficient.)
Ask King to transport treasure train. After 50% tax deduction, I earn 850gp.
(why, that’s enough for a Cannon…)
Caravel picks up Scout.


Convert Criminal to Missionary, load on boat and set sail for mainland.

1522 - 1532

Summary of forces:

I have 1 Cannon, 2 Caravels, 5 Colonists (Scout, Pioneer, Colonist, Servant, Criminal*)
King has 8 Soldiers, 4 Dragoons, 4 Artillery and 4 Warships.

*Just being converted to Missionary, as per last post.


Distiller joins Docks.
King demands 200gp. Refuse: (a) I’m peeved at map b) His Majesty usually doesn’t do much in reply - maybe raise the tax rate…


Servant enters Village to learn Tobacco Planting. (This always cheers me up as it’s so efficient! :))
Caravel reaches mainland. Scout + Missionary disembark.


Docks finished. Start Printing Press (N.B. will need more tools to complete this).
First Cannon arrives (always good for defence, but here the start of the Aztec attack force).
Meet Cherokee, who live up to their good reputation. We agree Defensive Pact.


Meet Simon Bolivar and Spanish Settlement on 2nd Island*. (Sadly can’t offer him General of all my forces! :frowning: ) Spanish have 2 Settlements, 20gp and won’t offer World Map. We agree Open Borders (usually makes them friendlier). Still no Map.

*OK, for blog purposes, the Island Quebec is on is now named Rien Island (because it’s nothing like I wanted!), and the other Island is Paella Island (I don’t know a lot of Spanish :o )


Decline Giovanni (those Liberty Bells are at least giving me options!), despite his free Caravel being tempting. (If I knew more about the World map, I could make a better-informed decision.)
Decline John (1 extra Cross per Town Hall). That’s useful - if I weren’t set on Minuit, I’d have him…
Enter Tuskagee (Cherokee). Sugar Planter and 284gp.
Servant trained as Tobacco Planter - rejoins Quebec, producing 8 Tobacco before I even farm the land.


Caravel arrives in Europe. Picks up Distiller (I will undoubtedly cancel that Specialisation and retrain - or make into ordinary Dragoon), and 2nd Cannon. Look innocently at Aztecs…


Map Spanish Settlements.


Buy 3rd Cannon. Invasion force complete.


Enter Tellico (Cherokee) on Paella Island. Tobacco Planter and … 2220gp in treasure train :smiley: - but need Galleon to transport it. :frowning:
Decide to use Missionary to build unwanted Town on Paella just so King can transport the treasure. (There’s no way to disband a Settlement, so I’ll have to gift it to the Spanish later. Otherwise it’s an easy target for the King and I must not let him own it, or I can’t win my Independence…)


Juan offers +1 Caravel movement. Have to accept, because the slowboat journeys are wasting my precious time.
Hope Minuit will understand.


Build Montreal on Paella with Criminal Missionary. (This sums up the game so far … weird + desperate!)
Start producing Trade Points:

a) the Criminal doesn’t work hard
b) I can get Minuit sooner.

Distiller and Cannon arrive in Quebec. Clear Distiller Specialisation, put him to work and free up Hardy Pioneer to build roads, farms etc.

1532 -1542


Start Farm on Tobacco Resource.
Cannons move towards Tenochtitlan. (Hopefully the other Indian tribes don’t have Defensive Pacts with these remote + out-of-touch Aztecs. If they do, they will refuse to let my Scout enter their Villages.)


Attack Tenochtitlan with 3 Cannons (Strength 3; 100% bonus attacking Settlement) v 3 Braves (Strength 2; 20% bonus defending Settlement, 25% defending on Hills, 25% defending Fortified, 10% defending River Crossing).
So have 6 v 3.32, which apparently translates to 98.6%. Satisfactory. :wink: )
Win all 3 battles. Cannons damaged to 2.6, 2.2 and 1.3. All gain 2xp and will promote next turn.
(Unlike original Colonization, Cannons can be repaired.)
Gain 66gp from Tenochtitlan, plus 528gp in treasure train.


Servant arrives on Docks. Cannons promote. (Select Veteran = +10% Strength. Could have had Bomb = +20% Settlement Attack, but am thinking ahead to War of Independence.)
On Paella: treasure sent from Montreal for 1110gp, Chota (Cherokee) trains Fishermen (hurrah!). Will shuttle trainee Fishermen to Chota by boat.


