Claiming the Past

The most persecuted, discriminated and, physicaly, mentally and spiritually attacked, races and societies in history, the Jews and the Blacks, are, rightfully so, claiming their past, abstract and concrete.
Spiritual and physical properties, compensations and apologies, are given back to them.
The Blacks, honorably aka African/Americans, in America, the Jews in Israel and worldwide.
Maybe someone decided it’s time to admit wrongs were done and it’s time to make up for it.
Maybe History is something substantial, after all.
Wonder who’s next…

I disagree.

1st, your OP is incoherent and lacks a topic for debate. I advise medical attention if this problem persists.

What in the who now?

Thank you, 'possum stalker, for adding the Romanis, aka Gypsies, to the horrendous list of the persecuted peoples.

It’s painful and, even, obscene, to deal w numbers in such an issue, but one has to do this, too: 7.000.000 killed Jews out of cr. 18.000.000 living Jews before the war, is ~39%, more than the 1/4(25%) - 1/3(33%) of the Romanis. Moreover, in areas occupied by Germans, there are places where 100% of the Jews were exterminated. So, as you can see, no one can surpass the Jews in being killed.

I am acquainted w the Romanis and their issue, since I lived in Europe, where the problem still exists.

FYI, and to make the pt as to what lengths did the German go in their attempt to get rid of the Jews, I’ll detail here something horrible to the extreme, which not much is known about.
There is an homeopathic remedy for controlling pests and insects and damaging animals, thru environment-friendly means. It’s called Ashing or Potentization, depending upon the technique used. It consists of burning the said pest/animal and spraying the ashes themselves, or the potentized ashes(dilluted in a certain rato in a neutral solution, like sugar-milk) over the subject area, and the insects/animals are expelled from there. This method was put in practice, for ex., in Germany, in the '20’s, I believe, by Rudolph Steiner, in a rabbit infested manor. In three days, no rabbits - they got together and fled form there, in their thousands, literally.
It is said, and I must say that no one has any palpable proof of it, but it’s taken as true, that the Germans spread the ashes of the burnt Jews (in the crematoriums of the concentration camps) over the length and width of Germany, and maybe over other places, too.
You don’t see many Jews, now, there, at least compared to what was the situation before the WW II.

'possum stalker, please, refrain in the future from being caustic. Doen’t honor you, nor me. The aim of this board and others, is to have a civilized conversation, not to compare the length of the stalk. Thank you,

And the purpose of this forum, 1stChristian, is to have debates. What, exactly, is the topic of debate here?

You are absolutely right and I am sure that you will find it, it’s so easy. Hint/s? My last sentence in my post; the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the subject name of this thread. More?


Hard to believe, alterego, right? Neither can I, but it happened, apparently.

You don’t suppose that could be at all related to the Nazis’ deportation and killing of the Jews, do you? :rolleyes:

Please stop trying to be cute or mysterious 1stChristian. State, in plain english, what you want to debate.

Why do you have to be all trippy about this stuff, man?

Sorry, ShoNuff. What you said…

You’re mistaken, ETF. After the war, most of the remaining Jews fled to other places, mainly to Israel.
The pt here is that the Germans took care of it, even for after they’re gone. What more can one ask to understand the systematic way in which the Germans killed us?

Actually I said yikes in relation to reading this and then stumbling upon…this.


Doctor! We need 10cc of point, stat!

Did I miss something? What, if anything, is being debated here?

As usual, Flame Warriors has a listing of this guy.

Makes something up to debate

Why should any one group be given special treatment at the expense of another? All you’re doing is sowing the seeds for further and future conflict. Why must we be responsible for the sins of our fathers? Let me take the Nazi Germany example. Those who had persecuted the Jews have long since fallen from power. Few who had taken part in the Nazi regime live to tell the tale today. Even those who had lived in Nazi Germany and had acquiesced to Hitler and then had felt morally responsible afterwards have nearly died out. Why should their children who had nothing to do with the whole crime be held responsible? Its absurd.

Yes, there have been numerous massacres throughout history. No one ethnicity has been spared from war or discrimination, and if we try to make reparations for certain groups we are undoubtedly leaving others out. Discrimination in favor of an ethnicity is discrimination nonetheless.

What we should strive for is an egalitarian society where ethnicity is not the basis for discrimination, good or bad. Why should African-Americans be privy to affirmative action, when there are countless other ethnicities and racial (for lack of a better term) groups that live in the inner city, or other economically disadvantage areas, and have no advantage whatsoever?

Now that’s a funny site! :smiley:

Or we could debate whether the reduced numbers of Jews in Germany after the war resulted from the Nazi’s extermination program, or from the Rudolph Steiner homeopathic ash-scattering method.

Citing Rudolph Steiner as the basis for anything may not carry much weight around here, though.