Clapping games--who can describe the motions for me?

I remember lots of clapping rhymes, like “Down down baby” or whatever, but I’m trying to show my little girl how to do it, and I think I’m missing one of the motions. I think I need four, and am only remembering 3. So for example if I wanted to do “Miss Susie” I’d start like this:

  1. Right hand up, left hand down
  2. Front clap
  3. Clap own hands
  4. ???

And what about “Down on the banks of the hanky-panky”? I know there was some complex thing. Websites describe the rhymes, but not the motions.

Anyway, most of the kids my daughter’s age don’t know these any more, but they love 'em when you show them how to do it, so please help me out here! (Now, do they still make Chinese jacks?..)

'scuse me if this shows up twice. I had it all typed up neat and pretty and poof! All gone.

  1. Right hand up, left hand down - repeat with opposite hands

2 Front clap

  1. Clap own hands

  2. Cross clap twice, clapping your own hands together once in between (clap your right hand with your partner’s right hand, then repeat with left hands)

  3. Front clap twice ; first with the backs of your hands and then with the palms

  4. Slap thighs (your own!) twice

  5. Clap own hands twice

  6. Lather, rinse, repeat

Wow Wookin! That’s the whole hand-slapping gamut! We only did this as kids:

  1. Right hand up, left hand down
  2. Front clap
  3. Clap own hands
  4. Left hand up, right hand down

But I would put it in this order, although it doesn’t make a difference:

  1. Right hand up, left hand down
  2. Left hand up, right hand down
  3. Front clap
  4. Clap own hands

Thank Goodness I live alone, because I looked really stupid doing this by myself trying to remember the order :slight_smile: But, this is exactly what I remember, too.

But I did it at my desk at work…is that wrong? Actually, I’m not joking. And I had to do it several times :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks very much! I had forgotten a lot. I’ll practice.

Everyone sits in a circle with the palms of their hands facing up. Each person places their right hand in the palm of their right side neighbor’s left hand. The person who starts brings their right hand up and over in an arc to clap their left side neighbors right hand (which should still be resting in the starters left palm). After your right hand is slapped, it is your turn to slap your neighbor’s right hand. People are eliminated if they allow their neighbor to catch their right hand when the rhyme gets down to “POP!” This is the only time that you face elimination. The game continues until there is only one person left who has not been “popped.”

Whew, that was probably way too confusing.