Pickup Servant from Docks - ship will drop him in Chota. Buy 50 tools for Printing Press. Pay king to ship treasure train from Tenochtitlan for 264gp.
Aztec Braves approach Quebec in revenge for Tenochtitlan. Move my Cannons out of Forest areas (where Natives get big bonuses).
Aztec Brave dies attacking my Cannon on Hill. :slight_smile:
Cherokee donate 8 furs.
Meet English (John Adams); trade Open Borders and World Maps. (He has no money, so can’t ask for that…)
Adams is ‘cautious’ about both Bolivar and the Cherokees.
Given that Paella Island is so small and crowded, doesn’t look like English or Spanish will declare Independence before me (assuming I can achieve it! :eek: )


2nd caravel arrives in Docks- buy Tobacconist for 180gp (I have Tobacco resource), then Elder Statesman appears for 230gp. He’s key to my Strategy, so is BOUGHT!


Standoff between my Cannon and Braves: they won’t attack me on Hill, but I won’t attack them in Forest.
I’ll need some Dragoons to break the deadlock (either buy horses or bring Scout back).
Enter Howasee (Cherokee). Scout gets experience (he’s definitely favourite for Dragoon now) and they teach Farming (always useful).


Promote Scout to veteran 1 (+10% Strength) + Surgeon 1 (+10% Healing).
Cherokee ‘pleased’ - must start trading with them.
English are ‘pleased’; Spanish are ‘cautious’; Aztecs are ‘furious’ (and why not?!).
King of France is ‘cautious’. Ask him for military - he offers Soldier for 750gp. (Docks are offering Veteran Soldier for 1500gp). Will consider trading with King…


Hernan offered as Founding Father (Free Stockade in every Settlement). Probably should wait for Minuit, but Accept.


Both Caravels arrive in Quebec. One heads back to Europe, the other to Paella (with trainee Fisherman).
Statesman joins Town Hall (more Liberty Bells), Tobacconist turns into temporary Carpenter to increase Production.


Brave attacks Cannon on Hill - loses and Cannon gains xp. :cool:
King demands 310 gp - refuse.
Scout boards Caravel to return to Quebec and become Dragoon.

Very clever to build the throwaway town to move the treasure train. I never would have thought about gifting it away later. Will you get to keep the criminal missionary that founded the town when you gift it away?

I think I lose the Criminal, but it’s a reasonable price to pay.

I’m actually generating Food and Iron from the centre square, plus Food from the Fish Resource. (If the Ore reaches 100, I’ll switch the Criminal to Tool production to avoid waste.)
And I get a few Political points. I’m not going to build any buildings though (takes too long).

I’ll send a Caravel there every so often to collect the stockpiles.

P.S. Did you want some saved games?

Well, this thread swung it. Just ordered this expansion from

shakes fist at glee


If he continues to make it sound this engaging he’s not far off having the same effect on me …

Just doing my job, Sir. :slight_smile:

1542 - 1552

One Caravel loads Tobacco and ore and heads for Europe; the other arrives in Chota, dropping off trainee Fisherman.
Offer Chota Tobacco in trade - they’re not interested. Their picture shows they want Cigars. (If they want Cigars, I’ll get them!) I ask for gift of Tobacco (they already had 32). Refused, but they sell it for 136gp.
Not a bargain, but trading points towards Minuit.


Decline Francisco (Promotion to Looter).
Equip Scout as Dragoon and set out with Cannons for complete domination of Rien. No sign of Indians. Feel that I’m in a Western…:wink:
In Quebec, switch Pioneer to Fishing and Tobacconist from Carpenter back to Tobacconist.
Pickup 56 Food from Montreal - this Settlement could be a ‘nice little earner’ along the way before I abandon it…


Pioneer completes Farm on Tobacco resource (gives +1 Tobacco for Farm and +2 for removing Forest).
Diego offers to join, bringing 3 Servants. Aaaaagh! :confused: Still hoping for Minuit, but these guys can be used immediately. Accept.
Allocate all Servants to Fishing Resources. They’re just as good at this task as a Colonist (and everyone gets a bonus from my Rebel Sentiment of 20% in Quebec.) This frees up Colonists to be Blacksmith and Carpenter.
Now Quebec is doing well. (smug)


Chota trains Fisherman (that was quick – but that’s why I chose France). They move to Southern Coast for pickup by Caravel.
Caravel arrives in Europe. Decide to buy Jesuit Missionary (160gp), because this Leader will generate native Converts. They’ll be built in Paella, but I can ship them across to Rien.
A Cherokee village wants guns, so I buy some of them in Europe.


