Clarence Thomas asks a question!

For the first time in over a decade, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas asks a question during oral arguments.
Scalia dies, and suddenly he realizes no one’s gonna do his homework for him.

Was it “Hey, where’s Scalia?”

Who messed with my coke can?

This world just gets stranger and stranger.

“When’s lunch?”

Next thing we know, Teller will start talking.

Do you suppose Scalia kept the lid on him before? Maybe he had some juicy info on Thomas.

Great. Now there’ll be no shutting him up.


PS. If you have ever seen Teller talking it is actually kinda jarring…

That was legit funny.

I tells ya- Scalia was keeping him down.

To be fair, it was a perfectly fine question. But nothing that wouldn’t normally be routine that would explain “why now”

I’m going to be more generous and think that it began like this:
I’m I free at last?


Why yes, I’m free at last…

Robert Reich wrote on Facebook today that he attended law school with Thomas. Reich said he saw Thomas “almost every day in class”. Reich said, “the thing I most remember about him is that he never said a word.”

Or maybe Scalia had a habit of “jokingly” criticizing Thomas for anything Thomas happened to say when they were talking in private, and Thomas was determined to never give Scalia the chance to do the same in public.

(Possibly I’m reading too much into it. But that was the thought I had when this news story broke, today.)

My concern as well.

“I’m sick and tired of this constant bickering over oatmeal!”

Jeremy spoke…

When I saw this on the AP I was reminded of an old Emo Phillips joke:

“My brother says hello…”"…so ‘hooray’ for speech therapy!"

Classic. :smiley:

Maybe he inherited some of Scalia’s assistants, and he trusts them to come up with quality questions.