Teotihuacan has 4 Braves. I have 1 Dragoon and 2 Cannon adjacent.


Attack Teotihuacan (Cannon 99.9%, Dragoon 90.4%). My kind of odds. :smiley:


Destroy Teotihuacan, gaining 54gp and Native Convert. Aztecs not destroyed, so must have Settlement elsewhere.
Caravel with Missionary and Guns sails to Cherokee village.
Prepare to build second Settlement on Rien. (About time, too!)
Cannon will fortify in both for defence.
Send Servants for Fishermen training.


Enter Cherokee village and trade 100 Guns (bought for 600gp) for 1500gp. Now that’s just good business! :cool:
In return, buy 36 Sugar for 208gp (keep them sweet!) and 51 Ore for 214gp. Not much profit, but it all counts for Trading points. Yoo-hoo … Peter Minuit …
Establish Mission.

1552 - 1562

Bartolome (more Native conversions) offers to join. Like him … but rejected for Minuit.


Population increase in Quebec (the first of many!) Send him out to found second Rien Colony.


Ship treasure train for 436gp.


10 fur from Cherokee (bless).
Found Guadaloupe, start building Wagon Train (saves Quebec having to do it). Need Wood for Hammers, so Colonist starts as Lumberjack.
Having got Minuit (did I mention I’d got Minuit?!), switch Montreal to Religion points (for Juan and Barolome).
Drop off Fisherman in Quebec and take Native and Servant back to learn a trade. Sadly they don’t want Cigars in trade anymore – I’ll sell them in Europe then.


With arrival of Fisherman, swap Quebec colonists around. As Tobacco stores at 100, move Tobacco Planter to Blacksmith. Scout joins Tobacconist.
Buy Carpenter in Europe for just 750gp (did I mention I’d got Minuit?!).
Juan offers two Natives. Accept.
Switch Montreal to Trade points (hoping for Alexander).
Switch Guadaloupe Lumberjack to Carpenter.


Drop off Native and Servant in Hiawasee to learn Farming.
Discover another land mass.
Pickup Tobacco and Cigars from Quebec as Carpenter arrives.


Native converts in Tsukagee. Will train him as Fisherman and send him into Montreal temporarily (until Caravel arrives to ferry him to Rien.)
Explore new land mass a bit.

9% Rebel Sentiment (will improve as Elder Statesmen join me)

1562 - 1572

Turn down John (25% extra Tobacco). Not quite enough profit.
Caravel arrives in Quebec, picks up Scout to explore new land mass and Tools to trade in Hiwasee.
Discover Aztec village on new land mass.


Sell 100 Cigars and 99 Tobacco in Europe. Glimmer of hope – can I really win after that start?


Farmers trained in Hiwasee.
Drop Scout off on new land mass (henceforth known as ‘Sacrifice’Island, as that’s what Aztecs will do to my units if they catch any! :eek: ) Scout heads away from Aztecs and meets Apache.


Refuse Hernanado (promotion to Grenadier). Accept Lord Baltimore (increases Crosses by tax rate).
Native arrives in Chota.
Pioneer completes farm near Guadaloupe.
Scout enters Chichii (Apache). Farmiers, 152gp. Ruin next door yields 350gp.


Fisherman, trained in Chota Blacksmith.
Enter Hiwasee to trade; sell 50 tools for 320gp (only cost 150gp to buy!)


Warehouse finished in Quebec. Start on Newspaper. Put Natives in School to become Elder Statesmen. (15 turns, then both qualify)
Cigars and Tobacco to Europe; Caravel to Montreal to pickup Farmers and Ore.


Wagon Train built in Guadaloupe – will deliver Wood and Food initially to Quebec.
Switch production to Trade points.

Enter Kituwah (Cherokee) on Sacrifice. Fishermen and 1816gp treasure train.
Wagon Train now delivers Furs and Food to Quebec.

Colonists increase in Quebec from Food surplus – send to Guadaloupe to grow Food or Tobacco.
2 more Fishermen arrive in Quebec. At last I am using Specialists on all Resources there! :cool: